Morro Bay Avocado and Margarita Festival, event photos

September 22, 2011

Morro Bay celebrated two of its best-loved products, avocados and margaritas, on Saturday at the Fifth Annual Avocado and Margarita Festival. At the all day event, attendees enjoyed live music and dishes such as chocolate covered avocados and avocado eggrolls.

If you would like to buy a high resolution print of any of these photos, contact photographer Nick Altamirano.

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I agree with SLOChuck. This was a terrible festival. We drove out from SLO because we expected margarita and avocado/guacamole tasting. We also expected the event to be classier. The margaritas were just made from premix and were only blended — no “on the rocks” options or anything made with fresh limes or lemons. The only avocado/guacamole that we saw was some guac made by the Morro Bay Cheerleaders and it was beyond mediocre or from a food truck. The rest of the caged off area was full of kitchy vendors selling junk. Oh yeah, and it was completely chaos getting into the event — the folks putting it on had no idea what to do, very inefficient.

I believe that it was marketed well and delivered poorly. We did not receive what we were “sold” through the advertisements.

Are you kidding? This year’s fest was beyond lame.

MB is missing an excellent opportunity to showcase what it’s local restaurants can do WITH an avocado and how great they can make their margaritas by having only one margarita vendor and–what?–two different types of guac. Margarita Man, the sole margarita vendor, served up small servings from a margarita machine which couldn’t keep up with demand resulting in non-frozen drinks.

Being fenced in like that too made it feel like we were animals at a cut-rate petting zoo.

Morro Bay, I will never be back unless you seriously revamp this thing.