Supervisors want place on quake panel

September 14, 2011

In a decision steeped in unspoken suspicion, San Luis Obispo County supervisors Tuesday sought to install their own earthquake expert on a panel now eying Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, and to have PG&E ratepayers offset the $70,000 a year cost to the county.

PG&E is conducting studies into earthquake faults around the south county utility, and the panel is charged with monitoring those studies.

The board will seek permission from the California Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to allow a seismologist selected by the county to take a seat on a commission-initiated independent peer group, now numbering four and comprised of earthquake experts from four state agencies.

Supervisors also instructed staff to seek a qualified individual to represent the county’s interests pending a decision on the request by the PUC.

County officials are asking the state commission to force PG&E to pay the cost of the additional member, estimated to be $210,000 total for a three-year assignment.

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I, for one, am WAY more concerned about them getting all those spent fuel rods out of there. You cannot control the earth, you can control what is in the way when it decides to undergo geological change.

So, you are in favor of finishing research on, and then building an Intergal Fast Reactor? Great!

I don’t feel that we can trust anyone that has a vested interest in this plant, that includes PG&E and the supervisors/county. All people involved should be from out of the county and have no ties with the county or PG&E as to have a little bias as possible.

first time I agree with TQ. Wierd feeling.

I know what you mean. Agreeing with each other feels kinda icky, lets try not to make this a habit (JK).

PG&E pretty much owns the PUC! Yes, we need more representation, we are the rate payers that pay the tab, one way or another. Safety First!

Why are they doing this? To give a special friend a job? or are they going to try to stop the relicensing of the plant?


exactly what? Does anyone know why they are doing this?

Why does a rational safeguard for public safety become suspect? Do you really believe PGE is going to do the right thing? Kevin Rice…SLO Rider- you as a” public servant” should have safety first on your mind-not conspiracy theories!

If PG&E pays for it, they should have some say in the selection. I don’t trust the Supervisors deal fairly any more than I trust PG&E.

This should be done by the CPUC, with PG&E providing their experts and other businesses and interests providing theirs, as well as local/state government reps. I don’t like either of the two involved here, but if it’s a serious review that might impact power generation and/or distribution in our state, it should be a little more open.

If it’s just PG&E’s internal, then the county has no business in there. Instead, they should seek a public-private joint panel and go from there.