Paso Robles man arrested for trying to light man on fire

May 31, 2011

Christopher Allen Schnaidt

Paso Robles police arrested a man suspected of trying to light another man on fire at a parking lot on the 2800 block of Riverside Avenue earlier this month. [Tribune]

Christopher Allen Schnaidt, 19, allegedly poured gasoline from a water bottle on the victim. He than attempted to fire up his lighter while telling the man he was going to kill him.

When the lighter failed, the victim discarded some of his clothes and ran from the scene.

Schnaidt was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and assault on May23.

Schnaidt was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $505,000 bail.

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I don’t think there is a reason for insanity. Maybe the guy that he couldn’t light on fire wouldn’t share his new bic with him. Or maybe he did give it to him. Maybe that’s the reason that he is still alive. Good thinking buddy! But you do need to be more discriminating when choosing friends. Try to pick out people that don’t seem angry.

Hell of a way to welcome manhood. Lighting people on fire. Guess he had a very bad day. Couldn’t even start a fire. I would hate to have that get around on the Internet. Or anywhere else for that matter. Sometimes people make it really hard to love them. Hate the sin, love the sinner. Boy that’s a tough one to follow. God never said it was going to be easy though, just that it would be worth it.

I died once. Death is not a bad thing. Very comfortable and peaceful as I remember. Of course I didn’t die by fire. Probably not very peaceful, at least in the beginning.

Please people don’t light anyone on fire. Too painful and disfiguring. I say if you can’t show it to grandma don’t show it to anyone. Not wholesome or loving.

Death by fire is a truly horrible way to die. I saw a woman once who had doused herself in gas and lit herself on fire to commit suicide. The fire marshal said she was fully engulfed in flames for more than 1 minute, or until all her clothes had burned off. She had 3rd and 4th degree burns over 95% of her body, literally everywhere except the bottoms of her feet. Skin was dripping off her and she lay across her front steps screaming. Horrible.

They should throw the book at this idiot. He’s too reckless and evil to be in decent society. AND since the gas was in a water bottle, I would say this was premeditated.

I thought I heard King Harris say on this morning’s news that this guy had done something similar in the past *AND* was out on bail (?) for a non-related issue. It was a quick newscast, but that’s what I thought he had said…


If he has a prior, he is trying to establish a known/ intimadating signature in his community.

aren’t you supposed to wait for Memorial day to barbeque.

Booo! -1 ;-)

He looks like a very tough, harden and can be rough type person.

Until more facts come in: I got half a list of reasons why a person may take revenge doing something like awefull or worst understandably (althought against the law but don’t cares), and I got another half list of reasons that makes him look like a cold blooded hoodlum (Clearly against the law and demands hard justice).

I want to know why he did what he did.

The same as with Bin Ladin but he’s dead, we’ll never know the reasons, and if the State Department is covering up their mis-doings…..!

Like, when is the State Department not covering up their mis-doings [sic]? I’m sure they have a whole sub-department devoted to cleaning up afterwards.

BinLaden had no problem broadcasting the reasons why he did what he did. Most Americans did not want to hear it as we couldn’t accept that there is any reason to justify what he did. While that is true, knowing the reasons does give some insight into how to reduce motivation for future fanatics to do something similar. (Some of his reasons were actually somewhat “reasonable” if you see things from his point of view — just not enough so to justify mass murders.)

As for the punk in Paso, whatever “reason” he might have had for the attack is not good enough to justify an attempt to burn someone. He has some pretty obvious sociopathic tendencies and needs some serious time to reconsider his attitudes toward life.

Its hard for me to jump on a band wagon on surface information.

I cannot imagine what beef this guy had with the alleged victim. This might be an interesting story to develop as information becomes known.

I mean, the mindset required to pour gasoline on someone, and then try to light it on fire.

…and what is with the $505K bail? I mean, half a mil is understandable, but what’s with that extra $5,000? Odd.

one percent