Central Coast Renaissance Festival, event photos

July 19, 2011

Taking a trip back in time, over 800 costumed participants gathered at the 27 annual Central Coast Renaissance Festival last Saturday and Sunday to partake in the ultimate summer fantasy. San Luis Obispo County’s El Chorro Regional Park was magically transformed into an English Renaissance village.

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If you would like to buy a high-resolution print of any of these photos, aside from those of the performers, contact photographer Dennis Eamon Young at (805) 540-1271 or photodennis44@gmail.com. See more of the photographer’s work at www.DennisEamonYoungPhoto.com.



It’s like “People of Ye Old Walmart”


I’ve heard these festivals are needed because even Drama Majors have to work sometimes….

*ducks the tomatoes & cabbage*


I hate to be a kill-joy but I went to one of these things and couldn’t stand it. I felt very uncomfortable. I know I sound like a Debbie Downer but I just couldn’t get into the acting and people getting into my face with the ye and thy cr@p.