Cal Poly sorority under excessive drinking investigation

October 10, 2011

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is investigating an excessive drinking incident involving the Alpha Phi sorority, Director of Student Life and Leadership Stephen Lamb told the Mustang Daily.

A concerned parent asked campus administrators to look into allegations that an Alpha Phi pledge was taken to the hospital following excessive drinking with members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. The incident occurred on Sept. 28, the night following the announcement of formal sorority bids, the Mustang Daily said.

While Lamb confirmed the investigation, he would not say whether Cal Poly is investigating the possibility of alcohol offenses or hazing. He did confirm Cal Poly is looking into Pi Kappa Alpha having some involvement in the incident and noted that the fraternity is no longer the focus of the investigation.

“There are many levels of concern regarding this incident,” Lamb told the Mustang Daily. “At this point our investigation has led away from the allegation (of Pike involvement in the incident).”

Cal Poly officials told the Daily they plan to release the findings of their investigation next week.

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I encourage the greek sisterhood to continue to serve alcohol at all functions . I think it helps woman mature , open up to social situations and create friendships . I encourage the greek brotherhood to all chip in to start a new house called ” The Home for Unwed fathers ” .

Is that a grape vine in their ΑΦ logo? Hmmm….