Oceano selects new manager

June 24, 2011


The Oceano Community Services District board has appointed a new interim general manager by a unanimous vote on Wednesday.

Thomas Geaslen, president of Titan Lending Corp. in Nipomo, replaces ousted General Manager Raffaele Montemurro.

Geaslen says he is coming on board with more than 30 years of business management experience. In his application which included a detailed action plan, Geaslen proposed a six-month to one year commitment to help “put the operation back on track.”

“The primary goal will be to restore the efficiency, solvency, and public trust of the OCSD. Then, assist you in finding a capable permanent GM replacement,” Geaslen said in his cover letter to the board.

Geaslen was San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Paul Teixeira’s campaign manager.  His wife, Debbie Geaslen, serves as Teixeira’s legislative assistant.

Geaslen was selected from a group of five finalists including David Kulinski, director of fiscal services for the Santa Maria Valley Youth and Family Center; Malcolm McEwen, civil engineer with Garing Taylor & Associates; Richard Koon, general manager of San Miguelito Mutual Water Co.; and John Hollenbeck, manager of the Nacimiento Water Project.

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After reading your comment, I asked Ms. Angello directly if she was related to R. Baker and she stated “no.” So, if you are stating, as many have, that one of the Directors Angello awarded a contract to a relative–which appears to be a violation of the Fair Political Practices Act–you need to support your statement with facts. There are things I don’t like, and there are people I don’t like. Yet each person deserves to have such criticism of their official acts supported by facts rather than innuendo. I am genuinely wanting to know, one way or another because if what you state is true, it would make me think that Angello’s official acts are illegitimate.

Oh nooooooo Mr. Bill! Say it ain’t so! Great, I can’t keep up with who works for who anymore. Wallace’s wife work’s for who, Wallace works for who and is in charge of what, Teixeira’s district is where and his wife works for who, Geaslen got his job how and ,,,,OMG I can’t keep up.

Stupid is as stupid does. Why on earth didn’t they get someone not associated with insiders, what in the h#ll is wrong with these people. It’s not that hard to find outsiders that aren’t connected to this mess and that seems like the sane thing to do. But hey we’re talking about Oceano, sanity and Oceano don’t go together. Oh well, I guess we can count on more years of fun in Oceano.

You know Typoqueen, your posts are getting just a little boring. What perfect world or town do you live in to constantly get on these blogs and put Oceano down?

I don’t mean to put Oceano down,,,I mean to put down the former OCSD board and Monte. I feel bad for the people of Oceano. I don’t understand why they keep getting these crazy people on their boards. I guess that the residents are apathetic and they just don’t vote or they don’t follow the politics. If you don’t think that watching those meetings with Monte Dean, Dahl, Hill, Lucey, Mann, Bookout was like watching a train wreck then you must be one of them. Lucey is getting better and now they have a few ‘sane’ people there but then they go and blow it by hiring this guy. You must be one of the crazies if you don’t see the issue with this new GM. Right when I think ‘okay they’re on the right track’ they throw themselves under the train.

I don’t ‘constantly get on blogs’. This is the only blog that I visit and it takes a whole 15 minutes out of my day. I’m too busy watching Oceano ride that crazy train to spend blogging.

If my posts bore you then don’t read them.

They’ve finally found someone with integrity, class, political connections, and skills that can help right the ship. Those are difficult qualities to find all in one person. A hard job at best, but Tom is up to the task.

Ya got the political connection’s right. Unfortunately integrity and political connections in this county,or anywhere for that matter equate to special interests and intitlement.

Don’t judge unless you actually know the man. It’s petty, small, and narrow-minded. Even those of us who sometimes disagree with his views appreciate his integrity and honesty regardless of who he knows.

Hmmm. Would it be tomkins.?

Can you back that statement up with any facts? His resume had no verifiable information in it.

Give me a “for instance.”

Sweet! A politically active guy is coming in to clean house! Oh wait…

I suppose we could give him the benefit of the doubt… like the past four? five? GM’s…

Benifit of doubt. Heck it looks like the ocsd is tryin on politics from some old Dallas re-run.Last wed.Angelo passed the gavel to the newcomer Gerrero in an attempt to lend credibility to the proceedings which included a closed meeting not on the agenda.Transparency.LOL.Angelo,s still keeping secrets. She should have recused herself, not just hand over the gavel.No disclosures that she and her husband [ former board member ] Dave , were HEAVY supporters/ contributors to Paul Teixeira’s campaign an had a more than casual relationship with Deb G.Teixeira’s legislative assistant.The level’s of pandering in oceano and the county are alive an well.The Angelo’s longstanding friendship with one of oceanos benchmark familys is undisputed.[ Teixeira supporters ] an relation to R.Baker construction.That by the way, get lot’s of sub.work for the csd.Going into the Angelo’s stepchild R.S.new/old board member is beating a dead hourse.Look,s like ledigation lane.???




ocsd legal staff was told to stay home and a closed session not on the agenda.LA LA LA