SLO County approves new budget

June 22, 2011

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors passed a $450 million budget Tuesday night after three days of hearings.

The new budget, which takes effect July 1, represents a $1.9 million increase in spending and no reduction in jobs.

Supervisors agreed to increase $90,000 in funding to the Visitors and Conference Bureau which lost more than $300,000 last year in its sponsorship of Savor the Central Coast. In addition, the county added an additional $139,137 to the Planning and Building department.

The most contentious reduction to the new budget was an $800,000 cut to Community Health Centers. Impacts of the cuts could result in the closures of the Morro Bay and Cambria clinics.

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People just don’t care… as long as it doesn’t interfere with their American Idol (or whatever the latest shoveled-in pablum is).

I really think we’ve passed the tipping point. God, I hope I am wrong.

Everyone should take a trip down to county planning to check on the current state of affairs.

Nobody in the waiting room, quiet as a church. Not surprising as their is virtually no permit or land use application activity. So why did they shoot them $139,000 and one new hire? Because behind the front counter and out of the public eye, they are busy as can be with long range planning.

Lopes, Caruso and the boys are riding high these days with this board in control. Revised program after revised program, the principles of smart growth peppered throughout the components of the Land Use Element and rewrites of the Land Use Ordinance. Putting a bullet through the Transfer of Development Program. You name it, they are busy as can be revising it.

Gibson expressed the attitude of this board best when he admonished the citizens of Templeton, “We all need to rethink our growth patterns” meaning more dense, compact infill development. Shove ’em all together and get ’em out of their cars. What Gibson meant was shove them, not me.

Anybody checked where Gibson has chosen to live?

There you have it. We all get the kind of government we deserve!

If there had been women sitting on the board there would most likely not be any closures of any health centers. Men do have a problem (blanket statement) with health and devorce. They think they are going to live forever and not get sick along the way. Listen to your wives guys. My wife told me for years to exercise, cut down on smoking and not eat so much. I listened after 31 days in the hospital and a pace maker. Closing the health centers is not a good move. People go to them. Especially children. God Bless the kids first then us after.

+137K for the Planning dept. -800k for CHC. How sad, I’m sure that 137K would have helped people that it need it more than developers, which as racket said aren’t really developing too much at the moment. They’ve already approved that huge 1000 home developement off of Orchard, how much more in this economy are they planning on building? This just goes to show, it doesn’t matter what side of the isle you’re on, politicians have different priorities then we do. I feel a bit apathetic right now. I’ll bet that they could trim some fat off of the Planning Dept. to make up for that money, they didn’t need to give them more $$ that will probably only add to more bureaucracy instead of helping us. I’ll be curious to see who gets the next raise in the PD.

$140K additional to the Planning Department now is probably a pretty good investment into Gibson’s land-use fiefdom.

What I mean is that the principal check-and-balance for the PD in their usurpation of property rights is the evil developers. But the evil developers have no projects going now, ie no dog in the fight. So the PD can cook along impinging on people’s property rights with little or no opposition.

Smart thinking. Sneaky but smart. And who cares if it’s at the cost of CHC or any other project.