Maldonado inflates campaign war chest

October 19, 2011

Abel Maldonado, seeking to challenge Lois Capps in the 2012 congressional election, is being accused of shifting around campaign funds in order to inflate reported figures. [SacBee]

The former California lieutenant governor, originally from Santa Maria, has dropped big money into his campaign, retrieved it quickly and then dropped it back in again. The rapid cycling of money, timed to fundraising deadlines, could appear like a way to inflate campaign reports and demonstrate political viability.

Seemingly mirroring campaign moves seen last year in a Northern San Joaquin Valley congressional race, Maldonado loaned his House campaign $250,000 on June 30. Coming on the last day of the fundraising period, the loan, combined with contributions, enabled Maldonado to show a respectable $531,401 on hand.

One day later, newly filed records show, Maldonado’s campaign repaid the loan. Because the repayment came after the second-quarter filing period ended, it didn’t have to be reported until mid-October.

Maldonado reprised at least the first part of the maneuver Sept. 30, the last day of the third-quarter fundraising period. Again, he loaned his campaign $250,000. With the loan’s help, he showed having $603,768 on hand.

The campaign fundraising amounts to the preliminary rounds of what could be one of the country’s most closely watched House races. The newly redrawn 24th congressional district, spanning San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties with a sliver of Ventura County, has Democrats claiming a thin 39-to-35 percent voter registration edge over Republicans.

The district currently represented by Capps, by contrast, has Democrats crushing Republicans with a voter registration advantage of 45 percent to 27 percent.


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“Seemingly mirroring campaign moves seen last year in a Northern San Joaquin Valley congressional race, …. “; well, let’s hope that his moves also result in the mirroring of the results of that campaign, where the challenger Republican candidate who tried the “‘ole move and shift the campaign funds” lost quite handily to the Democratic Congressman …

Yeah, because blanket statements like “I hope the candidate from that party loses and the one from the other party wins” really have worked out so well for us all over the years.

Yep, time to ignore the letter behind the name and dig deeper into the candidates themselves.

Right, so our choices will be Queen Ribbon-Of-Shame or the Prince of Profound Stupidity.

No kidding! I’m getting sick & tired of choosing between loser A vs. loser B…

I agree r0y. When did we decide to elect self serving politicians rather than public serving statesmen(&women)???

Maldonado is going to wear out his bathroom mirror.

Abel Maldonado will make a statement on this at Abel Maldonado park next to the Abel Maldonado picnic bench just south of the Abel Maldonado fountain not to be mistaken to the Abel Maldonado grassy area near the Abel Maldonado parking lot later in the day .

The above announcement was approved by Abel Maldonado for the Abel Maldonado campaign .

We’re really stuck this time, neither one of them is any good, this is when we need another check box that says none of the above.

If there are ONLY two choices, I’d agree; however, there are often more than two choices. Learn about the others and vote for what is best for you! Screw the parties.

No suprise here. He’s a snake.

No, he’s just a politician. Just like Capps, just like any of them.

…and don’t be insulting snakes!

The person who doesn’t want the job, but serves out of duty to community is the type of person I like to find to vote for.

Pretty rare though.

That’s pretty much how Lois Capps got into politics. I’m sure she will appreciate your vote.