Lawyers argue teen gunman is victim, not racist

August 12, 2011

Larry King

Defense lawyers for a Ventura County teen accused of shooting a gay classmate to death attempted to undermine the prosecution’s argument that the killing was a hate crime motivated by white supremacist sympathies. [The Californian]

Brandon McInerney, now 17, is accused of taking a .22 caliber revolver to his junior high school classroom on Feb. 12, 2008, just a few weeks after his 14th birthday and shooting gay classmate Larry King, who wore high heels and told McInery that he loved him.

At issue isn’t whether McInerney pulled the trigger but whether it was done out of hate fueled by homophobia, which carries enhanced penalties.

His attorneys say he was the victim of a violent upbringing who was unable to articulate his rage and frustration at unwanted sexual advances from Larry. They tried to discredit a detective who said he found a trove of Nazi paraphernalia and other emblems of racist ideology at McInerney’s home.

The defense was expected to rest Friday, with closing arguments likely next week.

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“Larry King, who wore high heels and told McInery that he loved him.”

This sweet young child is too young to the issues of gay or heterosexuals.

He is a minority and wearing high heels I bet any money is a cultural thing.

At his age, from a good family, telling someone “I love you” was a learned example of grace from the family to the world (from the heart and nothing to do with gay).

“a trove of Nazi paraphernalia and other emblems of racist ideology at McInerney’s home.”

As for Brandon McInerney, he was programed from a young age (age 14, what can he really know at 14) before he had a chance to know better.

While Brandon McInerney lives and after release from incarceration, he needs to amned the errors caused by his elders and too the family of Larry King.

I do not condemn Brandon McInerney, there is no way he could have known better at his age and environment.

But if he wants salvation, he has a hell of of price he must pay not only for his deeds but that of his parents (there is no other out – it is a lifetime payment).

Ray Bradbury the science fiction writer said it best, “When looking back at “all” the problems of the past, no matter how bad” the only solution was love”

This is simply another example of “BLAMING THE VICTIM”…Let’s not forget that the REAL VICTIM here is Larry King. Even at 14, Brandon KNEW what he was doing…He KILLED an innocent young boy & for that, Brandon needs to rot in HELL…

Perhaps your right, I really don’t know.

I do believe that wearing high heels by spanish, latin, and cubans is not weird nor gay.

They were also a common footwear in both shoes and boots in the 1960 and 1970s.

This could have been avoided if the schools would adopt a uniform dress code. high heels on a boy,I wonder witch restroom he used…..guy’s or gal’s ?

I know Brandon and he is not homophobic nor a racist. King was living in a halfway house because his own parents couldn’t control his outragous behavior.

Also what floors me is that this school has a dress code of blue dickie pants and polos for both boys and girls yet King was given freedom to wear dresses and heels to school. He had also been thrown out of another local school for sexually harrassing and intimidating students.

Brandon is NOT a white supremacist and I am outraged that he is being touted as one. This child was abused at home, his parents were addicts and abusive and he was a kid that was quiet and loved being with friends…………..many whom were black.

They are also trying him as an adult when he was just a week or two into being 14…….it’s a travesty and I hold the entire school administration responsible. Kings death is on their head. They had all been aware of the problem, Brandon had tried to get help and he was ignored.

Brandon shot Larry and he deserves to be punished for murder. But any enhanced “hate crime” charges should be dropped.

Why aren’t the sexual harrassment folks speaking up in Brandon’s defense? If he were a SHE and had been taunted by a guy, this would be a non-issue. There’s a clear double standard. Larry–for some crazy reason–was allowed by his parents to wear make up and high heels to school. Then he repeatedly came onto Brandon and humiliated him in front of classmates. [see other news sources–it was not just a one-time thing.]

Did Larry deserve to be shot? Of course not. But these LBGT proponents had better teach their followers that they still need to observe some common sense and etiquette around the other 99% of the population who do not share their lifestyle choice. Parading around in girls’ clothing at a public junior high school isn’t the smartest thing.

Again–murder is murder. It’s wrong. But “homophobia” is a big word to throw around. Many folks aren’t afraid of gay people; they’re just tired of having their lifestyle shoved down society’s throat.

Very well said.

Clearly, this IS a hate crime…Brandon shot Larry BECAUSE HE (Larry) was gay & Brandon HATED GAYS. That’s a fact that’s been pretty well documented in Ventura & LA Counties…

This little punk needs to be “put away” for a very long time…it’s still a hate crime. Let’s hope they pick a brighter jury panel than what was on the Casey Anthony case! We don’t need another little “PERP” growing into an even bigger one years down the road.

You have no idea what you are talking about RUREAL