Monterey County Sheriff’s son charged with possession

June 29, 2011

Monterey County Sheriff’s deputies served a warrant Tuesday at the home of Sheriff Scott Miller’s 25-year-old son, Jacob, for felony possession of a controlled substance for sale (methamphetamine), an infraction for marijuana possession, and a misdemeanor for possession of drug paraphernalia. [Monterey County Weekly]

Bail has been set at $23,500.

Miller claims he was unaware of the warrant until 11:30 a.m., about the time his deputies were searching his son’s apartment, which is attached to the sheriff’s home.

“I’m not involved in terms of the investigation,” Miller told the Monterey County Weekly Tuesday. “I’m keeping myself separate.” Asked if he knew his son’s whereabouts, the sheriff responded, “I have no idea.”

It’s not Jacob Miller’s first run-in with law enforcement. He was charged with misdemeanor drug offenses in January of this year and in November 2007, and was a suspect in a credit card fraud case in October 2010.

A time for the arraignment has not yet been set.

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You have to ask yourself why is this news? How many people who are addicted to meth or other drugs that get arrested on a daily basis? Just because this 25 year old is the son of a LEO it makes the news? Son of a Doctor-not news worthy. Son of a plumber-not news worthy. Is it the irony that his Dad is the Sheriff? No one is immune from the scourge of drug use, no family is exempt, no race, no social status. Drugs hits everyone. “My2cents” clearly has no sense, and you can keep your two cents to yourself. One, please use “they’re”, not their. Two, his son is 25 years old. Old enough to make his own choices even if they are the wrong ones. It is not about being superior as you put it, but it is about being a human being.

This has nothing to do with the sheriff or ‘cops’. It has to do with a 25 year old male who is not a LEO.

And cops think their so superior!

“their” what is so superior?

Does this cop think he’s superior, I don’t know anything about him? Is he a jerk or do you just hate all cops? Perhaps he’s just a dad that is having a hard time with one of his kids. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. If he’s just a regular guy then I feel bad for him having to have his personal family business in the papers for the world to see.