Madonna Road Denny’s damaged in two-alarm fire

October 13, 2011

A two-alarm fire at the Denny’s restaurant on Madonna Road in San Luis Obispo was reported at around 7 a.m. and contained after about an hour.

Fire investigators say it appears the fire originated in an exterior electrical closet and spread to the attic.

There are no reports of injuries. It is likely that the restaurant will remain closed for some time.

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I’m loving how commentary on this local news article has turned into SLO Zagats! And I will have to give Enzo’s a try (agree about Edna Valley Market).

Maybe CCN should add a restaurant review once in a while. Since the trib will never run anything negative about potential advertisers, we could post a quick review, then the comments will no doubt fill up.

I just hope this story isn’t so old now that Karen and crew don’t read these comments anymore.

I found out yesterday that Enzo’s East Coast Eatery on Higuera is open 24 hours. I tried it for the first time last week and man they know how to make some chicken strips. The hot sauce is out of this world.

ummmm cheese steaks at Enzo’s…..

Another good place for decent 24 hour food is actually Edna Valley market, at the giant gas station on the corner of Broad and Tank Farm. This is the mini mart done right.

I live near there, and have only tried their onion rings – which were FANTASTIC!

I just wish the slurpee machine did the coca-cola flavored slurpee. That’s my favorite, but I can’t find it anywhere anymore.

I think there is still a restaurant on the frontage road past AAA as well.

I believe that was ‘The Starlight Cafe’ or something like that. It’s closed.

Not only closed but DEMOLISHED. That is where the new tire store is going in, because San Luis Obispo needs more than 12 tire stores… >.>

Zaki’s is where the old, old Denny’s used to be next to the freeway. The food is good and the people that own it are really nice. Way better than Denny’s.

I agree.

Okay, I’ll have to take my family there to give it a try. We thought about going there once but there was only one car. I have this weird thing that if there aren’t any customers then there must be a reason for that. The best places are usually busy. But as long as it’s clean I’ll give it a try.

Not in this economy. A lot of places will have one or no cars, unfortunately… times are tough.

Hold on, I thought that Denny’s was KOed a long time ago, isn’t it something like ‘The Golden Waffle’. I’ve been curious about the place,,Asian waffles?

Well, iHop is right there, and for an even better breakfast/lunch, there’s always Zaki’s near the Arco by the freeway. Or Margie’s… wow, we do have a lot of breakfast places…

I think Zaki’s is the better of the bunch, but that’s just me.

Zaki’s? We’ve been to Margie’s,, great onion rings BTW but I don’t recall Zaki’s. It sounds like you’re talking about where that car dealership (I believe Honda) and AAA is?? I drive past there almost daily but I can’t picture where you’re talking about.

Hey, rOy! I got the link to the math site, and it is a great site. I didn’t respond sooner because I forgot to check back on the comments to the Aug. 19th article about development on the old Unocal site off Tank Farm Rd.. I’ve got my homework cut out for me. By this time next year, I should be doing 9th grade algebra! Better late than never….

Wow, I just barely remember posting a link to the Khan Academy. It is a fantastic site. Even my kids’ jr. high algebra teacher now links to it (he hadn’t heard of it, either).

It’s never too late to learn. Wisdom is knowing you know nothing, but always learning.