Debbie Arnold announces bid for SLO County supervisor

September 1, 2011

Debbie Arnold

A field representative for Senator Sam Blakeslee and former Atascadero business owner announced plans Wednesday to run for a seat on the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors.

Debbie Arnold made the announcement in an exclusive interview with CalCoastNews.

Arnold, 57, a Pozo resident who worked for nearly five years as the legislative assistant to former supervisor Mike Ryan plans to run for the Fifth District Supervisor seat held by Jim Patterson, whose four-year term expires at the end of the 2012.

Arnold’s primary concern is the financial stability of county residents.

“I see hard working people who are not able to make a living,” Arnold said. “In the past several years, increased regulations have made it more difficult to do business in this county.”

Arnold also said she believes in protecting private property rights.

Past District 5 elections have been razor-thin close. In 2008, Patterson beat Arnold by approximately 300 votes.

In August, Patterson announced his intentions to break the so-called “5th District curse” and win a third term on the Board. Former supervisors Ryan and David Blakely previously failed in their attempts at a third term in the district which currently includes parts of Atascadero, San Luis Obispo, Santa Margarita, and Creston.

Atascadero mayor Tom O’Malley had been expected to challenge Patterson, but recently announced he was giving up his plans because of family issues.

A graduate of Cuesta College, Arnold owned and operated the Small Wonders Preschool for 17 years.

She and her husband Steve, a local farmer, have been married for 36 years.

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The last time Arnold ran she raised twice as much money as Patterson. And most of the contributions were very large. Unfortunately no one knew this because the Trib refused to publish the info when it was given to them. Have any doubts check the records at the county clerk’s office. As a matter of fact Arnold had so much money she was giving it to other candidates.

She didn’t come across as well informedl when the Trib and League Women Voter’s had a televized candidate’s forum. Unfortunately it is true that neither Patterson or his aide returen t/c’s.

At the forums she looked like a deer in the headlights, definitely out of her comfort zone. But that was awhile ago. A little coaching can work miracles. And nothing beats the experience of throwing a hat in the ring. For some it’s a life-changing (and spouse-changing) experience!

Somebody’s being played for a fool, and it’s probably me. (Among others.)

How is it that this story (dated Wed, 8/30/11) says Arnold announced her candidacy, then,

Today (Fri, 9/2/11) the Trib runs a story saying Arnold stated ON FRIDAY ” that she has not made a commitment to go for the job.”


Simple answer? It’s a cold shoulder to the crappy Tribune. They editorialize and play favorites and got a “buzz off”.

“Somebody’s being played for a fool” — Yep. The Tribune.

It appears to me that the Trib has taken down its story about Arnold. (At least I cannot find it at 8:30 a. m. on Sat.)

So maybe you’re right, maybe she’s poking at them for their mis-coverage in the prior campaign.

If so, that’s a good ballsy move. Although there’s a saying about picking fights with people who buy their ink by the barrel.

Oops. My error. The article about Arnold is still on the Trib website, it has simply been moved off the front page …

Sorry to sound a false alarm.

They have changed the headline. It no longer say’s that she is undecided, They have changed it again since late last night so who knows exactly what it say’s now. A few people have left post’s there making fun of the Tribune. As one person said, “HAHAHA, The Tribune got PUNK’D. “