Brown signs, unions smile

October 8, 2011


Gov. Jerry Brown

Labor unions look to be the big winner in the aftermath of Gov. Jerry Brown’s signing Friday of a Democratic bill limiting next year’s initiatives and referendums to the November 2012 ballot.

Democrats’ voter turnout is expected to be higher than in June, and the bill could be a significant asset in labor unions’ battle against a looming effort to impede campaign fund raising from their members. Republican voter turnout is expected to be higher in June.

The bill, by Sen. Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley, was amended at the last moment to incorporate the change, an action that angered the minority party. Hancock said putting initiatives on higher-turnout elections is “good government.”

A majority of California registered voters favor the November placement of ballot measures, according to a recent Field Poll.

Brown himself paved the way for ballot initiatives to go on primary ballots 40 years ago, when, secretary of state, he successfully pushed a political reform initiative to a June test in 1974, the year of his first gubernatorial run.

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I would like to remind those who were not around or who were not paying attention when Mr. Brown ran for President. H went all out at that time to have a straight 10% tax on everybody. The republicans laughed at him over and over. Guess who is the darling now? Cain who with his 9-9-9 tax is riding high.

Another republican favorite, it is said, Perry, added over 300,000 jobs in Texas. Nobody mentions that those were mostly ‘government’ jobs.

Seems that the repubs are taking cues from Mr. Brown’s old ideas…………..

He is no long the Jerry Brown with a forward vision but an old Jerry Brown with a backward dream.

This is the same old moonbeam. He is cut from the same clothe as his dad, a long line of being on the public dole. Never had a real job, yet wants to tell everyone else what to do. This is smply campaign politics…

I’m sorry, but didn’t everyone with a brain scream this at the top of their lungs during the campaign? Oh no, he’s different… he’s matured we were told.

It’s like electing an empty suit for president…. are we REALLY surprised he cannot lead?

We’re doomed. Goodbye California, it was fun while it lasted. Sort of.

In the next few years, California is going to become a good place to be FROM. Personally, I think the State should declare bankruptcy now and put California out of its’ misery.

Oh well! I thought Jerry Brown might be something new in Sacramento after some of the statements he has made after being elected. But now it looks just like business as usual. Quite obvious who jerry is sleeping with these days, and it’s not Linda Ronstandt, That is unless she has now has her own union.

This is just another way of keeping the voters from voting on an initiative to change the public employee benefit package by way of the ballot. Public employees unions have bought and paid for the Democrats in Sacramento.

Just in Sacramento? Have you been watching national politics and regulations and bail-outs over the last decade or more?

I find it rather amusing that a “Liberal” Democrat from the “Liberal” city of Berkeley would strive to disenfranchise the voters of California. I wish this article had talked more about just WHAT the change was. Seems to me that the change could be unconstitutional. But without knowing exactly what the amendment said, I could be wrong.

I guess once we elect people to “represent” us, we forfeit further input. After all, our “representatives” know best.

In a perfect world, there would be no need for an initiative process. We don’t live in a perfect world. SINCE our legislature is unable to actually legislate, I think we should disband the legislature and become a TRUE DEMOCRACY.

Interesting how the Progressive Hiram Johnson started the initiative process and how the “Progressive” Loni Hancock wants to remove it. This is why George Orwell’s classics “1984” AND “Aminal Farm” should be required reading in all Junior HIgh School Social Studies, High School Civics, AND College Political Science Classes.

“No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”George Orwell, Animal Farm, Ch. 5


– George Orwell, Animal Farm, Ch. 10

You set me up Joe ,I think there is a story you aught to know, propaganda

You’ll have to connect the dots for me. I don’t see how I SET YOU UP. Animal Farm tells the story of a group of animals who overthrew their human “leaders.” They then set up with the best of intentions a collective for the benefit of all animals. And over time, some animals became “more equal than others.” It is a story that warns us against voluntarily giving up things like voting rights (the right to bring things up for a vote) to ANYONE of ANY political persuasion. You’ll have to tell me more.

Stockton Joe: You are right on the money…Except for one thing….If you are not a progressive, you are not eligible to be disenfranchised. Progressives own that corner market..They can close the door like Moonbeam just did, but you are not allowed to say you have been marginalized, disenfranchized or anything-ized. Get it?

one for the road

Eric Blair was a british socialist democratic Anti fascist who helped fight the rise of fascism in europe with the Abraham Lincoln Brigades. He died of complications of his wounds in 1950 . Allen Dulles edited the film version of eric’s story ‘animal farm’ allen’s organization included notables such as Klaus Barbie nazi intelligence chief Gehlen and other un repentent un surrendered doctrinaire nazis. Oh a former governor of california famously said the Lincoln Brigades had fought on the wrong side of the conflict. I shouldn’t make obscure references . the two links I provide a glimpse into the story of the film version being made into a anti communist propaganda tool by a close pal of fascists, Dulles.

liberalism :-)

Again, you’re going to have to connect the dots here. What does Allen Dulles’ “organization” have to do with the written “Animal Farm.?” I see Animal Farm as an allagory not against Communism, not against Facism, but rather against ANYONE who would trample individual rights “for your own good.”


The links you provide MIGHT be revelent IF I was addressing the 1954 Louis de Rochemont animated version of Animal Farm – I THINK that’s the one you’re talking about. But I specifically mentioned READING.

Let me get this straight……. the Democrats are complaining that they want an initiative struck from the June ballot because they’re too lazy to get off their asses and vote. Is that right? Leave it to the Democrats, gib me, gib me, gib me, I breath, I eat, I poop and therefore I”M ENTITLED and by the way, I’m too lazy to vote unless someone gets me off the couch with a tire jack and twice in one year is a lot of work for to be putting forth that much effort!!!!

TELL ME IT’S NOT TRUE…….. ppffffffffffffffffff

Well, it may not really matter… things don’t always turn out as expected and there are always unexpected consequences…

What no one seemed to cover… almost anywhere… is the fact that the Governor also signed into law the controversial bill allowing ON-LINE VOTER REGISTRATION. I expect that we’ll be getting a lot of off shore registrations as well! ;)

Good luck to us,





“The bill would require the Department of Motor Vehicles to create a system of electronic (digitized) signatures that election officials would use to verify the authenticity of a voter’s information. This would arguably be more accurate than the current practice. Presently, county election officials compare a voter’s signature to their signature on the paper registration forms.

California would not be alone in allowing voters to register online. Nine other states, including Arizona and Oregon, have similar registration programs, and more are in the process of implementing such programs.”

Sure register on line and I guess the DMV gets a copy of the digitized signature from the DMV records. Then that signature is used to match the signature against the signature of the person who signed when they received their ballot. This would mean if you don’t have a license, then they won’t have a copy of your signature, so you will have to sign up to vote the old fashion way?

It sounds like it can work but I’m also wondering about all the Democrats who have been clamoring about issuing a drivers license to illegals. It’s only a matter of time before they scam us . Where there is a will, there is a way and they will find it.

No sympathy here …. Thanks to coservatives on Supreme Court Corporations can load the campain coffers of whomever they want with no transparency. And corporations also push their money offshore to avoid paying “fair” share.

Now they want tax break to bring it back to America claiming it will stimulate economy and create jobs. Thats a load of BS because they pulled same stunt with same promises in 04 when Bush was in office.

What the hell does that have to do with this issue? Do you realize that the Governor just signed a bill because the Democrats are too freaking lazy to vote more than once a year! This is preposterous. Now we have to wait on what we vote on for them to be ready to get off their duff’s, literally, literally this is about the Democrats sitting on their asses and they don’t have a problem admitting it either! What gall……..

Want them to vote on June 1st. I have a guaranteed fail safe solution. Add an initiative that say’s all welfare checks and food stamps are canceled for the next 6 months.

Tacoma Rose: Corporations have taken their businesses or the manufacturing parts of their business overseas. They have paid taxes, but if they bring the businesses back to the US they are taxed again. It is the second tax that could be eliminated to encourage them to bring jobs back to the US.

Many of the very rich take their money off shore to banks outside the US to avoid paying taxes. The Kennedys were one example, but there are many on both sides of the isle that do this. George Soros is another notable example. These are the people who avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

Another example of people moving out of state is Tiger Woods moving from California to Florida after he became a pro. The reason he left: There are no state taxes in Florida. If the good people of this state don’t wake up there won’t be any jobs left here that aren’t in the public sector. And without business there is no money to support the public sector.

In the first place, continually amending the California vConstitution ia the ballot initiative process dilutes the power of the original document. And please spare me the “It’s a living document” B.S. Let’s get rid of the initiative process and demand that our legislators do what we elected them to do……govern and manage. The average voter voting on a ballot initiative hasn’t a clue what the initiative is about. And of course the union members will vote their pocket books as instructed by their business agent.

Unfortunately it would take a ballot initiative to strike down the ballot initiative process, and that won’t happen because the signature gathering firms wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole.

Until some sort of campaign finance reform is passed, we will always be screwed. Reelection money forked over by every special interest group, labor unions, bankers, consultant groups, you name it. California has the best (or worst) government that money can buy.