Plea agreement reached in Hurst Financial fraud case

September 16, 2011

Kelly Gearhart and James Miller


A former Atascadero lender has agreed to plead guilty to charges of swindling as many as 1,200 investors out of more than $100 million in a fraudulent investment scheme, according to the court docket.

James Hurst Miller and federal prosecutors agreed to a plea agreement on August 19. The court then filed the agreement under seal.

On August 18, the U.S. attorney’s Los Angeles office filed federal fraud and money laundering charges against Miller, the former head of Hurst Financial Inc. However, they did not take Miller into custody.

A 2008 CalCoastNews investigation revealed James Hurst Miller and former North County developer Kelly Gearhart allegedly bilked more than 1,200 people, primarily senior investors, out of much of their life’s savings.

If the court convicted Miller on all four counts — mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and making a false statement to a bank — he would face a maximum sentence of 80 years in federal prison.

Under an alleged plea agreement discussion discovered by CalCoastNews in April, Miller had agreed to testify against other persons being investigated by the FBI. In return, Miller was requesting prosecutors reduce the four counts to one and allow him to serve a reduced prison sentence in the minimum-security federal correction facility located in Lompoc Calif.

During a hearing on Monday, Miller relinquished his passport and secured his release through a $25,000 bond.

U.S. District Judge Otis D. Wright II has not yet set a date to hear the guilty plea.

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“Under seal”………….HMMMM………. the ” fix” was already in before the victims were even notified by the Justice Department…….What a joke!

What is Kelly Gearhart going to relinquish? And what about the other players?

Kelly is on borrowed time.

I for one would like to know who those “other persons” are…

Its about time for Nancy to get on here with her grigger jones story……

Here you go Coyote… this what you want on Grigger Jones the attorney for Kelly Gearhart and also at one time for Jay Miller? :

Now who did Jay Miller name Tell us who he served up and then Kelly Gearhart you go and get your shine box.

Before I go on, let me state, I am not an attorney, but relatively educated, so your repetitive complaints have got me interested.

I went to the link you provided and first off, if the attorney’s name is “Robert,” why do you keep calling him by the wrong name? If I were a friend who wanted to help you, I would ask these questions. I am not suggesting you post your personal family information here, but instead, look at my post as if I were giving you a homework assignment and asking you to complete it, step by step, then keep the information PRIVATE.

Provide the spellings of the names mentioned in your YouTube movie, so if anyone out there has the method, means and opportunity to investigate, they can do so. It sounds like you mentioned the following players:

1. Bank of Hawii, potential defendant. Provide names of anyone with direct knowledge or involvement with your Dad or his account.

There may be a favorite teller he used;

the person who signed his “beneficiary card” when he first opened the account (whereon you are routinely asked to provide the “name of a beneficiary,” in the event of the account holder’s death. Get A copy of THE card.)

2. Elizabeth Meek (sp?) : “Admits in court the signature (on what?) is not hers.”

3. Identify both Trusts by title and the years they were dated and signed. Identify witnesses by name, address and phone, on each document.

This is the gravamen of your complaint, yet you contradict yourself in the video, stating that the first amendment to the trust is the legitimate one. Then you state the second, later amendment is the legitimate one.

ISSUE OF LAW: Does the later amendment to the Trust supersede the first amendment, and deprive the beneficiary of the earlier amendment of her rights, title and intersts mentioned in the Trust?

4. Identify beneficaries on each trust by name, address, and phone.

5. If possible, identify attorney (if any) who assisted with each trust.

6. Try to get copies of old checks signed by your Dad, which might demonstrate the extent to which each attorney was used by your Dad, and how much they were paid.

7. In the video, it sounds like you make mention of “Al Van Meekin’s Trust.” What is the correct spelling of this name?

8. You mention Palao as if it were a place, then you state it is your father’s name.

9. You say your Dad had two families. Identify all members by full name.

10. Obtain copies of marriage certificates for both.

11. Obtain copies of relevant death certificates. You should have requested the judge to order these for you, if they were not available when you went to court. You will have to show good cause why you should get these.

12. If Chris Molina is an attorney, obtain Bar#, name, address, office address and phone.

13. Obtain verbatim transcript of the court hearing wherein “Elizabeth Meekin admits the signature is not hers.”

14. Identify court, by full name, address, case number, date of hearing. Provide docket. (This is the chronological account by the court clerk’s office of all hearings and documents filed in the case.) Obtain list of exhibits.

15. Obtain copies of both Probate Codes for California and Hawaii, then read them. (They are the size of two 400 page books, and read like goobledeeguk, but if you can stay awake, by the last page, you will have become familiar with the terminology. Law is like learning a foreign language. Everyone learns to speak a language at some point in their life. The question is, are they motivated to learn the language, and spend years doing it.)

You will never be able to understand the Code by yourself, unless you are Einstein and Ralph Nader rolled into one, but you will be able to grasp many useful definitions and rules of Probate.

16. In fact, start with the Rules for Probate Court, found in the Hawaii and California Rules of Court. These paperback books are readily available from West Publishing, or Mathew-Bender, and they are worth an attorney’s weight in gold.

If you really did get screwed out of your inheritance, spending a hundred buck on four paperback books ought to be worth your while.

17. If there is a rat’s ass in Hell you can do anything about it now, you will practically have to do all the prelimiary case research yourself in order to get an attorney interested in litigating it.

Otherwise, you can litigate it yourself.

Unfortunately, I worked a year for a Probate attorney who was very old and nearing retirement. Consequently, he was very open about the things he used to do as a young probate attorney. My experience teaches me that Probate attorneys are the most able to defraud, (when they have a mind to,) simply by virtue of the scenarios which typically accompany probate matters:

In-fighting between family members causes severe breakdown in the lines of communication about what is going on with the estate;

Trustors are often so old they are unable to do their own accounting;

Selling off assets to the attorney’s friends at a price below market value, or purchasing the assets themselves (a conflict of interest.)

Assets turned over to unscrupulous or negligent attorneys for “safekeeping” are not routinely audited because the attorney is “trusted to do the right thing.” However, they are required to keep the client’s assets separate from their own personal accounts, and hold a portion of the money paid to them in something called an IOLTA account.

18. Google this term to double-check my statement.

19. Learn about IOLTA accounts and a lawyer’s “fiduciary duty” to his client. These are terms you should know, and they will help you identify violations of law by the attorney. This term “fiduciary duty” also applies to your sister, who wheeled your Dad to the bank, to execute paperwork, shortly before he went into the hospital.

The goal of ensuring that the trustee of the trust lives up to his “fiduciary duty” to see that the estate assets are properly preserved and distributed according to the will of the Trustor is the reason why the court requires a written accounting of all assets to be filed “of record” with the court, before the court signs the order designating the party or beneficiary as the “Personal Representative.”

This is just one form of probate, if that is the right term to use. There are many ways to “probate” an estate. There are different kinds of “trust instruments.”

20. Get a Nolo Press book on Probate and read it cover to cover. It is not the definitive work on Probate, but it is written by lawyers in layman’s terms. The local law library in SLO has a copy, or used to. It costs about forty bucks.

21. You mention potential witnesses who would be competent to give court testimony, such as your Dad’s friend and neighbor of several years. Get his statements about your dad in writing and make him swear that what he has written is indeed true to the best of his knowledge and belief.

Get him to sign and date it in front of a Notary and have it notarized (about ten dollars at the bank, if your bank still notarizes stuff for customers.)

22. Subpoena your Dad’s bank records, even if you have to file another suit in small claims to do it, from SLO. You have an interest and a right to audit the work of your Dad’s attorney.

I am not sure whether having your Dad die in Hawaii is the reason why the judge decided that probating his estate in California (when your Dad’s attorney is located in Paso Robles, and your Dad has property in California,) was a “forum inconveniens.” It seems like this issue is appealable for an “abuse of discretion,” on the part of the judge. See, for example, “Johnson v. Spider Staging Corp.” 87 Wash2d 577, 555 P2d 997, and 28 USCA 1404. The case has nothing to do with your case. It may be old law, and cannot be used as precendent in your case. All it can do is give you an example of some of the arguments a judge might consider when deciding WHERE an estate or trust should be “probated.”

Here are a couple of “causes of action,” which may or may not be applicable to your case. I hope you understand, I am writing this in the same spirit as any curious stranger would give advice to another stranger, if they happed to meet at the coffee shop and struck up a conversation. This is not an attorney talking to you, and I am not Samuel Leibowitz, or Louie Nizer. This is Rozalyn, the waitress, with some life experience under her belt. Okay? I am not any of the people mentioned in your video, whose names I cannot spell:

Jane Peebles, LA attorney

Judge Tatrin, Hawaii judge

Judge Hara, Hawaii judge

Judge Chen

Bishop estate

IRS Audit (GET)

Jim Alford, attorney

Lola Rigley

Senator Rigley

PEG Hotel Casino

Det. Flume (?), Atascadero PD

(get copy of his report and notes, if any)

Ron De Griswold, Capshaw law firm, Hawaii

Rhonda (full name and title)

Colleen (full name and title)

In order to combat that feeling of helplessness when you are victimized, you need to understand HOW MUCH information you already have, and how to use it. You may not even realize how much information you have.

You need to get affidavits from everyone, even the people who don’t like you. Ask if you can tape record them, so you don’t have to take notes and can listen to them without getting sidetracked by writing notes. Then, type up a transcript of what was said. Your attorney would have to do this, and charge you hundreds of dollars to do the same thing, I’ll bet.

If you can’t get affidavits, send them certified letters with specific questions and ask for a response, such as “Whose signature is that on that Trust document and what is it doing there?”

Unfortunately, anyone can be a witness to a will, depending on that particular state’s law. They don’t even have to be close friends at all.

In some states, relatives can be witnesses. In other states, they cannot. What is Hawaii’s law on this issue? Check their Probate Code to find out.

Your Dad’s lawyer might not have to have a notary present at the signing of the Trust document, if he himself is empowered by state law to attest to the matters that occured before him in his own law office. What is the law of Hawaii on this issue?

This is how a lot of fraud is accomplished, if you happen to get a crooked lawyer.

You talk about the FBI and the IRS. Did you file complaints with the state bar of Hawaii and California? Did you write to the Judicial Conduct Commissions for California and Hawaii? They have no power to change the judge’s decision, but they can give you specific information on what a judge’s duty is to the people who appear as parties before him. They have specific rules which identify the kinds of “gifts” which they can accept; the kinds of business transactions which violate their duty as judge’s and the kinds of economic interests they must disclose on the IRS Form 700, which is a public document, in the custody and control of either the County Recorder or the Clerk of the Court’s Office.

To start to litigate this, –if this is what you want to do,– your most basic work, as suggested here, will take about a year.

If you work four hours a day for a year, you will have accomplished every step in this list of suggestions.

Again, it may get you nothing. Or it may get you some piece of mind. At it’s best, the work you do may be sufficient to convince a lawyer to take your case. It may convince a lawyer, that you have a case, and that there is enough money to pay him for his work. Otherwise, forget the lawyer. If he thinks he will not get paid, he will not take your case. You will need to bring the action “in propria persona” (by yourself,) or you will need to let it go.

If your inheritance has been ripped off (it sounds like it has,) the best you can do for yourself is learn from it. Empower yourself to the point where you can regain your peace of mind. There are a lot of people in your family, and the situation will eventually come up again, the next time someone passes away. Good luck.

Causes of Action (a partial list)

Breach of Fiduciary Duty


Lack of Jurisdiction, or insufficient jurisdiction of the Hawaii courts (issue on appeal)

Lack of “fair notice” of the probate action giving your Dad’s estate to his other family, which must also have found that the Trust amendment designating you the beneficiary of the trust is no longer valid.

If someone is claiming they didn’t give you notice because you are “not competent” to handle legal matters on your own, by all means, turn that excuse around and use it to argue that you were not given “fair notice” and sufficient time to hire a lawyer who could represent you. Argue that you relied on the judge to honor his ethical duty to see that you got adequate notice and representation. You have a constitutional right to be heard and represented by a lawyer, even in civil cases, where a “substantial right” or property is at stake, under the Sixth Amendment.

This is a longshot, but maybe a lawyer who is a specialist in Americans with Disabilities Act can point you to a section of that law which might discuss your entitlement to a lawyer to protect your property when you are “disabled.” This law is a few hundred of pages long…..

Finally, you should be putting the bulk of your energy into doing the things you already know how to do, like interviewing witnesses and typing up their statements. The law is so vast and requires so much technical knowledge that it can overwhelm and intimidate you into doing nothing. Don’t worry about that, at first. Worry about preserving facts and people’s memory of your Dad and what transpired before his death.

Then read the law, a little at a time. The more you read it, the more you will become familiar with the terms and definitions in the Probate Code. At the end of a year, you will be amazed at how much you have learned, even without becoming a lawyer. What should go without saying, of course, is that you will definitely need a lawyer to represent you on these issues, if you actually want a money return on the investment of your time, blood, sweat and tears. The law is a club, in which only lawyers can truly participate, even when you are right.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I will answer each of these questions for you. In the meantime I have all of the documents mentioned copied and on the scribd account for review. we have been litigating for the past 8 years. It doesn’t take a major mind to figure out what took place. Money corrupts and Robert “Grigger” Jones saw an opportunity to take advantage of our father knowing his estate was worth 4.2 million Jones immediately assisted our stepmother (She was a palauan native, worked a total of 4 years in the US and is uneducated when it comes to the law) Jones will insist she has a law degree but she doesn’t. We took her deposition. She admitted in court that the 1st Amendment to our father’s 1996 Trust (he named me the trustee in the original trust) are not her’s or our fathers . Jones during the evidentiary hearing last year stated the affidavit Jones signed for the Bank of Hawaii was not valid and acted as if this was the first time he had seen it. Jones stated in that affidavit that the 1st Amendment was signed in Hawaii and three days later on September 19, 1997 signed in his offices AGAIN . That is the document with the bogus signatures (proven by forensics and to be frank he didn’t even try to copy dad’s signature)

I filed a complaint with the Hawaii Bar for judicial misconduct. the case is being investigated by other agencies along with the Bank of Hawaii Jones and several others

Elizabeth Meek as I had mentioned is from Palau and her long time friend Heidi Emery works at the Bank of Hawaii and this is probably why Elizabeth chose the Bank of Hawaii as co-trustee. Jones went right along with that one too since when dad died Elizabeth could not act as a trustee because she wasn’t an american citizen. She became an american citizen a month before the case by order of Judge Tangeman, was moved to Hawaii Jones said he had to move it to hawaii in September of 2005 because the Bank of Hawaii was named and accepted co-trusteeship thereby the case had to be moved to Hawaii or the Bank of Hawaii could not act as trustee……….NOW LISTEN CAREFULLY…..the Bank of Hawaii NEVER needed to be named as Trustee and the case did not need to be moved to Hawaii because a month earlier elizabeth became an american citizen……………..We suspect Jones wanted it OUT OF HIS backyard once he realized we weren’t going to stop fighting this.

Question? Why didn’t Jones come to myself or my brother and have us act as co-trustee to help Elizabeth sell property (assuming the 1st Amendment was a valid document)? Why did he propose bringing in his friend and accountant Michael Gould from paso Robles/ Why did it take 4 years for us to recieve an accounting? Why did it take 4 years and only affter a request with the IRS and an audit…for the accountant Michael Gould to file a tax return on the estate?

Why did Attorney Robert Jones flip out when he found out we obtained copies of dad’s medical records during the weeks before Dad died? Dad was 100% incapacitated accorsding to the medical records and forensics and that didn’t stop the stepmother and Jones from getting Dad to sign documents making Elizabeth the Trustee along with the Bank of Hawaii and giving her daughhter 50% of the estate ( her daughter from a previous marriage, Lola Reklai Meek who went back to Palau to live with her biological father Senator Reklai and work for him).

Chris Molina is not an attorney He is one of the partners with gearhart and Jones with respect to the Pe Ji Ho ta casino.

The other names you have wrong and here they are corrected:

Jane Peebles, LA attorney who tried to move the case back to SLO in 2007 and the motion was denied Shortly afterwards the Bank of Hawaii asked the court to release them as co-trustee of the estate. they were never named by my dad as co-trustee

There is no Judge Tatrin… you mean Judge Tangeman from SLO

Judge Colleen Hurai she is retired

Judge Chen No that is Judge Derrick Chan Only probate Judge in state of Hawaii

Bishop estate

IRS Audit (GET) It was done once and is being done again

Jim Alford, attorney is actually Jim Ashford

Lola Rigley (was Lola Meek and is now Lola Reklai)

Senator Rigley is Senator Johnny Reklai from Palau (he died mysteriously)

PEG Hotel Casino is the Pe Ji Ho ta

Rhonda Griswold was Elizabeth’s attorney in Hawaii with Cades Shutte

Colleen (Alexander) is Grigger Jones’ secretary in Atascadero

If you are really interested in this case call me (760) 413-5660

The most important question is why after opening TWO investigations with the assist of Atascadero PD is the SLO DA’s offices NOT pursuing any charges against Jones?

If Jones had not gotten greedy (Elizabeth paid him over 45,000 THE FIRST FEW MONTHS OF HIS EMPLOY and just left my father’s trust the way he had intended in 1996 I would not be writing this. But Jones and Elizabeth became greedy.

Also just months after dad died, cashing out our father’s stocks worth $646,000 (the exact buy in for the Pe Ji Ho ta casino with Kelly Gearhart, Chris Molina, Phillips, and Attorney Robert Jones) is too much of a coincedence. Jones assisted Elizabeth Meek by creating a trust Certification for the 1992 trust which after the 1996 trust was useless but that didn’t stop Jones from helping her cash out his stocks………….


Nancymeek, thanks for your reply and corrections on the spelling of names. Now that I know Tangeman was involved, my heart goes out to you…

Aside from working for a probate lawyer who should have retired decades before he hired me as a receptionist while I was taking paralegal classes, I’ve only had one junior college paralegal class in probate law. So, I doubt I am qualified to plumb the depths of the legal issues in your case. And to be blunt, I’m no philanthropist wanting to work for free….However!…..

You state that you have copies of some transcripts and a copy of a deposition. If you are willing to send me a CD copy of these (which cost a lot less than making another paper copy,) I would like to read them in order to see if any facts have been admitted, denied or clarified to the court on the record.

That is, I am assuming that these are verbatim, accurate written transcripts of what was said under oath in court, or said under oath in a formal deposition hearing. If these records are found in a public court file then they are “published,” and CONFIDENTIALITY IS NOT AN ISSUE.

However, if any part of the probate action contains information which is NOT available for public inspection, then anything you send to me will no longer be confidential.

When you talk to a LAWYER about your case, anything you say remains protected by the attorney-client privilege.

When you talk to me a non-lawyer about your case, your confidentiality is not protected.

For example, if a lawyer decided to sue me for helping you, and I were put on the stand, the court could order me to tell him everything you said to me regarding your case, and I would have to tell him. I could not assert any attorney-client privilege because there is none. In such a case, I am only an academic researcher qualified by experience and training to do the research.

The only way my work would fall under the protection of the attorney-client privilege would be if I contracted with YOUR LAWYER to work as a paralegal on your case. Get it?

A LAWYER has MALPRACTICE INSURANCE. Since I am just A GARDENER WITH A COLLEGE DEGREE and several paralegal classes under my belt, I cannot do for you what a lawyer can do.

All I can do is give you feedback, suggestions, impressions about what I am reading.

That, I will do once, at no charge. Then, I’m done. That is because, everyone has the right to freely associate and exchange ideas. That is what Americans fight for on foreign soil. Education and the right to work are property rights which have no value unless and until they are used. (Sailors Union v. San Francisco, 1906)

After that, if you still want feedback, we will have to make a written agreement on EXACTLY what it is you want me to do, and you must acknowledge in writing that you understand I AM NOT A LAWYER and any research I do, or any written notes I provide WILL not be used for anything other than entertainment OR FOR BRINGING THE PAPERWORK TO A LAWYER AND TELLING HIM

“My gardner/paralegal did this research to help me convince a lawyer to take my case. Does she know the difference between subject, object and verb, and do you think this ACADEMIC research is worth twenty bucks an hours?”

All I can do is academic research which you could do just as well, but may not have the time to do. Or maybe you need someone who can organize your paperwork, or do preliminary research IN PREPARATION FOR FINDING A LAWYER. That, I can do,…

and the Hell with the threats made by anyone and everyone connected to the legal profession who guards their own food bowls with the spectre of prosecution for the “unlicensed practice of law.”

Now that I have given you fare warning that I am NOT a lawyer and I don’t get involved in ACADEMIC research as technically grueling and time-consuming as probate law for free, it is time to make my “beot” (Old Englsh, meaning “boast”) to the blogging world:

Just because I am not a lawyer doesn’t mean I’m brain-dead. I didn’t slog my way through the kitchens of America, working minimum wage to pay for graduate school, just so I could be a $5 dollar an hour receptionist for a probate lawyer millionaire whose paychecks bounced every time I tried to cash them at the bank. That is the friggin’ true story of my experience working FOR “the legal profession.”

My boss pinched every cent, then got angry because I cashed my PAYCHECKS on the same day they were issued to me.

I never asked him WHY they bounced. I already knew. He just wanting to keep me on a short leash. Everyone knew the guy was a millionaire.

While I redid his file system, he talked stocks and bonds all day long with his brokers. My job was to keep track of the monthly checks which had to be written out for the benefit of his elderly clients, and since he was old, and his clients were dying off, this was a relatively simple thing to do. Especially when he had six other lawyers in his family watching out for him.

When even the bank teller who knew my boss confided to me that “he was a very good customer and they wanted to keep him happy,” I suggested that they stop sticking him with the bounced check fees and just pay me when I presented my paycheck to them.

“Just assume he’s going to do this every week, and I’m going to cash my friggin’ paycheck as soon as I get it ’cause I’M WORKING FOR FIVE BUCKS AN HOUR AND I’M STARVING! OKAY!?”

So we worked out a deal with the bank where they wouldn’t charge my boss for the overdraft, and they would actually honor the check on the same day it was issued to me, because he really was a millionaire, after all, and they knew he was good for it. No doubt, this financial arrangement had been approved by one of my boss’s six lawyers in his family…

For this reason, and because “I am qualified by experience and education” to do LEGAL RESEARCH and I can read and write, I am not going to be intimidated into doing NO RESEARCH just because lawyers have lobbied against making state certification of paralegals a reality.

Teachers get certified and licensed by the state. This provides the public with some guarantee that the teacher meets a minimum standard of proficiency in the field of instruction. Why not certify paralegals in the same way? I’ll tell you why.

Lawyers are afraid paralegals will compete with them and take their business away from them, because paralegals (traditionally female,) work for a lot less money. To all lawyers who calim they are protecting their clients from “unscrupulous and untrained practitioners whose work is of poor quality,” I say “who is protecting clients from unscrupulous and untrained attorneys?” Cause it sure as Hell ain’t the local bar association.

My insurance to my clients is that they know what they are getting before they hire me. If they don’t like the work, we can part ways. Every day, at each step of the way, no further work is done until the client approves what has already been done. If only lawyers would work based upon such a contingency!

Now, back to business.

It is always easier to have the assistance of anyone who is not emotionally involved in the case. But there is no getting around the fact that you will need A LAWYER to carry this case forward with any success, if it is not too late already. I am not a lawyer and I do not want to get into this probate matter.

But I am willing to read the transcripts and deposition as a homework exercise for myself, to see if I can identify any admissions, denials or statements of fact which are not in dispute. But if I do this, you would be foolish to assume I am right until you give my impressions to a qualified, trained, certified, licensed probate LAWYER.

I have a copy of thee transcipts and the depositions and yes elizabeth did admit the signatures are not her’s on the 1st Amendment according to Jones which was signed in California. I also have Jones on the stand saying he is no longer a partner with Kelly Gearhart and the Pe Ji Ho Ta casino is dissolved…….and yet it is still active In fact the bankruptcy court in Ohio told the court all of the investors in Central California would be reimbursed with money from the casino venture IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN No casino OK Dianne Feinstein is passing legislation that will it impossible for these dirt bags to own or be a part of any Indian casino.


I also sense you are not imprudent

and need not volunteer your preparations, I would not until the time is right.

With due respects to you as well.

I am quite prudent I think those in the know KNOW we have a case and justice will be served If Jones and Elizabeth had just let my father’s wishes be fulfilled I would have what my father wanted me to have and these people would never hear from me again. Too bad greed got the best of them I have nothing to hide unlike those who are NOW running scared.


What you posted is NOT TMI (Not Too much info).

It is “relevant and actual” reality, all good points.

I can tell you have burned many and lots of midnight oil.

My respects to you, it you were an attorney, I would have you as my family attorney.

Those who have been victimized who intends to go In Pro Per should take heed to your post.

Thank, you Willie. Recognition for a task well done can be as good as gold. I was shocked to find out that the California Court system spends no money on indigent defense. Your friendly public defenders office has to get money from the Board of Supervisors or the legislature.

The Courts, in their arrogance, take the position that “it’s not their problem.” Like, justice and our Constitutional right to a “free and fair hearing” are not their problem?

I have alot to learn about how that dividing line gets drawn between our legislative, judicial and executive branches and what duties are fulfilled by each kind of legal “juridiction.”

Until then, “pro pers” need to fight for themselves and not get disheartened by all that they don’t know about “the system.” They need to focus on all they do know: preserve written documents (AND the envelops containing the postage dates;) identify potential witnesses in your behalf and what facts they can offer; keep track of the title and date of every legal paper you get; and always get the court’s updated chronology of events (the “docket”) in your case.

And keep on blogging. You may find others who can help you. Thanks for the kind words, Willie.

You took a lot of time and thought to respond to Nanci in this manner. It was kind and unselfish of you to do so. Many professions are “clubs”; lawyers among the most pompous of the lot. Doctors are not far behind.

Karma is a wonderful thing; you will be blessed in many ways for your actions to Nanci. We get what we give in this life. Blessings to you.

Thanks, Danika, I really enjoy reading your posts, and I take this as a feather in my cap. I think your posts are intelligent ,compassionate, and encouraging.

Very cool guy you are Oto…. she got SCREWED~ Grigger Jones is a Crook-mixed up with Molina and the Casino Scam too-Very nice of you to MAYBE help Nancy get some peace and closure…-Cheers-

I wonder where Miller got the $25,000 for his bond if he is BK.

theres always a loophole

Probably the same place John Childers was going to get his $ to buy Pasolivo even though it was reported he lost his home and couldn’t travel. Must be some lender, don’tcha know.

Interesting who will fall next ? As has been some what reported in the tribune and else where massive Law Enforcement seems to be raiding the Central Coast . I noted with keen interest recently that Flying Dutchman restaurant had one of its people arrested by the sweeps taking [place} all over the Central Coast, these criminal sweeps have involved FBI, DEA, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms, Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, Narcotic Task Force, Gang Task Force, Public Disorder Intelligence Division, Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit, Prison Gang Task Force, Parole, Probation, California Narcotics Intelligence Unit Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations Divisiions, the list seems endless so something good is finally happening all over the Central Coast, I applaud all the members of these units doing a job well done keep it up, FBI, DEA, NTF, PDID, LEIU, BATF, SO, GTF, CNIN, IRS, CID I am told more is coming so keep it coming for our safe streets and protection, only how and why is the Military Involved and Why ? I thought the Military Intell units were suppose to operate outside the USA.

Let the 1200 people that got swindled met out the punishment. That many seniors can handle it. Let the women go first then if there’s anything left the men will handle it. No weapons just fist to fist like the old days. God Bless

Blessed shall he be who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock!

I would say we should dash courtney brard, miller’s little girl, against rocks since she was involved at every step of the fraud. Zaphod may make fun of Spirit for the passion, but what of the 1200? What about those who lost their homes, their futures? miller and his little buddies should be put in the stockade in the mission plaza for all to show their pleasure, or not, with them.

Those with compassion will agree with me, those without will not.

Not deliberately being negative

But realistically (it hurts) Re: Prosecution and restitution

What has these big spenders done with all the funds of 1200 investors?

If a second attempt to file bankrupt succeed, how much of investor’s funds have been shifted to his spouse personal property?

What is left of it (typical realistic-outcome of these scams).

At least in this case they will not get away criminally.

“Under an alleged plea agreement discussion discovered by CalCoastNews in April, Miller had agreed to testify against other persons being investigated by the FBI. ”

This guy is a real piece of work.