Pension reform eludes lawmakers again

September 9, 2011

With a cynical finish to its legislative season, the state Assembly Friday put the lid on efforts to reform public sector pensions by declaring its “intent” to take the matter up next year. [SacramentoBee]

A trumpeted objective in January, pension reform fell from lawmakers’ favor under a steady barrage of lobbying by public employee unions. With the midnight legislative session deadline approaching, the lower house gutted a reform bill, replacing all of its language with a simple paragraph:

“This bill would declare the intent of the Legislature to convene a conference committee to craft responsible, comprehensive legislation to reform state and local pension systems in a manner that reflects both the legitimate needs of public employees and the fiscal circumstances of state and local governments.”

Both lawmaking houses will now “study” the matter further when they reconvene in 2012.

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Refreshingly honest, a straight forward declaration of their inability to get things done. Way better than grandiose pontificating for months on end and producing the exact same outcome. Maybe they should all just get together at the start of a session and whip one of these mea culpas up for anything important, could probably do it in one meeting,. Then they can get right down to the stuff they can do, declaring holidays, naming sections of highways,and of course gathering election contributions.

So, what do all these high paid politicians and there staff do for the next three months because get wined/whined and dined by the big guys. Oh yea, better to do nothing than do what they have been doing, silly me!

This is the same shenanigans the federal legislature pulls every year, especially right before they go on vacation…

Wow. Guess there must not be a serious financial problem, then. Government and Studies = a guaranteed waste of time & money.

Yay, public employee unions! I’m sure they have the public’s interest at heart… if they had a heart, anyway.