Redistricting a win for Democrats

July 20, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown and Democrats in the Legislature were frustrated this year in seeking Republican votes to close the state’s budget deficit by asking voters to OK billions of dollars in tax extensions. [FresnoBee]

Brown was unable to garner support from at least two Republicans in both houses that he needed for the two-thirds majorities required to pass the special election constitutional amendment.

As the months-long talks collapsed, Democrats said they’d try to pick up enough seats in the 2012 elections to secure two-thirds margins, thereby cutting the GOP out of future tax issues. And the redistricting plans now nearing approval by the new independent redistricting commission could set the stage for achieving that goal, either in 2012 or in 2014, the Fresno Bee said.

A public review of the draft maps is slated for later this week with a final map planned in August.

Analysts on both sides of the political aisle have plumbed the new maps for their political content – a factor the commission is not supposed to be considering – and agree they would give Democrats a very strong opportunity to win 27 Senate seats and 54 in the Assembly, two-thirds margins in both houses, the Fresno Bee added.

In 2012, all 80 Assembly seats will be up plus half of the 40 Senate seats. The remainder will be on the ballot in 2014.

The state Republican Party is threatening to challenge the maps via a referendum.

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I understand that you cons hate to be educated but let me fill you in what Jerry with Dem AND Repub support managed to do in the past.

Gov. Brown started the CCC. He toughened high school math and science requirements to enter Ca. universities. Can anyone believe that acupuncture was illegal until Brown changed that (for those any law cons). Brown had a very good reputation for being tough on crime for example prior to Brown it wasn’t uncommon for men get NO prison time for rape, he toughened the rape laws as well as other violent crime laws. Brown resigned as the State Demo Chairman because he despised the influence of money in politics. When he ran for Prez he refused to take any donations over $100.00 (probably why he lost). I didn’t think anyone could do what Brown did as Mayor of Oakland. He saw a community in despair. I remember going to Oakland when I was 19 and I swore that I’d never go back, it was scary. I now stay at the Marriott in downtown Oakland whenever I go to San Fran. for a visit. Oakland still has it’s rough spots like any city but nothing like before he took over. It’s a beautiful city now. I wish that could post the pictures that I took of the retro buildings and the clean streets. Before he became Mayor you couldn’t walk on the streets without risking your life. He brought businesses into Oakland and new residents. Just like the state of Ca. he turned their economy around.

You all just assume that all Dems are soft, not able to get things done. You all assume that Jerry Brown was a nut because he dated rock stars and cared about the environment. So you close your eyes to how tough on crime he was while he was Gov., Attorney Gen. and the Mayor of Oak.. Back then the Repubs worked together with the Dems so we were able to get things done. Now the right refuses to work with the Dems, instead you just want to destroy the Dems. and by doing that you are destroying the country.

When Brown was our past Gov. we had a great economy, jobs for everyone. He finally lost to Pete Wilson and we all know what happened from there. I understand that you are lead to believe that all Dems are bad so you will find ways to hate no matter what. But if you look at the facts with an open mind you will see that some of California’s best day were when we had a Dem Gov.

Because you guys won’t work with us and only against us then I’m glad that redistricting might mean that we will be in charge again.

Golly, I wasn’t aware that the executive branch could make laws all by themselves.

So, now that moonbeam is back in the mansion, we can expect halcyon days in our state of nirvana. Dems in the mansion and both chambers of the legislature. Surely the state will be out of debt and everyone will have $75,000+/year jobs by the end of JB’s first term.

Typoqueen’s glowing review gives me renewed hope that we will once again see CA as the land of milk & honey. I mean, what could possibly go wrong now?


Well I’m sure if there is an easy way to make our state worse Mr. Brown will achieve it, with help, I’m sure. Obama has.

I doubt anyone could make California worse than the condition the Grope-inator left it in when he sleezed on back to his happy home, to his wife AND mistress AND assorted children from different women.

Typo, Suga, How much is Jerry and Dem Party paying you to write this stuff?

You’re doing this for our entertainment, right?

Address the opinion and not the poster. Otherwise, it’s easy to assume that you are unable to refute the opinion and so must sink to making personal attacks on the person posting the opinion.

Jerry Brown also met with Mother Teresa, She asked him to change his opinion on Abortion…..He didn’t

Your point? Yes he did meet with Mother Teresa is there something wrong with that?

Nothing wrong with meeting with her but still hide your wallet

Hide your wallet from Mother Teresa?


“Abortion” please don’t go there, stay with in this district please. if you have a question or comment about moderation please use Email

Hooray, TQueen! Great post!

Thanks Mary, we can’t let them get away with their lies without making them understand that we know better. These comments from them are a good example of what happens when our educational system fails.

BTW, Brown did much more than I listed. I admire him, he was something that the cons hate, an honest, intelligent, hardworking Dem that’s had a great deal of successful achievements and he’s helped a lot of people throughout his life with relatively little payment back.

We gotta stick together.

It’s really useless, most of the time, to even attempt to get them to provide a solid argument for their opinion, or to get them to do anything but lazy ad hominems, red herrings, etc.

Look at your pay check ,write down the gross amount then write down net amount under that subtract SOLID ARGUMENT ?

Yeah, that’s what 8 years of a Republican governor gets us.

It took longer than 8 years of the Govenator to get us where we are today

Laughable! No really….that is laughable!

Especially the part about about Oakland! In case you haven’t noticed, Typo, Oakland STILL holds the tenth highest murder rate IN THAT ENTIRE NATION!!

Yeah….Jerry sure cleaned up that mess!

You’re such a liberal tool! LMAO!!

SSB, granted Oakland has been plagued with high crime rates. That’s always been and still is the case. But in all fairness the crime rate did go down by 13% after he took over but that being said the rates were still high. You’re correct the crime rate is still high in Oak..

I picked up my resources and left California nearly 20 years ago. It just got to nutty for me. And, the insanity continues today.

Good, I hope the door didn’t hit you on the way out. I love California. I wonder where you moved to.


We passed an initiative that docks the state legislators for their pay for every day past the budget deadline without a submitted budget.

That is a HUGE win for the people! It’s not often anymore that the people can hold their legislators accountable, but we did it in California.

In addition, when Obama was going through the motions of closing gitmo and needed secure prison housing for some of the inmates until they could decide to keep them or send them back to their country of origin, other states were chitting their pants over the idea of having the gitmo inmates in the federal prisons in their states because “what if they escaped?”

Heck, in California we were going “Bring them here.” You see, ignorant people might like to deride California as being the land of fruits and nuts, but when we put someone in a prison, by God, they stay there until we decide they are fit to be amongst the rest of society. We don’t have 7 dangerous inmates at a time escaping, like they have in (BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!) Texas, where the bigness of their talk is inversely proportional to the bigness of their actions.

Same with the trials for the gitmo inmates. Heck, bring ’em to Los Angeles. We need the jobs, we danged sure know how to handle high-profile cases, and it would be great to show the rest of the country how its done.

“We passed an initiative that docks the state legislators for their pay for every day past the budget deadline”

Mary, This is one of the reasons I dislike the Dems in the state legislature. They passed the ridiculous scam budget so they’d get paid. Kudos to Chiang and Brown for upholding Prop. 25, as voters meant it to apply. I’m of the opinion that Brown is better than Arnold, but I think redistricting that would allow a 2/3rds for the Dems would be in opposition to what is healthy. I’d feel the same were it the GOP in power.

I think the districts are much closer to the reality of the party-affiliations of the voters (Democrats v. Republicans) than they were before when the State legislature was allowed to gerrymander the boundaries to suit the majority party.

Registered voters in California (as of 2010):

Democrats: 45%

Republicans: 31%

“We don’t have 7 dangerous inmates at a time escaping, like they have in (BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!) Texas, where the bigness of their talk is inversely proportional to the bigness of their actions.”

Um…in California they don’t actually need to escape, since we’re currently giving them early release due to the “horrors” of prison overcrowding (BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!)

“Same with the trials for the gitmo inmates. Heck, bring ‘em to Los Angeles. We need the jobs, we danged sure know how to handle high-profile cases, and it would be great to show the rest of the country how its done.”

Yeah, we sure did a stellar job with high-profile cases like O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson. I’m sure the rest of the country learned “how it’s done” all right.

If we were to try the gitmo inmates in CA, they’d probably just end up getting food stamps and free college tuition….

1. Please re-read my post. I specifically said that, here in California, the prison inmates stay in prison until we let them out….unlike Texas and other states who can’t seem to hire guards with enough neurons firing at any one time to remember to lock the cell doors.

2. OJ and MJ issues went pretty well, considering what we had to deal with. You don’t see California getting sued by people whose loved ones were murdered while prison escapees were on the loose, like we see in the “big,” “tough,” swaggering, gun-totin’, xenophobic residents of Arizona.

It will actually be easier once the democrats have their 2/3s majority, they will pass any law they want, the state’s economic condition will get worse and worse, businesses will leave in droves. But at least we won’t have to listen to the blame game anymore. I will enjoy the show from my Montana living room.

Well, we would have to go a far piece of road to match the damage two terms of Arnold and JuniorBoy Bush did to our economy.

Say, how much government welfare are the citizens of Montana receiving because of the flooding?

What do you mean? We’ll hear plenty of blame. Just look at Obamacare. They had the super-majority, and STILL, it was the non-existent “right-wing’s” fault. They will find their demons, just ask typo. She knows where they all are (and it’s never in the party of the left, apparently).

No r0y, I have said on many occasions that there’s blame to go around. As a matter of fact I believe it was yesterday that in this forum I said that I blame Obama for attempting to compromise and work with the right on the health care plan when we had the power to do what we wanted. The watered down health care plan was completely Obama’s fault. As a matter of fact in that same post I said that if he continues do appease the right then he would lose my vote.

I do not think you understood what happened in Washington, D.C. with obamacare. Any pretense of “working with the right” or compromising was only to cover the left’s own asses when they could not pass it through their own members. Remember, the right was a minority, and thus did not need to be compromised with. It’s all a big game, and then mindless ideologues simply regurgitate the pablum. I get your tongue-in-cheek “blame Obama” for watering down his own health care plan by “appeasing the (non-existent) right” – it’s all so foolish, and we’ll all be better off without such a large, all-controlling government. Unfortunately, it will take a massive civic disaster to convince some people of the error of their ways.

Great news, now we can things done. Seems like we’re always cleaning up after Repubs which makes it so hard to go forward and make progress.

“….go forward and make progress” is what has gotten us in the current disaster that this state is facing.

Democrat’s ‘progress’ has made California the laughing stock of the rest of the nation.

‘Progress’ == pay vouchers because the state is broke from all of the entitlement programs.

‘Progress’ == crazy rates of unemployment and a positively hostile business environment.

The only real ‘progress’ that I can see is ‘Progress’-ivly WORSE.


The dems are not blame for the things that you brougt up. Ca. is not the laughing stock of the nation. The state is not broke because of Dems.


Doesn’t it get uncomfortable wearing blinders all day?

The Democrats have been the lawmakers in charge in California for over 40 years. Not a single Republican introduced law that the Democrats did not want got passed in over 40 years. At best, the Republicans have stopped some tax increases because these took a two thirds majority to pass.

Also, when a Republican Governor is in place then some Democratic laws are vetoed by the Republican Governor and there aren’t always the two thirds votes to override the veto. However, once a Democratic Governor gets back in office, then the Democratic Legislature can, and does, reintroduce all the previously vetoed laws and the Democratic Governor then signs them into law.

All the laws, rules, regulations put in place for the last 40 years in California are due to the Democratic Legislature in Sacramento. No matter how you cut it, the Democrats own California. If you believe the State is broken then you can only blame the Democrats as the Republicans have had little power in Sacramento for years. On the other hand, if you think that California is the model state that the rest of the country looks to emulate, then hooray for California!

ITA. When Bush Jr and Schwarzenegger were in office, there was so much cleaning up after them, it was like having a six-month-old baby with diarrhea around 24/7…just one chitty mess after another.

It will take us years just pay off the baby wipes that it’ll take to clean up the turds they left behind…turds behind,,oh I’m on a roll. When it’s not cleaned up in a year they will all start crying again. Will they ever grow up.

Wow, that didn’t even work well or long for Obama (blaming his predecessor). The DNC really does need some new talking points.

Another sad commentary on the state of things, if things stay the way they are…. although Districts 22 and 23 seem a little saner. … and this gives me hope.

If we can blend the coastal wingnuts with normal folks… that’s a big plus!

The end is very near, with the give away attitude of the democrats taxation and welfare will have no limits.

Boy, you aren’t kidding. They will stop at nothing.

How much longer before we have to take up Arms and take this State and Country back?

When you get enough of a spine to do so.

I am so sick of these cowardly rightwinger veiled threats.

Bring it on, baby. Bring it on.

SSB isn’t worth it. I sometimes reply to him, but usually it’s just too easy, like taking candy from a baby. I won’t get to personal because rightly so the moderator will can me. Just don’t take his posts serious.

I take threats of violence of any kind, veiled or not, seriously. I am old enough to remember when JFK, Martin Luther King, and RFK were shot.

I hear ya Mary. This is a good example of why I feel it’s important for people not to use their real name on these things. I get grief for not using my name but can you imagine someone like SSB knowing who you are, where you live or where your kids go to school!? No way would I put my family at risk for someone like SSB.

If the Democrats hadn’t done such a poor job in control, and if they hadn’t passed a scam budget so they’d get paid, I wouldn’t be as concerned. We aren’t a one-party system for good reasons.

Independent Redistricting Commission my &*%. Not in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia! I can feel the wind as business’s rush to leave the state. Some have discussed breaking the state into two, but we need to break the state up into three separate states: North, South and Central!


Looking into the future, there is a real and definite need!

The political syndrome all leads to the “same end” each time each and every time.

AKA as protracted insanity/ misery and a morph sense of democracy or republic.

Oh, give it up.

The Head State Liar of Texas, Rick Perry, has been blowing that BS out of his kiester for two years and, you know what? TEXAS HAS LOST MORE JOBS THAN CALIFORNIA, and TEXAS HAS A DEFICIT HIGHER THAN CALIFORNIA.

I have to say, I know a few fine, logical, ethical Republicans, but they are few and far between…at least where I live.

” TEXAS HAS LOST MORE JOBS THAN CALIFORNIA,” Now now mary, but they have executed more innocent people and people with special needs in Texas than any other state so they do have that over us. That’s how they make up for those lost jobs. Hey Perry wants to succeed. I say fine let these guys move to Texas and they can have their own country, They can call it Palinland. I’m willing to give them Texas. The can live in bunkers, can thier food and wear camo to dinner parties while playing Ted Nugent. No laws, the old west who hooo!

Sam Blakeslee is an ethical Repub. He has my support. I’ve been checking out his record and although I don’t agree with everything he’s a bright guy and he’s fair. But they are few and far between.

Rick Perry and other Texas mouthpieces, including fox news, like to lie about how much better Texas is doing than California. However, the statistics don’t support those lies.



According to a UCLA study, although businesses often say California has high tax rates, tough environmental regulations and difficult permitting systems, some of those accusations are untrue, the university says.

March 10, 2011|By Alana Semuels, Los Angeles Times

Contrary to claims by Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the Lone Star State isn’t stealing California’s jobs, workers or prosperity, according to a UCLA study…..

…Perry, for instance, has boasted about “hunting trips” to California to recruit companies from the state. Texas is one of many Western states trying to capitalize on the perception that California is a difficult place for business. ….

…California, for instance, takes about 4.7% of what a business produces in taxes — which happens to be the national average. Texas takes more, 4.9%, according to a study last fall by the Council on State Taxation, a business-friendly trade group….It also appears that start-ups are not running disproportionately to Texas, said Stephen Levy, head of the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy. …

…The states each receive the same portion of venture capital funds as they did before the recession. And California’s share of venture funding — more than 50% — is much higher than Texas’ 4.1% share. Further, Levy said, Texas’ gains in per capita income were lower, its poverty rate rose faster and its budget deficit is almost as large as California’s….


Remember how Rick Perry kept braying about Texas not having a budget deficit, and deriding California for having a budget deficit?

Well, it doesn’t take much to fool the Fox News spoon-fed rightwingers….Perry made that claim based on the first year of the current two-year Texas budget cycle, when the budget (showing deficits or surpluses) is not posted until the SECOND YEAR of the two-year cycle.

In fact, Texas’ budget deficit is MORE than California’s budget deficit ($27billion v. $25billion). After the budget cuts, California’s deficit is down to about $15billion.

Once again, we see that Texas is big on mouth but little on action.



The state prides itself as a model of conservative spending and responsible budgeting. But a new $27-billion budget gap undercuts its image as a business-seducing, fiscally adaptive state.

February 07, 2011|By Evan Halper, Los Angeles Times

The lecturing from Texas leaders about how California wouldn’t be in such a budget mess if its politicians did business the way it is done in Austin has been relentless for years.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry delights in telling tales of his California “hunting trips” — hunting for businesses ready to flee the Golden State.

But the latest budget projections out of Texas have sharply changed the discussion: The Lone Star State is facing a budget gap of about $27 billion, putting it in the same league as California among states facing financial meltdowns. The gap amounts to roughly one-third of the state’s budget.

In a place where government is already lean, there aren’t many areas to make up that kind of cash. The budget blueprint Texas’ Legislature is mulling would mean layoffs for tens of thousands of teachers, closure of community colleges, and a severe reduction in state services for the poor and those with mental health problems.

Texas has a two-year budget cycle, which allowed it to camouflage its red ink last year, thanks in large part to billions of dollars in federal stimulus money. Now, however, “someone just turned the lights on in the bar, and the sexiest state doesn’t look so pretty anymore,” said California Treasurer Bill Lockyer, with evident satisfaction….

…As if to punctuate the point that Texas has found itself in a California-style mess, a power-grid problem caused rolling blackouts statewide Wednesday as the Capitol was consumed with fiscal crisis….

…The Republicans who dominate the statehouse won’t be closing loopholes that emerged in a recently enacted business tax change, costing the state billions in anticipated revenue….

…”There is no indication that there is going to be a robust economic rebound,” said Talmadge Heflin, a former Republican lawmaker who now runs the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Center for Fiscal Policy. …

…The Texas budget crisis is prompting some experts to reconsider what had been dubbed the Texas Miracle. The state has much lower unemployment than California, but economists note that many of the jobs are low-paying. One out of three wage earners in Texas earns too little to keep a family of four above the federal poverty level, according to a 2009 study by the Corp. for Enterprise Development, a Washington-based nonprofit. That is double the percentage of similarly low-wage Californians.

Such figures call into question whether Texas’ economy has really transitioned into a new 21st century model, or whether it has been buoyed by high oil prices and lots of loosely zoned land where construction of cheap houses endured through the recession….

…Texas lags far behind California in major research universities, patents produced, high-tech infrastructure and venture capital investment, according to the Missouri-based Kauffman Foundation. The foundation’s 2010 ranking of states in “movement toward a global, innovation-based new economy” put California at No. 7. Texas was No. 18.

“Their model is a low-wage economy with greater income inequality,” said John Ellwood, a professor of public policy at UC Berkeley. “For all the talk of Texas being a high-tech state, they have never really caught up to California.… Look at the big new growth companies. Where is Facebook? Where is Google? Are any of these companies in Austin? No.”

Even Perry’s claims of companies that have decamped from California to lay down roots in Texas appear to be overblown. When the Austin American-Statesman looked into the Texas governor’s boast that there were 153 such companies in 2010, reporters found the claim included California firms that stayed put but maybe opened a Texas branch. The newspaper concluded that Perry’s figure was grossly inflated….


I wonder who is buying which disctrict. Why vote at all?

Did you feel that way when Republicans were in charge of drawing their gerrymandered boundaries?

Y’all are just whining because you know you can’t win a fair fight, and having an independent commission is far too fair of a fight for you.