Woman assaulted and robbed at SLO motel

July 9, 2011

Two men and a woman were arrested Friday for allegedly assaulting and robbing a woman who was staying at the Best Western Hotel in San Luis Obispo.

At about 3:40 p.m., officers responded to a report of a robbery at the hotel at 214 Madonna Road, police said.

The three suspects allegedly entered a 24-year-old Hemit Calif. woman’s room, punched her in the head several times, took some of her belongings and then fled in a vehicle they had parked nearby. The victim was treated for her injuries at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center and released.

Officers found Ashley Wagner,19, and David McDaniels,19, from Suisum City along with Michael Holmes Fuqua, 20, of San Francisco in a vehicle on the 1500 block of El Tigre Court. The victim positively identified the three suspects who she said she had never met before.

The suspects were booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of robbery and conspiracy with bail for each set at $30,000.

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I wonder if the victim knew the perps. I wonder if this was not an “arm’s length” robbery, but something else. I have no reason to suspect this, other than a sneaky suspicion that a mid-afternoon public strong arm robbery seems stupid, even for a crook.

racket hit the nail on the head. This was not a random robbery–the victim is an “escort” who advertises heavily on a prostitution web site called myredbook.com. This was her incall location. While she may truly have not known the perps, she was putting herself at much greater risk for this sort of crime than the average hotel guest.

You don’t have to take my word for it–if you go to myredbook.com and read the forum category called “Central Coast (805) Discussion,” she’s even talking about it! Apparently the crooks stole her iPhone and the police used Apple’s “Find my iPhone” app to find them.

It is also how you carry yourself. If you are like me then you give off a vibe that says “Don’t *#&*$ with ME”. It works. I have stayed at that hotel and a little concerned because the folks who run it were always around. the trio of suspects loitering would have sent up red flags…. just by their presence on the motel grounds. This is a nice Best Western. Stayed there many times when I was selling the ads in the movie theaters and appearing in court in SLO. And I would stay there again.

Yeah, run out a buy a handgun, that will make you safer; what the article does NOT say is HOW the assailants got into the victim’s room. Did she unknowingly open her door and they rushed her? Did she fall for a false plea that the young woman who took part in the assault and robbery pretended? The handgun you might buy might make you feel safer, but being aware of your surroundings, not falling for some sort of scam to get you to open your door would also make you safer as well. Please do not assume that I am attempting to blame the victim in any way, she was assaulted, period. MAYBE this would not have happened if she had been more aware of what could have happened if she wasn’t “keeping her radar up” about potentially bad situations happening, regardless though, the assailants were wrong and need to go away for a long while. And if anyone is truly going to purchase a handgun, please make sure that you participate in as much training as you can get to make sure you understand how lethal a weapon a handgun can be and how to be as safe as possible in how you carry it, how you store it, how to use it, and how to control who has access to it if it is not in your immediate possession.

Every citizen has the right to arm himself for self-defense.

Um, not quite. Convicted felons and minors do not qualify, as well as some who have had mental issues.

This is what happens being a small rural county right along a major highway. There are several unsolved bank robberies and snatch & grab crimes because IMHO, the perps pull off the freeway, do the deed and race away on highway 101 before any LEO arrive.

And yes I agree if more citizens were armed there would be a lot less crime…

This crime is sick. What the hell is going on in this world? No where is safe anymore. Guess we will have to start carrying guns. Okay with me. If the crooks weren’t sure if we were packin’ they would leave us alone. Wouldn’t be so many easy pickins’. I will buy one on Monday. Hope I last til then.

Good on you SF!

Now, get proficient with it’s function and shoot it as much as you can afford to so when you need it, it will be second nature to do so.