Morro Bay man awakes in wrong home

June 21, 2011


A Cayucos couple was startled Monday morning to the find someone sleeping in their home, and he was no Goldilocks.

The man of the house held the apparent trespasser, Robert Auston Romero, at bay while his wife wielding a knife called 911, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department.

Coastal deputies concluded that 32-year-old Romero, in a drunken stupor, entered the home on Circle Drive in Cayucos around 2:45 a.m. through an unlocked front door and then passed out.

Romero, a resident of Morro Bay, was arrested and booked into county jail on a charge of drunk in public.

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Unlocked door? 2:45 am??

It’s 2011…. who doesn’t lock their doors before going to bed anymore?

There you go. Another drunk bites the dust. Take note sane people are sick of the drinkers. Falling asleep in my home would have been a big misstake. I would not have been half as nice as the man-eating bear in SLO. He would have thought he was a chicken.

I really think the drunk ought to get time in AA. Doesn’t hurt. I done it.

I done it and still do it. My craziness goes on and on.