Racial graffiti at Orcutt school labeled a hate crime

May 3, 2011

Racial graffiti scrawled on walls at an elementary school in Orcutt makes for the second incident of a hate crime at the school and the fourth on the Central Coast during the past month and a half. [Noozhawk]

A janitor at Ralph Dunlap Elementary School found graffiti Monday morning on a roof near the school’s cafeteria.

A similar message was found last weekend in the same location, which can only be reached by climbing on to the school’s roof.

On April 1, three teens broke into their former school, Mesa Middle School in Arroyo Grande, and wrote anti-black and Jewish graffiti on the whiteboards and drew a swastika on an outside door. The two 15-year-old boys and one 14-year-old boy were arrested for the crime San Luis Obispo County deputies are saying is not related to an earlier cross burning also in Arroyo Grande.

On March 18, a 19-year-old African American woman found an 11-foot cross burning outside her window.

A multi-agency partnership that includes the FBI, the Department of Justice, Arroyo Grande Police and the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s department is investigating the burning of the cross as a hate crime. No arrests have yet been made though officials believe several people are involved.

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i am not surprise! White people are racist not all but many. children are products of what they are taught

from parents. RRRRAAAACIST white people!

Of course, under the new federal ‘anti bullying’ legislation … a young white male isn’t covered… check it out.

In any event, I am sure we’ll find out that this is a vast undercover empire of many individuals… like 2 or 3.

Most of this comes from the family stress during hard times

Are you serious? My family’s “stressed” (whose isn’t nowadays) but my kids aren’t out vandalizing schools at night.

Willie, don’t excuse criminal behavior. If a kid’s big enough to climb up a roof at night and vandalize it, he’s big enough to know that what he’s doing is wrong. Period. These teens will have way more stress and hard times in juvenile hall if they don’t shape up.

I’d have to agree with pasoparent5 here, willie – we should not excuse bad behavior. In fact, it is in times of duress that we often show our strengths of character. At least one would hope so.

Man, they have more crime fighting agencies on this than the hunt for OBL!

If Bush was still President I would agree with you :)

These kinds of issues always get really confused because of the special legislation on hate crimes. First of all, chances are pretty good that the kids who wrote racial slurs in AG probably weren’t even racist. When communities create bogeyman, sometimes kids like to act out the role for bigger effect, or to avoid suspicion being cast upon themselves and onto the bogeyman.

I wonder if the police department, the schools, or someone in the community might stand to gain from having a certain number of hate crime incidents in their jurisdiction hmmmm?