Rape suspect turns himself in

May 13, 2011

Joseph Trupiano


Police arrested a Cal Poly student Thursday after he was identified as the main suspect in a reported rape of a drunk and unconscious “college-aged” woman at a fraternity house last Saturday night.

Joseph Trupiano, 23, was taken into custody late Thursday after he, accompanied by an attorney, came to the police department around 5:30 p.m. to face the sexual assault allegations.

The woman reported she was raped Saturday night at a Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity house that was hosting a social function at its 280 California Boulevard location. According to the fraternity’s website Trupiano is an active member of the brotherhood.

Trupiano was booked on sexual assault charges and taken to San Luis Obispo County Jail where his bail was set at $100,000.

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This would not be the first time all the facts are not in and people are already assuming the man is guilty. I think that it would be nice that “if” this case gets dropped and ‘If”we find out this was just some afger party regrets, The media show the young ladys picture and drag her name through the mud. From a mans perspective, you have a few drinks with a woman and get lucky. SHe then has the option to say after the fact she was drunk and it was rape. Regardless of the validity of the charges his name and face are put in print and a suspicion of guilt will always remain. I am not saying the guys is innocent or guilty. I dont know. Thats for the courts to decide. I just would like to point out that they entire arrangment is stacked against a man from the beggining. I will say this at least the young man stepped forward smartly with lawyer in tow to answer the charge against him. It will be interesting to hear the other side of the story.

I have to agree with you Ghost. I don’t trust the word of someone who is capable of drinking themselves into an unconscious state. That isn’t normal. The average person who drank that much would have vomited the alcohol and while they would still be very sick they would not be unconscious to the point that they didn’t know someone was assaulting them or who is was (if they knew him).

I am inclined to believe that these young woman have crossed the line with their alcohol abuse (need intervention) and really don’t know what they did, what they agreed to or with whom they might have agreed. It’s a sad case and I certainly don’t agree that they should have been taken advantage of. Who knows (they don’t) maybe they were raped, it will now be up to a court of law and the testimony of any witnesses since they were too messed up to witness their own “alleged” sexual assault.

Wow! He looks so wholesome, he could be a sheriff’s deputy!

would you look wholesome in a mug shoot??? do not judge a person you do not even know

As bad as the accusations are, good for this man to turn himself in and take responsibility for his actions. I hope the victim gets some closure and some counseling. Good luck to her, perhaps she will encourage other young women to be aware of what they are doing not get so drunk that you pass out without anyone around to help look after you. A very sad situation that could have been avoided. Please do not think that I am “blaming the victim”; the young man should have not have done what he apparently did, period, no excuses.

“…take some responsibility for his actions…”?

The case hasn’t even been adjudicated yet. Let the process work before passing judgement!

My point isn’t that I am assuming he is guilty, my point is that the man knew he was/is a suspect and he went and turned himself in, he didn’t try to go into hiding or leave the area; he took responsibility and turned himself in. My apologies for not being more clear; yes he is presumed innocent unless/until the charges are proven, or if he confesses. There are “some” in society that would not have the maturity to face up to the accusations and would instead attempt to flee, this man did not, good on him.

Booked on Sexual Assault? Is that legalese for rape? I suppose time, and trial will tell.