SLO firefighter assault sparked by affair allegations

June 10, 2011

John Ryan Mason


A local firefighter allegedly beat a man unconscious in a bathroom at Pappy McGregor’s in San Luis Obispo on Saturday after an eight-month rift stemming from claims the firefighter was having an affair with another firefighter’s wife.

The incident has sparked public concern because San Luis Obispo police waited five days to arrest the suspect

John Ryan Mason, 34, a 6-foot-3-inch tall buff firefighter, allegedly followed Jory Brigham, 32, into the bathroom and beat him about the head causing significant facial injuries. As a result, Brigham, a local furniture designer, is scheduled to have a metal plate surgically placed into his head and his jaw wired shut on Friday.

Mason and Brigham’s wives are good friends. About eight months ago, following allegations that Mason was planning to leave his wife for another firefighter’s wife, Brigham publicly voiced his view on extramarital affairs.

Brigham posted on a Facebook page that it is not acceptable for a husband to walk out on his wife. Mason allegedly fired back using his wife’s account in an alleged post that has since been deleted.

While Brigham was pummeled to unconsciousness, Mason–the only suspect, was not arrested until Thursday when he was booked on three felony counts.

The delay has given rise to speculations that Mason was afforded special treatment by his public safety brethren. It comes at a very sensitive time given local police and firefighters have joined forces campaigning to convince San Luis voters to maintain binding arbitration by turning down an August ballot measure.

Mason was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail on suspicion of assault with great bodily injury, battery with serious bodily injury, and inflicting great bodily injury while committing a felony. His bail was set at $50,000.

Update: Mason was bailed out of jail and returned to work at the San Luis Obispo Fire Department. He has been placed on desk duty while the city performs an investigation.

Jory Brigham Facebook photo



  1. logic_minded says:

    Again, with the updated article in mind, this speaks volumes of the integrity (or lack thereof) of the SLO Firefighters Union. Was Mason an active firefighter in 1997 when he committed a violent felony?? If so, why was he still employed by the city of SLO?? And if he was not yet a firefighter, why was he even remotely considered?? I see a massive law suit against the city of SLO on the way. Udder negligence.

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    • logic_minded says:

      11 year veteran, that means he was hired after committing a felony – deplorable that the city of SLO hired this scumbag. BTW – he has been cheating on you dear!!!

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  2. smartypants says:

    It is clear that this city is in the steely grip of the unions. The mayor or fire cheif has not spoken as far as I know. The city manager repeats what the police cheif says and explains why we can’t suspend someone without pay. This is after a man is beaten nearly to death and the victim may wish he had died. I don’t think he will ever completely recover. It is a miracle he survived and I hope he does not have brain damage.

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    • zaphod says:

      It is clear that this city is in the steely grip of the unions how so? please point out the union mechanism that specifies special treatment for city employees.
      is it in the contract ? where what who? seriously I would like to believe you, but I need some evidence, a steely grip requires substance , lets have it please.

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      • hotdog says:

        Yeah, me too. This is not a union issue and Smarty should consider itself luck to not have the post ripped off by the moderator who is trying to maintain some order here so we can chat. Wigging out on politics or other issues when not pertinent is childish.

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      • logic_minded says:

        The union mechanism that you are not seeing is a relic of across the board compensation. If this was a private sector employee he would have been terminated or put on leave without pay. Unions can protect scumbags and under-achievers like this clown by way of by-laws (special privileges commonly mistaken as ‘rights’ by union members). Make sense now ?? Regardless, this waste of flesh should be terminated immediately, and the fact that he is not speaks volumes of the integrity (or lack thereof) of the SLO firefighters ‘UNION’

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      • justme says:

        For instance, how about being paid 80-90 grand plus bennies for breaking up college kids parties. (SLO cops), or picking up old people who fall and break hips (firemen). This town is a cakewalk for those guys. They should be paid the least amount for the least dangerous or actual work intensive city probably in CA. Gimme a breakI, I gotta kid in his mid 20’s, you should hear he and his buds talk about “getting on” the depts. because it’s huge money for doing “jack” as they say.
        Like you didn’t know?

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        • local andy says:

          justme you are the typical misinformed poster sitting behind his protective keyboard. I suggest you get up out of your easy chair, enroll in the Fire Academy at Alan Hancock College, get past the 6 months training, do drills where you bob in the ocean at the end of a pier at 10:30 at night waiting for your partner to come find you on a night rescue drill, hang upside down by one ankle off a ladder to get yet another certification, and then try to land a job with benefits while you are responding to all sorts of gruesome calls getting paid a rookie salary that is barely minimum wage. My son is a firefighter and there is no way he “does jack” , he has scraped vomit off of drunk partiers, responded to accidents where the victim is gurgling in his own blood, etc. etc. They run all of their calls not knowing what they are going to find when they get there…perhaps you could post your address so they know not to ever come “help” you when you or your family need it. I’m not excusing Ryan’s hot head behavior, nor is my son employed with SLO City, but I’ll tell you, your attitude about rescue personnel just fries me.

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          • justme says:

            I’m sure it’s just unreal at times for rescue people. I’m a biz owner, other end of the sprectrum from you guys in how we earn. There’s no net under me and you have to see carnage. It’s called stressing for money. What, I gotta love cops & firemen or no service now? Easy now.

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  3. justme says:

    Lichtig’s response is bunk. There’s no more simple a case to be investigated than a barfight with witnesses all over the place, booze, a busted up guy and a guy with only skinnned, reddened knuckles with a history of same.who’s admitting everything. Duhhhh.
    God, I hate it when our “leaders” take us for idiots.
    What took a week was alot of ph. calling between the players most involved and with “something to lose”, decide who gets thrown under the bus and general “getting our stories straight” conversation. Instead we’re fed some tune about extra hard work and double checking of the authorities because that’s who we are crapola.
    Mason does time, & loses his job and pays big restitution. Question the parties involved about the stall time and hope the victim doesn’t have brain damage. Mason needs probabtion and monitoring. After this is done, he’s unemployed, shamed, pissed and he could get even more nuts.

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  4. Jack L says:

    The sheriffs department took their time arresting Ryan to make sure they had a strong case. This will mean that Ryan will be terminated from his job if convicted of even one of the charges. You cannot have a felon working public safety. In fact, you cannot have a violent public safety employee at all within the ranks. The public can demand justice from the City of SLO, and the fire chief has to obey the councils decision. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Being that the general public is fed up with the pay and perks of government employees, that will enhance the outcome of this situation. There are plenty of non violent hard working people ready to apply for the soon to be open position at the City of San Luis Obispo Fire Department.

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    • whatdouno says:

      Posted this way down as a reply to another post, wanted to make certain people don’t just stop at the top and miss it.
      I sent an email to Ms Lichtig, per a suggestion on the TT blog regarding action needed to be taken IMO here is her response:
      RE: John Ryan Mason
      I appreciate you taking the time to reach out about your concerns concerning Fire Engineer John Ryan Mason and I am grateful for the opportunity to respond. I also appreciate your patience in awaiting my reply to your email, as I needed to confer with the City Attorney before getting back to you. I know it is easy for high profile incidents of apparent misconduct to undermine public confidence, but I hope I can restore your confidence in SLO City staff and the many professionals we employ. I would like to take this opportunity to address two issues specifically: 1) the amount of time it took to arrest Mr. Mason, and, 2) Mr. Mason’s employment status with the City.

      With respect to the amount of time it took our officers to arrest Mr. Mason, the priority of our investigators (police detectives assigned to the case) was to conduct a thorough investigation in order to determine the facts of what occurred. While the case may appear straightforward as summarized in news outlets, there were several potential witnesses to be interviewed, potential evidence to be collected, and a case prepared and presented to the District Attorney. The investigation was conducted impartially and without favoritism toward the suspect. The investigation led to the filing of serious felony charges by the District Attorney and the suspect was arrested accordingly. During such investigations, potential risks (including public safety, flight risk, etc.) are assessed. Potential risks are weighed against the possibility of a premature arrest, where insufficient facts and evidence to support appropriate charges can lead to a suspect being released without charges. I am confident that none of us would want this outcome, as it wastes time and resources and potentially puts public safety at risk.

      To address your concern regarding the City’s actions with regard to Mr. Mason’s employment, let me provide some background regarding public sector employment so that you will have some context to why some of our decisions are made. In California, public safety employees (and most other public employees) have a “property interest” in their continued public employment, once they have passed their probationary period (one year for SLO City employees). That means that an employer must provide legally required “due process” prior to taking any significant adverse employment action. That process requires giving the employee complete information and all documents supporting any proposed employment action, time to review the charges and prepare a defense, and a full and fair opportunity to dispute the charges, present extenuating or mitigating circumstances, or present any other response. Unpaid administrative leaves or terminations are both clearly defined as “punitive” actions under applicable State law. Therefore, the City must carefully follow established procedures or risk having any disciplinary action that might be imposed overturned by a court. As we conduct a thorough and objective administrative investigation, the City has assigned Mr. Mason “desk duty” where he is closely supervised and performing productive work for the City, rather than being assigned to home.

      While neither of the above processes may strike you as expeditious or particularly satisfying given your impression of this case, they are legal requirements that have been established by the legislature and/or required by the courts as a matter of constitutional law. I hope this explanation is helpful and I assure you that the City will proceed with all legally appropriate action with all due diligence.

      Thanks again for sharing your concerns.

      Katie Lichtig
      City Manager
      City of San Luis Obispo
      990 Palm Street
      San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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      • simplelife says:

        Administrative leave with out pay seems appropriate considering the charges to me. And if he is cleared of wrong doing he can be reimbursed his wages. It is handled that way in the private sector all the time. So is the law different for goverment employees vs. private sector?

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        • SLORider says:

          [Yes, the law is different. Call your legislator, and be sure to donate more than the public unions.]

          Katie, seriously blows it on the delayed arrest—

          “insufficient facts and evidence to support appropriate charges can lead to a suspect being released without charges. I am confident that none of us would want this outcome, as it wastes time and resources and potentially puts public safety at risk.”

          Katie writes as if double-jeopardy comes into play and he’d be off the hook scott free! WRONG! The law requires charges to be filed within 72 hours (thereabout) or the person is released from jail–but NOTHING prevents charges from being filed and another arrest.

          There is clear showing of favoritism in this case. You, I, and any college kid downtown would be arrested if a bloody nose was the only evidence. This arrest should have been swift and certain.

          I agree with Katie on the employment law issues of due process. Desk duty is proper, and frankly it’s much more embarrassing than not showing your face at work.

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          • Cindy says:

            I couldn’t agree more. There was clearly favoritism surrounding the arrest of Mason, he was treated different and the excuses are condescending as noted for all the reason’s you stated above and then some. As for the desk job, these public employee’s do enjoy protection’s of due process that aren’t afforded those in the private sector. “Gub-mint Employee’s are special and must be managed with kit gloves”.
            Considering that this story was updated, I’m surprised to find people still posting on this thread rather than the updated article that elucidates on his past, as well as current behavior!

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    • SLOnLucky says:

      Its just interesting because so many people that gave statements and saw this happen all had the same “story” of the incident and all concurred on the same act of violence. If someone caves in someone else’s face, and witnesses all say “it was THAT guy” …it still seems like a long time to “conduct an investigation.” It doesn’t matter how big he or the victim are, it doesn’t matter what either do for a living, and it doesn’t matter what someone posted on facebook or anywhere else.

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    • SLOnLucky says:

      but see…your first sentence is what I don’t get…if multiple people told them exactly who it was…told them which way he went, what he was wearing etc…why did they “(take) time arresting Ryan to make sure they had a strong case.”

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  5. slolife says:

    Ryan is about 5’10”, maybe 5’11” on a good day. No way is he “.. 6’3″ and buff”. He’s in shape, he has to be to save peoples lives running up and down Bishops Peak. He’s a great guy, stop making stuff up about him to make him sound like he’s crazy and out of control.

    (-16) 28 Total Votes - 6 up - 22 down
    • truthhurts says:

      exactly….and he doesn’t do any drugs either. People need to get a life.

      (-10) 14 Total Votes - 2 up - 12 down
    • sparta says:

      slowlife, Right, so Mason’s height was quoted incorrectly, he is being unfairly profiled as a big, tall, buff man; as a man who keeps fit so he can perform his job well. Jory on the other hand is meant to be smaller and perhaps the weaker of the two. Matters not– in that they are both good size men. This is hardly the issue in that one of these two men acted in a brutal and aggressive manner, regardless of his size or occupation. We all know the type and it doesn’t need exact measurements to get the picture because Mason’s behavior speaks volumns. He is hot headed, impulsive and a known womanizer (mix that with drugs and alcohol and you have a possible lethal mix). Apparently he took issue with Jory Brighams opinion of him and Brigham had the guts to call him out on his behavior. It is unfortunate for Brigham because he has a long road to recovery with possible long term side affects to his health.He is young, he will heal but as a health care provider I can tell you the complications of this type of injury can be devastating in the long run–possible long term pain and future surgeries may well be in store. I truly hope Jory Brigham and the law holds Mason accountable for this assault. As you point out, ‘Ryan is a great guy’, Right, great guys don’t do this sort of shi* to others. Character is defined by how you act under duress. I wish Jory Brigham all the best as from all accounts he is a great guy. I wish Mason all the karma he deserves and then some.

      (16) 18 Total Votes - 17 up - 1 down
    • simplelife says:

      A great guy doesnt beat a person until they are unconscious! Sorry I dont buy that for a minute…His actions that were witnessed by others make him sound like he’s crazy and out of control. He made the choice to put himself in the position he is in.

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    • simplelife says:

      You humor me with the statement ” He’s in shape , he has to be to save peoples lives running up and down Bishops Peak. Does this also apply to nearly beating an individual to death in a down town bath room? Do they go hand in hand in the fire department?

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      • SLOBIRD says:

        If this is your idea of a “GREAT GUY” no have no good judgment of character.

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  6. morpheus says:

    I’m calling it now:
    After his lawsuit, Mason will get an early retirement settlement and disabilty pay for job-related stress that caused him to act out.

    Pass the gravy please.

    Oh, and don’t you dare badmouth Public Safety. You may as well be talking trash about children, puppies, or Mother Theresa. Heroes they are. Heroes I tell you.

    (30) 42 Total Votes - 36 up - 6 down
  7. truthhurts says:

    To everyone (especially Mary Malone) who thinks they know… don’t. I know Ryan and I know his family and I would like to set some things straight.
    1. He is not 6’3″…….he’s maybe 6′ if that.
    2. He is not a buffed out guy…..he is in great shape, works out and takes care of himself.
    3. I have NEVER known him to do any drugs or steroids. I find it outrageous people say he looks like he’s on something in his picture…..I know him and I know that look-he is pissed!
    4. Despite how juicy you want to make this story, he has never messed around or had an affair with another firefighters wife. Never. The affair he had was with someone who is married to a sherrifs officer.
    5. As far as this ridiculous story about a champagne bottle over the head of Travis Mello….not true. I was there and in fact, Travis punched Ryan and they wrestled to the floor and when they did, a champagne bottle was knocked off the table. The fight was broken up, Ryan never got a punch in. End of story.
    6. Ryan is not a member of any MMA gym or trained in any martial arts.
    7. The night of the fight with Jory, what people are forgetting to include is that supposedly Jory was all coked up.

    Ryan is a great firefighter and one of the best paramedics this city has. He has saved numerous lives and helped many people. What happened between him and Jory is tragic. Ryan will receive the appropriate punishment, as he should, if he is found liable.

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    • Crusader says:

      One would have to be the recipient of a botched pre-frontal lobotomy to buy the diaper-load you’re trying to sell…

      (37) 55 Total Votes - 46 up - 9 down
    • MaryMalone says:

      “4. Despite how juicy you want to make this story, he has never messed around or had an affair with another firefighters wife. Never. The affair he had was with someone who is married to a sherrifs officer.”

      Oh, well EXCUUUUUSE me. He’s “just” screwing the wife of a sheriff’s officer. You think that makes it any better? There appears to be a system-wide coverup going on, and I can’t believe the sheriffs haven’t taken Mason out to California Valley for a hay-ride.

      Do the Sheriffs wonder when they are out on patrol if this dbag Mason is screwing their wives?

      I’ve heard/read he’s had affairs with firefighters’ wives, PD wives, and now Sheriff’s wives. With this guy, who knows?

      I’ve also heard, from credible sources who sign their names to their articles, that he is 6’3″ and buff. Hmmmm….which one should I believe? Someone who would stand up for a dbag who beats a guy, when he’s on the ground, unconscious, causing so much injury the guy has to have a metal plate put in his face–sorry, you have no credibility with me.


      “5. As far as this ridiculous story about a champagne bottle over the head of Travis Mello….not true. I was there and in fact, Travis punched Ryan and they wrestled to the floor and when they did, a champagne bottle was knocked off the table. The fight was broken up, Ryan never got a punch in. End of story.””

      No, it isn’t the end of the story. One would think you could understand a little confusion over the champagne bottle, since it was used in a PREVIOUS assault by Mason. It is difficult to keep his violent assaults straight, isn’t it? “A woman’s work is never done,” and all that.

      I really can’t believe you are defending this guy.

      (37) 49 Total Votes - 43 up - 6 down
    • RU4Real says:

      You sound as though you ARE Mason’s WIFE! You can’t defend the INDEFENSIBLE!

      (17) 21 Total Votes - 19 up - 2 down
    • slocorruptionhater says:

      @truthhurts…you can defend Mr. Ryan all you want, however the point of the article is that the SLO PD did not arrest a SLO fireman until FIVE days after the assault. Mr. Ryan will have his day in court. What I want to know is: why was this “five day courtesy” was granted to Mr. Ryan? As someone else already pointed out, this appears to point towards DETOX!!!

      (24) 28 Total Votes - 26 up - 2 down
      • truthhurts says:

        It’s not Mr. Ryan, It’s Mr. Mason.
        Ryan was not on any drugs. I know him and he does not do drugs.
        Jory, however, was known to do coke.

        (-21) 31 Total Votes - 5 up - 26 down
        • simplelife says:

          Truthhurts I find it appalling you can say Mr. Mason doesn’t do drugs and take offense to people suggesting he is. And then post Mr. Jory was all coked up. You are a hipacrit. How do you know he was as you say coked up? Maybe you were to?

          (23) 29 Total Votes - 26 up - 3 down
          • truthhurts says:

            simplelife…..first, learn how to spell.
            Secondly, it is not “appalling” that Ryan doesn’t do drugs.
            Third, so it’s ok for other people to say they have “heard” all these things about Ryan but I can’t say what I have heard about Jory?
            Finally, it’s not Mr. Jory, it’s Mr. Brigham.

            (-8) 20 Total Votes - 6 up - 14 down
            • slocorruptionhater says:

              @truthhurts…do you care to address what possible justification Mr. Mason had to beat a fellow human being unconscious? How about addressing why he was not arrested on the spot? It seems that you are close to Mr. Mason and perhaps you can enlighten this crowd.

              (11) 17 Total Votes - 14 up - 3 down
              • truthhurts says:

                If it is proven Ryan beat this guy for no reason (self defense) then I agree he needs to be punished accordingly….I am not disagreeing with people on that.

                I am only trying to set some of the out of control gossip straight.

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                • Paperboys says:

                  Self defense won’t cut it.
                  You have a right to defend yourself but you do not have a right to beat an unconscious person.
                  Once an attacker becomes defenseless and you continue to pummel the guy, then it is no longer self defense. It becomes assault and battery.
                  And if you kick, elbow or knee someone in the head that’s assault with a deadly weapon.
                  And in order to claim self defense and win, one pretty much has to go to trial and take the witness stand. I’d look for a plea bargain in this case and Mason’s dismissal from SLOCFD.
                  His days as a SLO firefighter are over. Too bad, I’m sure he was a first rate paramedic, it seems he’s also a hothead who’s too quick with his fists, not to mention a lecherous bastard who screws around with other people’s wives (could that Sheriff deputy beat this guy’s ass and call it self defense?)

                  (17) 21 Total Votes - 19 up - 2 down
                • simplelife says:

                  Self defense is one thing and beating a person until they are unconscious doesn’t fall in that category. Could have walked away and called 9-1-1land like a normal rationale person.

                  (15) 17 Total Votes - 16 up - 1 down
            • simplelife says:

              Truthurts your name says it all…

              (6) 8 Total Votes - 7 up - 1 down
    • Cindy says:

      Hey there truthhurts, You say you were at a wedding where you also saw this dirt bag get into a fist fight? Sounds like that would now be 3 weddings where he had violent altercations? Guess you weren’t at the wedding in 97 when he snuck up on Mr Beavers and smashed the man off the head with a full champagne bottle breaking his jaw. What is this guy doing on the streets?

      (14) 18 Total Votes - 16 up - 2 down
      • r0y says:

        Can you be more of a douche in your reply?

        Too bad, you had a couple good points, but they quickly got lost in your heresy – which is ironic, as basically you are (rightfully) accusing us anonymous commenters on heresy. Oh well.

        6′-0″ / 6′-3″ ? That is not the issue, but thank you for adding your opinions in for everyone to consider along with the main article and responses. Never did drugs? OK, again, thanks for adding that, and you’re right, people should not assume – but we all do, all too often (you and I included).

        However, calling people “re tard” and wanting to “meet up” with a champagne bottle – that’s just low rent, and only takes away from any point you might have made, as well as future responses. If someone posts something bitter and harsh, just let them know – “hey, that sounds pretty bitter and harsh.” Period. Done, move on to your points.

        (2) 2 Total Votes - 2 up - 0 down
      • truthhurts says:

        Cindy….for the love of god….READ the posts before you respond. I never said I was at any wedding. It’s becuase of people like you that things spin out of control and this gossip spreads like wildfire. RRRREEEEAAADDDD it.

        (1) 5 Total Votes - 3 up - 2 down
    • goblow says:

      I don’t claim to know information but the beating that was delivered was way out of line and out of control, he could of killed him.

      (9) 9 Total Votes - 9 up - 0 down
  8. KatieEvans says:

    Some people have asked why didn’t Karen interview the SLOPD. What a joke, the SLOPD run’s for cover whenever she contacts them just like some high profile officials do, in other words, they clam up and claim the 5th amendment.
    When guilty, run from CCN, because despite the screaming, protesting and name calling, Karen’s reporting has always turned out to be factual. No one has ever successfully sued CCN for false reporting, “and that’s the facts”.

    (19) 27 Total Votes - 23 up - 4 down
    • KatieEvans says:

      I was adding some facts to my post when I accidently released it before I was finished. Here is the problem, The SLOPD relates their point of view to the Tribune and the Trib writes it as a FACT. When Karen comes calling, she will quote the SLOPD spokes person and then look up the law and pass it by legal counsel. Then she will inform the public accordingly and that is what they are so afraid of. So yes, they (SLOPD, SLOSD) run for cover when Velie comes calling and then they cry that they were afraid of her because she picks on them, oh boohoo.

      (15) 19 Total Votes - 17 up - 2 down
      • MaryMalone says:

        The Tribune writes what John Wallace submits to them as fact, too. When the GJ documents were released, the Tribune ran an article that was completely out of step with what the GJ indicated, and what KV had found out by actually interviewing people and researching documents.

        Someone said that the info in the article looked like John Wallace’s submission to the GJ–in other words, his self-serving side of the story.

        The data was so screwy. It was obviuosly not correct. But apparently the Tribune doesn’t actually interview people like Wallace…they just serve as his free mouthpiece.

        (9) 13 Total Votes - 11 up - 2 down
        • Dave says:

          You have to remember that John Wallace and Tribune executive editor Sandy Duerr are both members of the Wednesday Rotary club in SLO. That explains everything.

          (10) 16 Total Votes - 13 up - 3 down
  9. justme says:

    oO course cops & firefighters are protecting ea. other. It’s the common fight to rip off the taxpayer. Firemen are still sucking off the 9/11 heroics. That was New York which is at the opposite end of the specturm than here.
    This nut probably is into Mixed Martial arts and is typical of guys with big muscles and small brains.
    hopefully he’ll try to break up the marriage of some REAL badass and get head knocked off. Look at the guy, he’s nuts.
    C’mon folks, we all know why guys become cops and firemen.
    Power and money. I’m in const. We get banged up more than these uniformed “heros”.
    Take this nut’s assets and future earnings away and give them to his punching bag, the guy he almost killed.

    (19) 43 Total Votes - 31 up - 12 down
    • RU4Real says:

      I’m absolutely STUNNED, that this guy is STILL ON THE JOB! Even though it’s “desk duty”, this is absolutely egregious…Only in corrupt San Luis Obispo could this ever happen…Good thing he doesn’t work for Ventura or LA County or City Fire Dept. He’d be out on his A$$ in a heart beat.

      (24) 30 Total Votes - 27 up - 3 down
      • simplelife says:

        RU4Real you didnt expect anything less than a desk job did you? lol Apparently from what people say this isnt his first time although it sounds like the first ttime he has been caught and actually charged with a crime. So what happens if he is convicted?Fire dept desk job in the county lock up? I mean really were do you draw the line? I cant believe he isnt on administrative leave with out pay and if he is convicted he obviously would lose his job or would he not?

        (14) 18 Total Votes - 16 up - 2 down
        • RU4Real says:

          simplelife, WHO KNOWS? This is SLO County, so I’m sure he’ll retain his position with the Fire Dept., no matter what. He’s is with the County’s “good old boy” network big time & should have ALREADY LOST HIS JOB, no if’s and’s or but’s about it! Too bad he wasn’t employed in another County, I really believe justice would be served elsewhere!

          (12) 14 Total Votes - 13 up - 1 down
          • NobodySpecial says:

            While I don’t agree with his actions, I do think the city is doing what it has to. Innocent until proven guilty does not allow he city to fire him based on charges. Let him have his day in court- THEN let them fire him without being sued. The city has wasted enough money on him. Don’t give away more.

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      • simplelife says:

        RU4Real you didnt expect anything less than a desk job did you? lol Apparently from what people say this isnt his first time although it sounds like the first time he has been caught and actually charged with a crime. So what happens if he is convicted?Fire dept desk job in the county lock up? I mean really were do you draw the line? I cant believe he isnt on administrative leave with out pay and if he is convicted he obviously would lose his job or would he not?

        (2) 6 Total Votes - 4 up - 2 down
    • MaryMalone says:

      I know they protect their own, but for crying out loud, he’s screwing their wives!

      I mean, come on. Show some pride, firefighters. Man-up and quit covering for this violent trash.

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