‘Sesame Street’: Bert and Ernie aren’t gay

August 12, 2011

In case you were wondering, Bert and Ernie are not gay, according to a statement “Sesame Street” released Thursday on its Facebook page. [Yahoo News.com]

The statement came in response to an online campaign to calling for the pair to be married.

“Bert and Ernie are best friends,” the statement reads. “They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves.”

The statement also claims that the characters “remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.”

Many commenters took issue with the claim.

“Muppets do not have sexual orientation?” Sharkey Violet wrote. “So all along Miss Piggy was after Kermit for his frog legs for supper?”

“It just seems to me that you can’t say puppets don’t have a sexual orientation when there have been plenty of cases of hetero courtship on Sesame Street over the years,” Scott Hanson wrote. “The Count has had several girlfriends, to name just one example.”

“I don’t agree with the Bert marrying Ernie part of the petition,” Roy Hans added. “But I do think it would be good to have an LGBT character on Sesame Street. In South Africa they added an HIV-positive character to the [program] to combat ignorance and exclusion.”

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Bert & Ernie started off as roommates and if that is what Sesame St. wants it to remain as, so be it.

I am gay and who gives a shit. We want equal rights not special. The few homosexuals that want “special” rights like changing long standing childrens show characters , adding special texts to text book etc. is giving us, whom just want to be treated with the same rights and respects as heterosexuals, a fairly bad name. I am all for educating the public on people whom are different wether that be sexually, religious, or their mental aptitude but why change and petition for long standing characters to change? This isn’t progressive just idiotic. Maybe it’s my ignorant view but I think sometimes we over express our right to challenge and demand change (regardless of your affiliation) and actually end up taking a step back. Change does not happen overnight. Go figure.

So what’s special about this? It’s been part of American TV forever: Gilligan and The Skipper; Batman and Robin; Lone Ranger and Tonto; Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans. These type of couplings are a staple of TV land. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

What I was shocked about was Wilbur and Mr. Ed. Pretty sure PETA put a stop to that series!

It was the right wing religious nuts that started sexualizing kids shows. Which one started the Twinky Winky gay thing,,,I believe it was Falwell.

Out of the thousands of kids shows over the past five decades the vast majority are clean and wholesome.

Leave it to you to come up with the only that is of “that” persuasion. Twinky Winky, must have been a sell out?

Teletubbies was a clean wholesome show, I don’t feel that Twinky was gay. On the other hand Barney being purple and an all,,,well I think he might have been of that persuasion.

speaking of sexualized right wing religious nuts overcome by strong weakness.

“Hinkle, 64, who lists his occupation as coordinator for community partnerships for Wayne Township Schools”

Hinkle gives new meaning to ‘community partnership for school’s. The article states that he also co-authored ‘in God we trust’ on license plates,,,why doesn’t that surprise me.

OMG, what’s next? A gay Pluto or Dumbo? How about a crossdressing Harry Potter? Or a tranny curious george?

Leave the children alone and let their fun characters remain just that, without the PC influence for sick adult political reasons…

Our obsession with sex is ridiculous.

Maybe yours is.

Mine is part and parcel of who I am.

… … ;-)