Rep. Lois Capps will run for re-election in new 24th District

August 2, 2011

Eight-term incumbent Rep. Lois Capps, a Democrat, announced Friday that she will run for re-election in the newly configured 24th Congressional District. [Santa Maria Times]

Capps has represented the 23rd District, which was redrawn recently by the Citizens Redistricting Commission based on 2010 Census data. The new district lines were announced the same day Capps said she would run again.

The new district poses what promises to be a more challenging race for Capps, who will face Republican Abel Maldonado, who announced his candidacy in February.

The 23rd District, a narrow strip that runs along the coastline from Oxnard up to Monterey, has a 12-point Democrat majority. The newly configured 24th District will add more conservative votes from north Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo.

The new lines “allow the voters to choose their representatives instead of what happened 10 years ago, when the politicians got to choose their voters. That’s a conflict of interest,” Maldonado said.

Capps points to the fact that she represented the northern region of the new 24th District before 2000’s redistricting changes, and said that while she’ll have to introduce herself to thousands of new voters, she will run her campaign no differently than previous ones.

“I take that very seriously,” she said of the new voters. “It will mean a very grass-roots-oriented campaign, and that’s what I run in every election.”

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What has Lois Capps done to introduce SOUND MONEY into our economy?


Sound Money for America! Audit the Fed – Repeal the Federal Reserve Act!

Okay,okay, settle down.

The challenge for anyone winning this seat will be how they handle what might be called ‘middle of the road concerns’… you know what I mean… jobs, the economy, a rosy future for our children’s future employment needs.

Although the left extremists will have a voice… it tends to not be heard as you move about 10 miles from the wacky shores. Talking about retirement benefits and old folks diaper needs won’t swing this election… and neither will saving the laguna lake triffid or the endangered nutty squirrels from the dunes.

This is not an election that a peace activist from Santa Barbara can win if she doesn’t make a big change to reflect the interests and needs of her constituencies. Talking to the building trades is more important than the public unions, business people are more important than environmentalists and teapartiers are more important than demos or republicans.

Just think about it.

I’m old fashion, or stupid, whatever.

I want a home town gal, not a politician.

All the politicians will tear her apart.

I am still gonna vote for her, regardless (truthfully)

I anticipate a massive thumbs down, let it rip.

I just don’t know what to think of you but you get my thumbs up and I never use the thumb thing.

Time to run her out of town!

…and if Abel thinks he’s gonna get the conservative vote, he’s going to be awfully surprised. I wouldn’t vote for him as a Chief Lettuce Picker! He’s proven his politics.

Save your money Abel, mmkay? Buh-bye.

Apparently she can’t count. She signed a pledge to a limit of 3 terms, and took money for it.

Behold: the power of nice

Lois Capps signed, the loser Tom Bordonaro refused, where is ‘Waldo’

Of course Lois Capps is a really nice person. Just further proof that ignorance is bliss.

Just further proof that ignorance is bliss Obviously it is, had you read the link, Lois went to Yale with her husband.

pssst, zap the cons don’t read the links, they’re afraid that they might learn something and they hate being confused with facts.

FWIW, I almost always read your links or at least glance through them, they’re usually pretty good. For that matter I usually give at least a glance at most posters links.

Oh geez, I hope that there are enough intelligent Repubs that understand that Able is a tool.

Why do you refer to him as a tool?

Because it’s nicest thing that I can say about him.

That’s all? One as intelligent as you must have some valid reason for name calling. Or is this just an example of liberal bullshit. Sorry, that was redundant

As I said earlier, I’ve watched him debate Capps, he’s rude, he’s classless and he’s stupid. I want someone to represent me that dosn’t have temper tantrums. Of course I also don’t agree with his extreme right wing nonesense either. Even cons were turned off by the debate that I watched between him and Capps. Do I remember the exact defamatory words, no. But simply said, he was a d^ck. If like someone like that then fine vote for him.

Like I tell my kids, don’t say you’re sorry when you’re not,,,that is true BS.

Lotta work gets done with tools.

In fact, very little work gets done without tools.

We can sing “Kumbayah” or we can sing “I’d Rather Be a Hammer Than a Nail.”

A tool is only as good as the person using the tool. If a fool is using the tool than nothing gets done correctly.

Did it ever occur to you that they are BOTH tools?

No, because IMO Lois is an honest classy lady that works hard and does a good job.

How do you know that?