OccupyCalPoly moves on SLO county courthouse

October 18, 2011

Members of a local spinoff of the “Occupy Wall Street” protest movement plan to set up camp indefinitely outside the San Luis Obispo County courthouse starting Wednesday.

The announcement was posted on the Facebook page for “OccupyCalPoly.”

“We will be starting occupation tomorrow at 5 at the courthouse, a number of us are prepared to stick it out. We are bringing tents, sleeping bags, food and more. If anyone has any supplies that could help support, or if anyone lives near downtown and could provide kitchen/washroom facilities, please step forward with the three who have already offered. Please come out and show your support. Solidarity!”

The efforts of the Cal Poly group echo protests recently organized by “OccupySLO” which held a demonstration last weekend in Mitchell Park that drew several hundred people. These local protests, in turn, stem from “Occupy Wall Street,” which began in New York on Sept. 17 and has since gain worldwide attention.

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We are just back from the Occupy Santa Maria rally. About 30 people showed up and we all had signs. With all the honking we felt like liberators. Occupy Arroyo Grande and Occupy Santa Maria are interested in setting up websites away from “big brother” facebook. If anyone is willing to offer help in setting up a website and knows of a local ISP (an ISP without multi-million dollar bonuses) Please write me at Darrelln99@aol.com

I don’t agree with that. Example, when Bush was in office the left worked with him, against my wishes they even followed his lead into Iraq (dumb dumb dumb). Right after Obama was elected before he even took office the right came out and said that their only goal was to make Obama a one term president and to not work with him on anything, they didn’t give him a chance. To deliberately not work with him on anything (as they’ve admitted) is just terrible for our country, it’s the ultimate in poor sportsmanship and selfishness. So yeah, in some cases the left can be a pain in the arse and nutty but if you take an over all look at both sides the right gets the prize for the most unreasonable.

It may not be the easy way, but it is “the Republican Way.”

My post was out of sequence so I’m glad you could understand it.

It’s kind of like the Occupy Movement, out of sequence, but I can understand it.