Two California cities put circumcision ban on ballot

June 6, 2011

Proposals to ban the circumcision of male children will appear on the November ballots in several California cities, the first public votes on a subject that has long been considered a family decision. [AHN]

San Francisco and Santa Monica voters will decide in November if performing circumcisions on boys under 18, even for religious reasons, will be banned. The sponsor of the proposed bans, the group MGM Bill, contend boys need the same protection from genital mutilation similar to the state-wide ban on female circumcision.

Supporters of the ban say male circumcision is an unnecessary and extremely painful form of genital mutilation that removes thousands of nerve endings on the male genitals.

“Circumcision began in the United States in the late 1800’s largely because some doctors thought that it prevented masturbation, which at the time was thought to be harmful,” the MGM Bill website says. “But once that and other myths were proven wrong, new reasons were created to perpetuate circumcision, most notably that a circumcised penis is more hygienic than an intact penis, that it makes boys look the same as their fathers or others in their community, and for religious reasons.”

Opponents of the proposed bans argue that circumcision is a religious rite practiced by Muslims and Jews and protected under the First Amendment.

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Everyone keeps mentioning how painful the procedure is but my son slept through the entire thing. I do not remember the exact term used for this type of removal but they inserted a plastic ring between the foreskin and the tip, and another rind outside of the foreskin. The rings cut off blood flow and the skin fell off, no cutting required.

Of course, our son doesn’t cry for shots or blood work either, so maybe he is just a really tough little guy, but as his mother I never saw any discomfort arise from the procedure; I would notice if he was in pain.

I have no problem with the gov’t spending money on educating people to make INFORMED decisions, but banning it completely is SO wrong in SO many ways.

Are any guys who have been circumcised, complaining about being circumcised? I have never heard of a circumcised guy complain about it? It seems to me these are the people who would be complaining if it was a problem, and frankly the only voices that really count.

My husband of 20 years was not circumcised. He didn’t have any more or less sensitivity than a circumcised man. The foreskin that would have been removed didn’t have any “special nerve endings”. His sensitivity was exactly in the same areas as any other male.

I have to agree with standup, he made me laugh out loud. An uncircumcised penis does look like “an old elephant trunk” and if you don’t wear underwear, that extra stuff can get caught in a zipper, it happened to my poor hubby. It’s one thing to consider the pain an infant might experience during the procedure but nobody is missing out on any extra special nerve endings or heightened experiences due to a circumcision.

Katie, seeing that you use your real name,,,I don’t think that you had better let your husband read this thread. :)

Wow only a women or a circumcised man would post such utter propaganda!

As an uncircumcised man I can contest the that the foreskin is a very important part of foreplay for me

(oh I forgot men don’t like foreplay}

Have your husband post his views please

they bot em line is that this law has no chance of passing because american doctors didn’t even ask in

the 50,60and 70s most men and women have never

seen an uncircumcised penis much less touch one

As an uncircumcised man in his 50s I can say Ive never had any heath issues and never had any lovers make any thing but positive commits

So let me get this straight…..circumcision should be banned because of the pain; but there are laws to ensure that women have the right to murder their unborn children, right up until the sixth month when some of them are actually fortunate enough to survive the attempted murder? I wonder how bad it feels to be sucked alive out of a womb and shredded into little pieces. There is more than just a little something wrong with this picture.

Why all the hate when it comes to protecting little boys?

This a non reversible cosmetic surgery! Should they not have any say.

They can always have done when they turn 18.

For the recored am Tired of new laws ,do not agree with abortion .

But not all men and women prefer circumcised penis

This subject should be about education, not regulation or law. Personally, I don’t believe there is any reason to automatically circumcise. This is the day of hot running water, showers and disposable diapers. Parents simply need to educate themselves and realize that they have a perfect baby boy and nothing needs to be fixed or corrected that isn’t broken. These lobbyists would do well to put their energy into educating parents rather than trying to foist their opinions (even if they are right). I would not vote for any gov regulation in our lives concerning this issue. It’s not the people’s business, it’s the parents business and I haven’t ever heard a man complain that he was circumcised unless it occurred as a necessary when they were older, then they complained like there would be no tomorrow!

The Jews will always circumcise their males, it’s part of their religion and they believe that it signifies a covenant with their God. The Jewish parents attend the religious ceremony and it is actually performed by a Rabi, there aren’t any Doctors hiding the procedure from the eye’s or ears of the parents.


Comparing circumcision to abortion. Crazy days indeed.

BTW, fetus doesn’t = baby.

It has a heartbeat and takes in nutrition through the umbilical cord, what would you call it? A fetus is an unborn child, unborn, but still alive.

Make no mistake, this isn’t about nannyism or pro choice or anything remotely like that

It is anti-semitism pure and simple. 1930’s Germany

Are you serious!!??? If in a different town maybe but in two of California’s biggest liberal cities? I don’t see that at all.

Birth Without Violence.

this is the first shot in a war on religion, that will be sure to spread across the country. Keep your eyes open, you are going to see things happening under the guise of “enlightenment” that will blow your mind!!

This is total bullshit. Our government keeps taking choices/rights one by one away from us. THEY think they know better and take all the decision making away from us. If we keep giving things up, pretty soon we will be a socialistic society with not being able to make any decisions for ourselves. I like the appearance of my penis without it looking like an old elephant trunk. Thank you mom and dad for having my penis clipped and thank you for having my umbilical cord cut so cleanly. I would just hate having a worm protruding out of my stomach.