School funds cut lawsuit

September 30, 2011

Arguments by some state school leaders that $2 billion in current budget cuts to public schools are unconstitutional will be decided in court. [SanJoseMercuryNews]

Lawyers for school districts and education groups filed a lawsuit this week in which they ask for the restoration of the money, asserting it is owed under state law.

The action was filed in San Francisco by the California School Boards Association, Association of California School Administrators, and the Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Turlock school districts. Complainants allege that Prop. 98, passed by state voters in 1988,  guarantees public schools a minimum level of funding.

Defendants include the state of California, State Controller John Chaing, Director of Finance Ana J. Matosantos, and Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson.

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Show me 1, I say 1, school district that has operated efficiently. There needs to be an entire revision of the school system. Probably the easiest remedy is to take the organizational pyramid and turn it upside down. That way the money can go to the teachers and classrooms and what is left over can go to the “executives” of the school districts who have a dismal records of financial for financial responsibility.

I feel that I have beat this horse over and over, but; how many school district administrations have complained about having to cut staff or perks, ever? Ever since the passing of Prop 13, it has always been those on the bottom that suffer the most (or at all) when trimming school budgets. Arts programs, electives and athletics all regularly face the budget axe, but how many school districts have had to trim any where when it concerns the operations of the school district administrations? You are correct that the way the funding is allocated needs to be changed, there needs to be much more (like maybe, some?) transparency and accountability. While the unions try to protect the staffing levels of teachers and any assistants, the unions and the union members do not have a say in how the funding is allocated, that is a function of the administration only.

A few years ago the K thru 12 school system in California consumed 65 billon dollars, two thirds of of the states budget how much more money do theses people need? WHAT A WASTE

I agree with rogerfreberg, this issue is very complex and the amount of money being thrown about is outrageous .

“Lawyers for school districts and education groups filed a lawsuit this week in which they ask for the restoration of the money, asserting it is owed under state law.”The facts are that the money being used by the school boards and politics is being misused. The money is not making t to the teachers or the kids. The problem is huge, nation wide and is being maneuvered by the unions and the administration. The time has come to do away with federal school boards and the department of education. They have siphoned off billions of dollars of tax payer money over the years and shown little proof of performance or benefit.

Is this a government-style “cut” whereas, instead of getting 10% more, they are only getting 5% more, thus having their budget CUT?

I would cry crocodile tears if the secondary schools could demonstrate that they have significantly improved the educational system with the funds… but the truth is something quite different.

There has been no better argument for private schools and home schooling that the lack of education in our public schools.

I disagree a little bit, Roger.

While public education has failed to thrive, it’s not fair to compare it to private schools or homeschooling. Public schools HAVE to take all the kids in the district, regardless of whether they are dev disabled, miscreant, non-English speaking. Private schools can turn away any student they cannot affordably educate.

If we do away with public schools then it will lead to segregation, the disabled, the minorities and the kids with learning disabilities will get left behind, there will be no diversity. The country is already becoming divided enough, we can’t let this happen.

If people are given vouchers then those with the money will use that to send their kids to the better private schools, those that don’t have money will be forced to send their kids to the worse schools. Public schools for the most part provide kids an equal field to advance.