SLO Council votes to increase trash rates

October 19, 2011

The San Luis Obispo City Council voted to raise the rates for trash collection at Tuesday’s meeting. [KCOY]

As of Nov. 1, customers can expect to see an across the board increase of 4.6 percent.

For example, a homeowner who is currently paying $24.10 per month will receive a bill of $25.22 per month following the increase.



  1. r0y says:

    Everything is going up – that’s what happens with manipulated fiat currency. Expect more of this every year or more frequently.

  2. rogerfreberg says:

    PAY! PAY!! PAY!!!

    Yep, when the cost of doing business doesn’t relate to how you are being charged… well, trouble is coming.

  3. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    P.S. and people lets not forget to hide those trash cans!!! (Sarcasm intended)

    • eradicate ignorance says:

      Maybe they can provide us with camoflauge painted trashcans.

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