Three stabbed at party in San Luis Obispo

August 7, 2011

A large party, at a house on the 1400 block of Garcia Drive in San Luis Obispo, ended abruptly after three males were stabbed on Sunday at about 4:15 a.m.

Two of the victims were treated and released from a local hospital. The third required surgery for non-life threatening injuries.

Sgt. Jeff Booth said detectives are interviewing attendees to determine if there was more than one assailant. Police are asking anyone with information to call police at (805) 781-7312 or Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-7867.

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Some party!

I miss all the good parties . . . Heavy sigh!

It started around 2:30 – 2:45 am and escalated at mock speed. The police took forever to get there and people were scattering like cockroaches. They should have put squad cars at each entry into the neighborhood and I bet you dollars to donuts they would have caught the people who did this. There is only three ways to get into the neighborhood. Not too many people out at 3 in the morning driving. At least they called back up from the Sheriffs department. The ambulance took forever to get there. God knows where they were dispatched from. And no Roger it wasn’t a party that was charging for alcohol. The party was pretty quiet until the gang bangers showed up. As far as the fire department it is right there and they took awhile to show up as well. This is still a relatively small town and the response time in my opinion should have been better. When officers are concentrated on specific areas of town because of public intoxication from the bars, etc. it kind of screws people over in other areas of the city. It’s time the city regroup and in my opinion: VOTE YES ON A & B!

Don’t tell oprah, the happiest place is just like very other town.

It has it’s warts and skidballs who sem to ruin it for everyone else… Law enforcement is called when the law is broken or about to be.

Only a bafoon would take an article on a serious crime and turn it into a platform for their stance reference the outcome on binding arbitration.

Slorealitycheck…….that is bs about the fire dept. They were there with a medic on the engine within 4 minutes. Now if you vote yes on a and b and binding arbitration is repealed, it will take longer for them to get there and maybe there won’t be a medic on that engine.

Well there was a delay in PD calling the fire department then.

Now that makes sense.

The ambulance and the fire department stage outside of the area until the scene has been evaluated and secured by officers. That is why they have delayed responses. Medics, unlike cops, are unarmed.

Thank you for allowing “reason” to come into play. Police aren’t there to stop people from stabbing each other (I know, huge revelation) and the guilty bangers will get popped sooner or later.

They can’t resist the urge to brag which is a plus.

NobodySpecial…..that is true. However my comment was responding to slorealitycheck’s statement of “As far as the fire department it is right there and they took awhile to show up as well.”…he is wrong. They got there fast but were not able to go in.

“They got there fast but were not able to go in.” What the hell good are they if they stand around letting a stabbing victim bleed to death? So much for the HERO rhetoric.

They didn’t stage! FACT! They were not called until the police got there and then came right in. The ambulance took awhile because it was coming from ou of the area. Like I stated before SLO PD took what seemed like forever. Sheriffs showed up first. Thank God! It use to be that SLOPD had officers in specific areas in town, paroling neighborhoods. It seems to me they are more concentrated on the downtown areas where there is a bar every other store. I realize we need revenue, but drunk in publics should not rank over protecting our neighborhoods. The bars need more security on their dollar. You have fights downtown from drunk people and alcohol poisoning from bars over serving and letting already intoxicated people in. Cal Poly needs their fire department back so they can take care of all the underage alcohol overdoses and the City of SLOFD can take care of their calls.

I have a question. I would assume that there were people there at the scene attempting to comfort and assist their injured friends? I can’t imagine that everyone ran away? I would also suspect that those people who remained behind would have assured the FD that the gang banger was no longer there and they would have been anxiously asking the FD to help rather than to stand by while their friends were bleeding from knife wounds? I guess in a case like this, it doesn’t matter if the FD is down the street unless the PD is next door to it.

I’m not really surprised to hear this. No doubt many saw the video on MSNBC of the man that was drowning in a river (not our locality) and the FD wouldn’t go in and save him. Something about not having the correct gear to effect a rescue per ordinance blah blah, so they stood on the shore and watched him struggling until he could no longer stay afloat ! A woman (local citizen) finally jumped in and swam out to save the man but it was too late. HERO’S…….and I’ll stop here.

@slojo….help me understand your statement. If Measures A & B are passed, why will it take longer for the FD to respond?

The reason it will take longer to respond if A & B are passed is because the fire department union has stated out loud in public “that people will die”.

This is just the fire department being true to their word!

If you were to calculate all the salaries for police, fire and ambulance to include all the city owned vehicles that responded (plus the emergency room bills) to this incident I bet it would be in the millions of dollars!

” union has stated out loud in public “that people will die”.

I heard that statement, and that is the reason I’m going to vote YES, how dare they threaten the public?. By the way, don’t let them back peddle and say they meant that the City would shut down a fire station, no doubt there might be some layoffs eventually but they won’t shut a station down, those stations are strategically located.

Because if B passes, the city council WILL cut the amount of firefighters and paramedics on duty and WILL close a fire station. Hopefully, it won’t be the station closest to your house.

Interesting how other Cities and Public Safety organizations in this County are able to continue to do business and protect the public without layoffs and WITHOUT binding arbitration….

I am sure there are plenty of people who would love to work in SLO and live in a surrounding community for affordability. If you want to be a firefighter for the money, look for a new job. If you are a firefighter and are working to help the community and like to help people a little less pay should not matter.

Was this another large party run like a business… with a cover charge for the booze? A lot of problems with this type of money making scheme when boys show up but don’t want to pay.

The city should come down on these things as innocent folks usually get caught in the middle.

Yikes. They must’ve had a lot of …umm, er…coffee to keep them up until 4:15am.