San Luis Obispo man nabbed after high speed chase

May 8, 2011

A San Luis Obispo man with outstanding warrants was arrested after allegedly leading police on a high-speed chase Saturday that started in Atascadero and ended in Monterey County.

Shortly after 2:30 p.m., the Atascadero Police tried to stop Steven Christopher McGraw, 29, who was driving on the 9800 block of El Camino Real, because of outstanding warrants. But McGraw sped off reaching speeds of more than 100 miles and hour and at times driving on the wrong side of the road.

McGraw headed north on 101 driving through Paso Robles where officers from the Paso Robles Police Department and the California Highway Patrol took over the pursuit. Officers apprehended McGraw when he ran his vehicle off the road in the town of Bradley in Monterey County.

Officers booked McGraw into San Luis Obispo County Jail for evading the police and his warrants.

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Cindy and mikey clearly have no clue what they are talking about…again. You are so quick to jump on the actions of the Police, way too quick. If you had it your way the Police would just let anyone go as soon as the CRIMINAL tried to elude, got violent, etc. Why don’t you blame the CRIMINAL for putting everyone in danger! He is the one who fled! The pursuit is constantly monitored by a supervisor and if it is deemed too dangerous, the pursuit is terminated. A Helo helps, but you still need people on the ground to apprehend. This is SLO, there are not tons of Cops around to do that. The chasing vehicles still have to stay in the chase to go where the Helo is telling them. The CRIMINALs dictate what happens. Be mad at them for deciding to try and out run the Cops, for trying to fight the cops, or for trying to kill the Cops. The Police only respond to what they are confronted with. If they stop, gave up, and allowed themselves to be taken into custody then all of this would not happen. But then all of you would not have anything to complain about either.

I read it different, meaning they had requested the helo and that CHP ground units actually assisted. If I am wrong, I stand down.

I read it different, meaning they had requested the helo and that CHP ground units actually assisted. If I am wrong, mI stand down.

Cindy-You are presumptive.

The CHP helibase is at PRB. If they are in the lounge, they have to go out, do a quick pre-flight inspection, spool up the turbines, then head out. If they were right on top of the chase when it began, they would have a fighting chance for taking over. Likey they weren’t.

Do you remember in the movie “Top Gun,” the part where there’s a dog fight? The back up was 10 minutes away. The commander said “Ten minutes? BullS***! This thing will be over in two minutes!”

Monday morning quarterbacking is what we should not do until the facts are straight and released. Remember the turkey slaughter in Nipomo last week? Lots of MMQ’s were out there popping off about serial killers and everything else…Then it turned out to be dogs that got in the yard..

I likened your comment to one who says “Why didn’t they shoot him in the leg?” Yeah, like that can happen in the middle of all hell breaking loose.

Anyway…I do agree that in a perfect scenario, let the air unit do their business. I doubt this was perfect..

KSBY reported that they had the helicopter following him during the chase. That is why I asked why the LE continued chasing him at speeds up to 100 mph, it wasn’t necessary, IMO, not with a helicopter that could keep them informed of his location.

What is it with the police and high speed chases? Why do they do this, is it EGO or do they just like driving at 100 mph while putting everyone else in danger? The CHP was able to dispatch a helicopter that was keeping track of this guy and all they had to do was slow down and keep the local jurisdictions on alert until he eventually stopped and got out of the truck.

The old, “can’t outrun the radio” bit, eh? Yeah, I see your point there.

Still, the cops are given so many expensive toys and such lucrative pay packages, it looks good for them to be able to say, “see, it’s a dangerous job!”

OK, sorry for that snarky irony. I would have chased the perp, too… just because I’m an adrenaline junkie behind the wheel. I admit it. (please note: I never had, nor have any warrants, outstanding or otherwise…)

cindy i agree! arent they suppose to stop the pursuite at a certain speed? cause it puts many people at risk of being killed or hurt. but what about a couple months ago when the cops chased the guy from i think pismo to margarita? yea he died but i drove by the wreckeg and luckily no one was trying to cross the bridge!