Madonna Road shooter arrested

June 9, 2011

An Arroyo Grande man was arrested Wednesday on attempted murder charges for allegedly shooting at  a man riding in a car on Madonna Road in San Luis Obispo earlier this week.

The victim and two of his friends were driving on the frontage section of Madonna Road Monday afternoon when they passed a black Toyota Corolla driven by Sepehr Moarefy, 20, of Arroyo Grande.

Moarefy allegedly stepped out of his car and fired a round into the red compact car hitting the victim. Afraid they might get into trouble, the men dropped the gunshot victim off at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and took off, San Luis Obispo Police Lt. Jeff Smith said.

The victim, who said he did not know the shooter, was treated for a gunshot wound in his buttocks and released from the hospital the following day.

A San Luis Obispo police investigation produced a suspect the victim identified during a photo lineup. Police issued an attempted murder warrant which listed Moarefy as armed and dangerous. A sheriff deputy spotted the car on U.S. Highway 101 and pulled the suspect over in the parking lot of the Shell Station at 204 Madonna Road.

In a dramatic arrest, officers from at least six vehicles with guns drawn took Moarefy into custody. Police are looking for the 40 caliber semi-automatic handgun used in the shooting.

Police booked Moarefy into San Luis Obispo County Jail on an attempted murder charge with bail set at $500,000.

Sepehr Moarefy

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LE, very good job!

I wish there could be bonuses for officers doing such a good job.

Perhaps one day there will be.

Sepehr’s on twitter & MySpace. Scary pot-smoking statistics major. Glad he’s locked up.

When you are faced with an attempted murder suspect, you need overwhelming force at the scene. It’s pretty hairy wondering if the suspect will open fire. All these officers what to get home safe and so do we. Good job.

Good that the police were right on this. Clearly, the cops have arrested someone who was reckless with a gun he shouldn’t have had. But this can’t be the whole story. The guy was shot in the a$$? And he was in a car? Ummm….And why were his buddies afraid they might “get in trouble”?

Betchya he was Moonin’ the dude when he got a cap in his ass!

Six (6) vehicles?! Yee-haw! Action in the sticks!

…too bad some of our horrible politicians didn’t use firearms, we might just get a response from law enforcement / district attorneys….

Either way, I’m glad one less scum bag is on our streets.