Dream Act opponents readying battle

October 22, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown’s signature on the California Dream Act barely had time to dry before opponents of the new law started gathering voter’s autographs to overturn it.

Earlier this month Brown inked a long-embattled law allowing illegal immigrants to get college financial assistance from state taxpayers.

Secretary of State Debra Bowen said Friday that a Republican Assembly member from Twin Peaks, Tim Donnelly, has organized the effort to collect 504,760 signatures from registered voters by a Jan. 6 deadline.

The controversial bill makes funds available for undocumented immigrant college students who have graduated from California high schools and who are eligible for in-state tuition rates.

If the signature campaign is successful, it would immediately halt implementation of the new law until voters have a chance to weigh in on the matter in Nov. 2012.

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I will drive to pick up petitions in L.A. County on Tuesday or Thursday. Please send me an email if you want petitions OR if you just want to sign. Tell me how many you want (there are ten signature lines per page) and I will find a way to get them to you, or just get your signature.



(805) 602-2616

You go, Kevin!!! Make sure those signatures are valid. Let’s get over a Million of them to be double sure!

Make sure the person who has the petition is a valid petitioner or else those signatures will be just dumped and will not count.

ANY person qualified to register to vote can circulate a petition:

Elections Code 102. A person who is a voter or who is qualified to register to

vote in this state may circulate an initiative or referendum petition

in accordance with this code.

If only there was a recall-moonbeam rider in them… but I digress…

This is not just about pandering to hispanics, this is also pandering to “big education” (read: unions) which is where Gov. Brown gets his money from. They are his master, and he simply obeys.

LOL you guys crack me up. You blame Obama, hispanics and unions for everything wrong with the world. It’s overcast here in Pismo, must be because of Obama, the earthquake in Turkey,,,yep it’s the hispanics, that missing baby,,,you got it, it’s the unions. LOL do you guys see unions in your sleep, you can get help for that.

Some of us see the importance of having and educated population and some don’t. From the remarks in this thread it’s obvious why we need to educate the people that live here.

Paranoia will destroy ya,,,

“…and in left field: Typo! Coming in from who knows where…”

I love the irony in your closing, by the way!

Hmmm okay….talk about being in the out field.

My post wasn’t that hard do understand r0y, try and keep up.

Please send me six petition forms for the referendum to overturn the Dream Act. I will be using them in L.A. County.


Ernest Boehr.

I’d like to sign the petition. Why don’t you have anyone in front of Vons and Walmart in Arroyo Grande?

There are already 5,000 volunteers to start getting signatures with petitions ready this Tuesday. If there was $1Million to be spent, the petitions would be ready in one month. Donnelly is trying to get this done through social media and radio stations.

Here’s more info at:









For the first year alone:

“It is not known how many undocumented students would be eligible for the aid. A Senate committee analysis estimated the bill’s cost at about $40 million. That includes $13 million for Cal Grants, which average about $4,500; up to $15 million in community college waivers; and $12 million in institutional aid from the University of California and California State University systems.”

This is clearly Economic Discrimination against US Citizens, Legal Californian Residents, and Legal Immigrants who have seen their tuition rates rise dramatically while not being eligible or have seen their financial aid reduced. It is this discriminated population who ARE our FUTURE.

Also, with the heavy recruitment of out-of-state and Foreign Nationals who can pay nearly twice the in-state tuition rate to refund our defunct education system, Legal Californian Residents and Legal Immigrants will be “priced out” and “placed out” of THEIR American Dream, THEIR higher education.

AB 131 (CA DREAM Act) will provide fee (tuition) waivers and EOPS (living expenses for books, laptops, food, cars, etc) while in a CA Community College, which do not require a minimum GPA. Most of the other State Aid available requires only a 2.0-2.6 GPA for free money that will not be paid back. So, this is NOT the “Best and the Brightest” of Illegal Alien Students who will be taking the places in higher education from Legal Californian Residents and Legal Immigrants by putting them in front of the line through Favored Economic Discrimination while US Citizens saddle themselves with Thousands of Loan Debt.

There you go, injecting facts into the argument… sheesh!

More of the same. You people looking to blame others for your unhappiness. It’s a definite pattern amongst the posters here.

These were children who were brought over by illegal parents. What did you want the little 4 year olds to do, refuse to go with their parents to America? It’s not their fault they parents brought them over for a better life. .

These undocumented kids grew up here. They went to high school here. Just like you. Read the law. It only applies to kids who went to high school here. They don’t know any more about Mexico than you do. And now they want to go to college just like their peers. it’s an incredible success story if you stop and think about it. It’s the American dream realized.

And the amount of money being spent on undocumenteds going to CA colleges at in state tuition rates v. out of state tuition rates is incredibly small in the big picture. We want people in this country to go to college. College graduates make for better employees, make higher salaries, have better values, pay more taxes, less crime etc. etc. It’s an investment that’s well worth it.

It’s a complex issue. Agree that it’s tragic when kids pay for the crimes/mistakes of their parents. Unfortunately it happens all the time. But tell me Choco – are we supporting illegal immigration because they do the jobs no one else wants or are we looking for a more educated work force? And when the shrinking middle class ponies up even more to educate these kids, who will provide the next generation of slave labor for your oligarchy? When does it end?

are we supporting illegal immigration? NO

are we looking for a more educated work force? YES

next generation of slave labor? NEXT? this is California not Saudi Arabia

your oligarchy? OUR oligarchy: AIG GoldmanSachsGroup Morgan Carlyle

When does it end? Graduations and Degrees. YMMV

Bull. That illegal aliens bring their kids here or have them here IS NOT OUR PROBLEM. It’s the feds’ problem. That’s what they keep telling us: butt our, it’s not your problem.

Ok, fine, then do your sworn duty and DEPORT THEM. It’s not our responsibility to pay their bills! They are illegal aliens!

College Conspiracy


Very nice post. I will sign the petitiion, but this is a darned good argument for the other side.


Did American kids choose to have college seats and tuition money taken away by illegal aliens?

AB131 is not an ‘investment’, it is stealing the college dream from Americans and giving it to foreigners. It is not new money, it is taking money from existing college grants intended for California’s kids.

Rut-roh, Raggy! That is going to be hard to spin by the socialists.

I’ll sign.

Where do I sign?

We have problems already to deal with that this lousy state doesn’t have the money to fix and we’re going to give it away to illegals, what a crock, all that brown is looking for is the hispanic vote.

Between this and more govt regulation and help it won’t be long befroe were a 3 world country.

Where do I sign.

The very idea of this entire program, offering financial assistance to illegal aliens to attend our colleges when we can’t afford to send our own children to college was absurd to begin with. MoonBean is obviously living on another planet. How dare he give away our tax $$ like that. That guy isn’t playing with a full deck. You bet I’ll sign and I’ll help collect signatures too.

And shut up Typo ;)

Hey now!

They have a way of stirring the hornets nest over here at CCN. I’m not getting into this one, you all know how I feel.

Nice job Typoqueen.

With all the thumbs down it looks like people want me to speak out on this. I say I’m not going to speak on this topic and everyone is disappointed.

Only you can get so many thumbs down without giving a position… I think I secretly admire you! ;-)

As said, they’re just disappointed that I’m posting on this issue, they miss me and my typos. :)

He’s playing with a full deck alright, the one that buys him a 60 % of Calif residents Hispanic vote.

Not just hispanic voters, but the teachers’ unions. Follow the money.

Where do I sign?