Feds fire up anti-pot campaign

October 7, 2011

A looming federal crackdown on legal pot dispensaries in California is emerging in the wake of shifting sentiments in the Obama Administration regarding the use and sale of medical marijuana.

This latest move by the U.S. government appears to be limited to California pot shops, but 16 other states’ approved operations may soon be targeted as the Justice Department’s apparent new mandate spreads to local law enforcement jurisdictions. Federal prosecutors have named 16 shops, mostly in the San Diego area, that must close down or face arrests, and suggest that more are to follow.

San Luis Obispo County has no medical marijuana dispensaries at this time. Under former Sheriff Pat Hedges, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department participated in raids on dispensaries, often working in concert with federal agents.

During his first two years in office, President Obama’s policy leaned toward a states’ right position, publicly noting that his administration would not aggressively enforce federal sanctions against pot use and distribution. But recently, that stance changed, with U.S. officials announcing a new interest in combating the medical use of the drug.

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Why are the Feds going after the “profiteers” in the state legalized drug industry, and not going after the profiteers in the federally legalized drug industry?

If it is so evil to plan to , and actually make, money by producing and distributing something THAS HAS BEEN VOTED TO BE LEGAL by the people in the state, why aren’t they going after CVS, Rite Aid, Pfizer, Merck, etc? If profiting off of sick people is evil, why isn’t something being done to the biggest offenders?

Prop 215 made medical marijuana legal, by state law. Where are the howls of protest from the right wing conservatives that are all in favor of states rights and small government? Could it be that those principles are not absolutes to RWCs and are applied only in the context of “situational ethics”? Another example of RWC ethical inconsistency is their disparagement of women, their competence, and their intelligence. 100 years after suffrage passed, and there is still a long way to go. How else could RWCs get away with talking smack about small government, personal freedom, liberty, etc, while, supporting and implementing restrictions on a woman’s ability to make personal and private medical decisions with their doctors?

Alcohol and tobacco interests—among the richest and most powerful political lobbyists—feel threatened by pot. It beats both of them hands down as far as being safer and less deadly to citizens.

Tobacco and alcohol pushers know that pot is an easy and enjoyable plant to grow at home thus less vulnerable to being hyped, manipulated and marketed by Madison Avenue and Wall Street for maximum profit.

Where else would this anti-pot crusade be coming from? Most people think pot prohibition is harmful or useless and certainly expensive.

Maybe the Feds SHOULD shut down most “dispensaries”, but only if they first allow anyone to grow marijuana as free and easy as one grows tomatoes.

Forget selling it, forget taxing it. Just let anyone grow a few plants year round if they want. Keep it simple! Then forget about it.

Time to move on!

I found this of some interest and wanted to share.


You “right wing nuts” are being catered to by the Pres…..he just doesn’t realize you wouldn’t vote for him hell or high water! Change is coming for sure…….and it is perfect!

Perfect, huh? What are YOU smokin’??

“though I still would have voted for Hillary over him.”

I should hope so, you’re a stone hard Democrat. I would have voted for Hillary too. If Bill Clinton were to run again, I’d vote for him, I liked Bill Clinton and I like Hillary too. As for these Rep’s with their cigar jokes, ppffffffffffffffffff.

Opps, Sorry about the placement of this post. It’s out of sequence. This is a response to TypoQueen.

Down at the bottom, way down at the bottom of the thread.