Kern County moves closer to ban on medical marijuana

August 3, 2011

Kern County supervisors took another step closer to banning the sale of medical marijuana through nonprofit collectives and cooperatives Tuesday over the objections of a crowd that filled the chambers and marched down Truxton Avenue. [The Bakersfield Californian]

The supervisors voted unanimously to approve a first reading of an ordinance that would ban collectives, limit the number of outdoor plants grown at home to 99, and outlaw the sale of marijuana-laced edibles.

A second reading is scheduled for next Tuesday to allow time for more debate on the issue. If supervisors approve the ordinance then, it will become law 30 days later.

Lawyers for medical marijuana cooperatives promised the county would face legal action.

“You are going to get sued,” said attorney Phil Ganong. “We’ve got the money. We will do it.”

The counties of Orange, Los Angeles and Sacramento have also approved bans. The city of Bakersfield has a ban through zoning laws.

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Wow, they think that these medical marijuana shops are a problem? Dont they know that Kern county is one of the largest areas affected by meth? Shouldnt that be a focus, instead of these sick cancer patients and where they have to go get their meds?

And where the hell is the bed stricken cancer patient supposed to get their medicine people? He/she needs a safe place to purchase it. Just try that SLO.

Dooo-oooooode! Bummer!

To bad for Kern Co., they’re missing out on a lot of revenue that could really help them out during these difficult financial times.

If this law and the ones in other counties help to more clearly define the state law, then I am all for it because the state law was never clear enough for local law enforcement to adopt it. Even now, with direction from the state AG’s office, it’s not broadly accepted. My hope with these local laws is that the individual’s right to grow and carry is made stronger. We should all be able to grow, carry and use our own medicine chest without restriction.

Thank God I feel safer already. They got all these dangerous people trying to treat ailments off the street and their growers that are worse than the Mexican nationals growing it in the forrests. And that’s o.k. to spend more money enforceing it. So what if the Fed and CA. Gov’t are almost broke. Keep these evil bastards off the street!!!