Cal Poly San Luis Obispo sorority suspended for hazing

October 14, 2011

Cal Poly administrators have suspended all Alpha Phi chapter activities because of a hazing incident.

The sorority has 10 days to appeal the decision that stems from a hearing on Thursday.

The sorority pledge who ended up with alcohol poisoning told the Mustang Daily her sorority sponsor encouraged her to drink in the Sept. 28 hazing.

After arriving at her Cal Poly apartment, the pledge asked her roommate to call 911 and her mother.

“I was blacked out, (then) woke up in (Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center) the next day,” she told the Mustang Daily. “The police officer came in with the doctor and said, ‘You were in here for alcohol poisoning, and they’re running a hazing investigation.’”

Cal Poly officials determined that the events of rush week included students giving minors alcohol and then leaving them to fend for themselves.

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Ahhhh…good ol’ Alpha Phi!

There was a reason we called the sorority “All-for-free” back in the day! Glad to see things haven’t changed much in 20+ years.

Frankly, i have to wonder if this was a set up. I’m not saying what occurred didn’t happen, I’m sure it did.

This pledge decided to leave after the party and said she was fine. Then she immediately had her roommate call 911 and her mother. Someone who isn’t accustomed to drinking will normally become very ill and vomit. They will be sick with the spins for hours but to say they black out, I don’t think so. They fall asleep after they have been very sick and then they wake up with a hang over. I notice that there is no mention of what her BAC was? I think she planned to do this to this sorority. I’m not saying she was wrong to turn them in, she is 18 and they should not have been feeding her shots. But……..just saying that I don’t buy the alcohol poisoning story or the fact that she didn’t plan this.

Cindy-Sounds like you have been there and done that. Thank you for your expertise on abusive drinking.

You bet, anytime you want to know about partying, just ask. I did enough of it for myself and half the people on campus ;)

When you did half the people on campus, were you awake, or asleep, Cindy?

That was out of line oto. No where did I say I ever blacked out. There is a difference between partying responsibly and drinking oneself into oblivion. Most of us learn after we get sick once or twice and wake up with a roaring hangover. I never woke up in a strange bed or wondering what happened, thank you very much.

In the old days ( say the 1970’s). many sororities had ‘house mom’s’ answerable to not the membership… but to the alumni committee that supervises the chapter. This kept the chapters from getting too crazy… and if they did, there was a strong hand pulling folks back.

Personally, before any chapter becomes chartered by the university they need to answer the question…. what do you have in place to protect your membership and pledges from ‘bullying’ and other socially aggressive actions?

yes Roger–these girls need an adult authority figure for sure! But this party occurred not at a sorority house but at a private off-campus home so I bet it was just a bunch of drunk 20-somethings getting plastered at one of their “sister’s” rental houses.

of course besides the legal age 20-somethings, we can’t forget that this pledge was only 18! (not mentioned in this article but is listed in other news sources)