Google pays $10 million for Cal Poly startup

July 13, 2011

Google has purchased the California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo student startup Punchd, which started as a senior project, for $10 million, the founders of Punchd announced.

Hatched by a pair of Cal Poly students, the company helps connect customers to their favorite restaurants, shops and venues through smartphones.

“We wanted a better solution for loyalty cards, so we built it,” the group announced on its website. “Reed Morse and Grantland Chew whipped up the first prototype in an Android Development class, a class offered because Google donated a bunch of Android phones to Cal Poly’s Computer Science department.”

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Google is one of the few and last innovative companies in this country. They are good to their employees. They can spend their money how the wish. I love Google Earth and Google Maps. They are always stretching and reaching forward for new ideas. I remember seeing thier driver-less car on the 101 last year. I don’t see Ford or Chevy working outside the box. They have their googly hands in everything and I would drop everything I have to work for Google.

The Google driverless car is designed to take you shopping, as it will soon be programmed with Punchd.

At least when you get in that Chevy you know that someone isn’t showing you only the roads they want you to drive on, instead of the millions of other roads which are equally available yet not showing up in the search results.

Then buy the Chevy, it’s a free market.

Once again, huge amounts of money exchanged for another intangible product adding to what is just more false economy.

I hope the young lads enjoy their ride, it will likely be a short one.

huge amounts of money exchanged for another intangible product

like YouTube .

Just a house of cards.

sure just like ipods

You nailed it, Bob. God, more nerds making millions. It’s bizarre and I agree, ultimately gonna cost too much money for something that cost nothing to make, won’t be around long and ALWAYS has built in obsolesense. The joke is on us.

Whar were they supposed to do Bob? Get a job in a factory? Oh thats right you and your party shipped them over seas. Stop being such a whinny little cry baby. Those kids found success where you found food stamps.

I’m looking for a better solution to Google. Can you work on that?

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