Hazmat team responds to ammonia leak in Oceano

May 19, 2011

Emergency crews have evacuated a state park’s maintenance building at 928 Pacific Blvd in Oceano because of an ammonia leak that was found at 8 a.m. on Thursday.

It is suspected that the ammonia leak is coming from pressurized cylinders kept at the site.

CalFire officials have evacuated the maintenance building and a hazmat team is working to contain the leak.

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The way King Harris read it this morning (20 May 2011) on the news was that workers “had found” the cylinder… I’m not sure what happened, now.

Anhydrous Ammonia is also used to lover emissions in gas fired power plants by injecting it into the exhaust upstream of a selective catalyst system. Great for shrinking dollar bills also.

It’s also used as a corrosion inhibitor. Not as exciting as some other theories, but plausible.

Obviously there is something fishy going on. Why would you just leave it there and not tell anybody about it. Then the state worker said that it’s no big deal accidents happen all the time. What? Do you realize how much money and energy it costs to bring out a crew of HAZMAT? It’s a complete waste of money that nobody has right now.

Pressurized Ammonia Cylinders? What would the State Parks be doing with those??? Being a Nebraska native, I am accustomed to ammonia being used for 2 things: 1) farmers chisel it into the ground in the late fall/winter to rejuvenate the soil, and 2) meth heads use it to make their drugs.

What is really going on in the maintenance building?


Not sure, it could be some type of refrigerant… but why does the State Park need that for? Be a good question for a reporter to call and ask! …assuming this story gets any traction.