Adam Hill heads for divorce court

September 21, 2011

Adam Hill

UPDATE: Third District San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill and his wife Virginia Hill apparently reached a settlement, according to courtroom staff who waited for about an hour in case either party in the divorce proceeding decided to show up.

Adam Hill and his wife Virginia Hill are due in court Wednesday morning regarding their pending divorce.

Christopher Duenow, Adam Hill’s attorney, first filed divorce papers on behalf of his client last Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14. However, for reasons that court officials could not explain, the divorce filings are not listed on the county court’s public computer and can only be accessed by knowing a specific file number.

A copy of the filing obtained by CalCoastNews shows a contentious divorce in which both sides accuse the other of abusive behavior.

“During this time (mid-February), Respondent (Virginia Hill) was so verbally abusive to me that my health was adversely affected,” Adam Hill said in the declaration.

Virginia Hill responded by claiming “Adam has engaged in intimidating behavior towards me and I will provide such documentation if necessary to the disposition of the case.”

Both parties agree that Adam Hill cleaned out the couple’s joint checking account, leaving $150 for his spouse. He also turned off Virginia Hill’s  phone and cable.

Adam Hill said in the court papers that he used the checking account funds to rent a new apartment and create a new bank account.

Hill is currently running for re-election to a second term.

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Hill will only be a one term Supervisor if he has an opponent.

At the moment, the only potential candidate is Ed Waage and he’s weighing whether he wants to subject himself to the vitriol and nastiness of A. Hill and his supporters.

Let Ed know that you’d support him as a candidate. If you are serious about replacing Hill, volunteer to help Ed.

When my wife and I first met Adam, he was a parttime instructor @ Poly and looking for a way

out of his current status. Lucky for him that Jerry Lenthall was an unpopular Supervisor and he was able to appeal to the voters and get Lenthall’s job.. Now Adam seems to be in the same predicament, somewhat unpopular, considered arrogant in his public persona and many feel he is not fit for another term. We are among those hoping for a qualified candidate who will unseat him. Strange thing about poiticians….they love the control over those that put them there and they come to believe that with a few handshakes and back slapping, they’ll get to continue to do it. Sorry Adam, but you’re going to be a one-term Supervisor.

SLO county needs to also get a divorce from Hill, at the election!

This guy needs to take his “Little Caesar” act back to Cal Poly where he can intimidate the students and play the big guy role. He doesn’t have the stature to be a County Supervisor and for that much probably not a Cal Poly professor.

Time to go back to Cal Poly and get your pay raise for all of the suffering that you have gone through.

What do all those adminstrator drink down at the County House? The DA, BOS, Public Works, Adminstration, Human Resources, etc. are all sick with power and agendas. These people are all diseased and apparently no one can find the cure at election time. Send them to San Francisco, they would fit in well there. LOSERS!!!!!!

For the people and by the people is as good as I know of is there a better solution?

I heard Bud Laurent once say that you run for office promising to fight the good ol’ boys and solve problems and once you get elected you become part of the problem and one of the good ol’ boys.

Seems it might be happening to Adam Hill, too.

Dirty laundry is never easy to hear and really makes me feel a little uncomfortable, there but for the grace of God, and all that.

If Hill is smart he’ll give his wife whatever she wants and let the matter die a quiet death. Otherwise, this will go to court and really become a public scandal and fodder for the election.

Divorces are inherently ugly.

As for his new girlfriend, they’d better tread carefully, it could blow up in their faces and that would only hurt the efforts to help the homeless.

I would also think that CAP-SLO would have some ethical rules on this as well.

The courts need to explain why the Hills’ divorce wasn’t tossed in with the rest of the cases. Could it be that it’s so new they hadn’t filed it yet in the computers?

So many reasons to not support Hill in his quest for re-election, from his rude temperament, possible conflict of interest re: Torres, to the strong support he’s receiving from PG&E. I hope a respectable, educated, common sense individual we can trust will step forward soon.

The fact that Adam Hill cleaned out the joint bank account, cancelled the phone and cable, and left his wife in the lurch, shows his true character. What a jerK!

I hope the ill conceived 10 million dollar homeless center is cancelled. It is a waste of money and will not resolve the homeless problem.

“Jerk” is a nice description of Hill.

I was thinking more in the lines of “douche-bag.”

“Adam Hill and his wife Virginia Hill apparently reached a settlement, according to courtroom staff who waited for about an hour in case either party in the divorce proceeding decided to show up.”

Maybe they couldn’t cancel by phone this morning because they didn’t know the “secret file number” that was necessary to access the case record. Ah, and to think that the court is complaining about how bogged down they are. AMAZING