Feds approve coastal fireworks

June 30, 2011

Federal regulators on Tuesday gave the green light to July Fourth fireworks shows along the San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Santa Cruz county coasts.

Activists have argued that explosions from popular annual pyrotechnics shows along the coast disturb marine life, especially harbor seals and California sea lions. [Fresno Bee]

Under federal environmental law, disturbances from exploding displays of fireworks are serious enough to count as “harassment,” which means “any act of torment, pursuit or annoyance” to marine life.

Officials estimate that 6,170 California sea lions and 1,065 harbor seals could be affected from the noise and fallout of fireworks, but are not expected to suffer injury or death.

Loud sound bursts and pressure waves created by exploding shells appear to cause more disturbance than the illumination, according to a 2002 federal study. As the fireworks displays progress, “most marine mammals and birds generally evacuate the impact area.”

Another study for the Walt Disney Corp. found that Florida fireworks displays left detectable but negligible and apparently harmless amounts of barium, strontium and antimony in nearby waterways.

Regulators authorized 20 fireworks displays between Santa Cruz and Cambria. The fireworks over Moonstone Beach in Cambria are estimated to impact 60 California sea lions and 60 harbor seals.

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Seals are a pain in the “A”. They steel bait right off your hook. On the way down or on the way back up. Sometimes I welcome the sight of a shark nearby. They scare the seals away. Unfortunately they also steal bait. Not as much though. Sometimes they bite the fish in half that you are pulling up but your chances are pretty good if there are a lot of people on the boat fishing.

In the old days when I was young living on Catalina Island I would go shark hunting. Always sold the jaws to the gift shops over there. Dangerous but fun. Takes a long time for sharks to die. We used to always keep one eye on the shark’s jaws in the boat. A snapping sharks jaw is very dangerous.

Oh well, when you’re 18 or 19 you think you are going to live forever. And I have almost.

Actually that’s how I got the stuffed Great White in my office. And no it’s not for sale for any price. Brings back fond memories.

Blessings to you all.

This is absolutely stupid. After 4th of July I still see the same amount of harbor seals in Morro Bay the following day. If they are affected then why did they stay.

Here is the irony.. the fact that the Feds have to approve this show, is proof that we have NOTHING to celebrate. Think about it.

“The fireworks over Moonstone Beach in Cambria are estimated to impact 60 California sea lions and 60 harbor seals.”


120 lazy lions and seals not being able to nap in total quiet for the evening against 100,000 humans enjoying fireworks once a year to celebrate the forming of their nation.

Can you say no brainer?

The celebration is the formation of a FREE nation. If we are not free, then there is no point.. let the lions and seals rest in peace, and let’s launch the fireworks inside the capital building.

That’s the first thought that came to my mind. “Anal areas”. What a bunch of jerks! I hope they have a bad day.

Not to worry I heard they are part of the Wade McKinney Grigger Jones, kelly gearhart, gerald shea good ole boy network

I sent a message in a bottle to the sea lions and harbor seals recommending they they form 2 opposing violent gangs and engage in widespread criminal acts in the local communitywith the goal of getting captured by our local law enforecement agents. Now the ones the sheriffs don’t kill outright just for the fun of it will go to trial to be convicted for crimes against humanity and will be sent to CMC or Pelican Bay. there they can receive all the free medical attention they may require to correct for the serious injuries they receive this 4th of July from the fireworks displays in Morro Bay, Cayucos and Cambria. Once again our tax dollars at work.