Campaign treasurer accused of fraud gets bail

September 10, 2011

Kinde Durkee

Kinde Durkee, the campaign treasurer for many California Democrats who is accused of taking campaign funds for her personal use, was slated to be released from jail on $200,000 bond on Friday. [LAWeekly]

last week, FBI agents arrested Durkee for allegedly siphoning $677,000 out of state Assemblyman Jose Solorio’s 2010 campaign to pay for an array of debts.

Durkee allegedly admitted to the FBI that she has been misappropriating her clients’ money for years. Durkee had control of more than 400 political bank accounts.

Her extensive current and former client list includes the Coalition for Local Control, a committee at one time headed by San Luis Obispo mayor Jan Marx.

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— Mods needed —

Now, I dislike crooks and democrats as much as the next guy, but most of the posts here go beyond the pale.

Many of the deleted comments gave me a chuckle, but this woman’s humanity has been restored.

I doubt that’s possible.

Bottom line is she is a self proclaimed crook…

“Durkee allegedly admitted to the FBI that she has been misappropriating her clients’ money for years. Durkee had control of more than 400 political bank accounts.”

Judging by her picture, she must’ve spent the entire $677,000 on ice cream.

Sounds like your typical democrat…..whats new

Sure, because Republicans are never arrested.

Ditto much?

Ditto zero….lots of libs around:)

Weight a minute….

Just because she stole a hefty chunk of dough doesn’t mean that this well rounded woman isn’t tons of fun.

She’ll likely pay a hefty fine which would end this beef with Durkee. Any speculation to the contrary is a big, fat, gross, inflated misrepresentation that doesn’t meat the guidelines for debate of this enormous issue.

Now excuse me while I go drink a humungous stout….

You guys are terrible!

Some comments deleted…..

C’mon, she was only trying to make a better life for herself. Wouldn’t we all do the same to help our family?

Where are the apologist’s that like to defend stealing and cheating?

Aside from her weight challenged photo, this is someone who needs to go to the big house for a long time. Siphoning money in large sums is the same as stealing…

Just another well trained Democrat-stealing someone else’s money for personal gain.

Was this a shovel ready project?

Typical SLO-commenter mindset: There’s a woman stealing and you all focus on her weight.

No wonder corruption runs rampant through this county. We’re the f’ing happiest place on earth because we’ve got so many beautiful people.

Chuck, I do not think it is typical SLO, it is (unfortunately) typical in the world. Taking the low road is quick, easy, and the path of least resistance for many.

I’d love to argue politics, leanings, ideologies, etc. But it seems weight is just important of an issue for some here.

Gluttonous living is a serious problem in the U.S., and I do not think it is funny.

Great posts SLOChuck and r0y.

Wow. They feed on each other, too? I thought they funded their projects exclusively with other people’s money.