SLO ad exec arrested for threatening an officer

July 13, 2011

Jeff Lind

Prosecutors in Santa Maria have filed a flurry of felony charges against a San Luis Obispo marketing executive for allegedly threatening a police officer, a charge partially refuted by video tape of the incident available on

Jeffery Lind, 55, was at the Santa Maria courthouse when he spoke with an officer who had arrested his son for driving under the influence, said Lind said the officer made his son take a breath alcohol test 25 times.

Both Lind and Guadalupe police officer Robert Ortega agree that the following exchange occurred:

LIND (walking toward Ortega): “Oh, you’re Ortega.”

ORTEGA: “Yes, I am.”

LIND: “You’re the officer who arrested my son. You’re here for court today?”

ORTEGA: “Oh. You’re Lind’s father.”

LIND:  “Yes. Thank you for arresting my son.” (In his report, Ortega asserted the comment was made “sarcastically.”)

At this point, Lind’s and Ortega’s versions of events differ sharply. Lind would later report in a sworn affidavit that Ortega then said, “Thanks? Really?” And Lind responded, “No, you made him blow (take a breath alcohol test) 25 times.”

Ortega claims he “became fearful” of Lind who he said began threatening him, jabbed his finger at him and yelled in his face.

According to Lind, he said, “Justice will prevail.”

According to Ortega, Lind said, “And you got something coming to you, too, pal.”

Ortega later reported that he “felt threatened by this as he was sitting down.” He said he “then advised (Lind), ‘You just made a threat to a police officer.’”

Footage from security cameras in the courtroom foyer appear to refute at least some of the allegations now being leveled by the officer and Santa Barbara County district attorney’s deputies.

Lind has been charged with resisting arrest; conspiracy; dissuading a witness; attempting, but failing, to commit a crime; and attempting to file a false or forged statement. He’s free on $200,000 bail.

Find the complete article by Daniel Blackburn and the video tape at

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I hope people interested in this case will read the Ryan Miller story, Trials & Tribulations” in the New Times for additional info.

The case against Mr. Lind was dismissed for lack of evidence so the question is, why didn’t the dismiss it 8 months ago? Mr. Lind should go after them for damages and send the message to all corrupt supposed public servants that the people aren’t taking this treatment any more!

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