“Occupy San Luis Obispo” planned for Wednesday

October 5, 2011

A national protest movement comes to San Luis Obispo Wednesday afternoon, rain or shine.

Organizers are asking people to gather at 5 p.m. outside of the county courthouse on Monterey Street as part of “Occupy San Luis Obispo.”

The planned rally echoes larger protests recently held in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles, demonstrating against “financial crimes” of large Wall Street institutions. Several protesters were recently arrested in New York in response to their “Occupy Wall Street” demonstration.

“Wall Street and other fat cat entities brought us, and much of the world, to our economic knees. They are still making a killing while the Average Joe pays the freight,” said Pete Evans of San Luis Obispo, who is helping to organize today’s protest.

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So after reading many of the replys to the article, it begs the question… If you don’t like the financial situation you are in, then why don’t you try and change it. You probably won’t become a millionaire living in SLO or vicinity. So trade it for a one room flat in New York for probably $1500 a month and try and land one of those fat cat jobs. Instead of focusing on the rich, focus on your own situation. If your not willing to put in the time then quit complaining. Facts are facts, many of those CEO’s etc. started out by getting an education, working long and hard hours to get where they are. They have the responsibility for multibillion dollar businesses. Their decisions, their insight can make or break a company. In most cases it wasn’t handed to them on a silver platter. Should a person who has responsibility for two workers be paid the same as those who may be indirectly responsible for 50,000 workers. I don’t think so. Watch the following video (the WHOLE thing) then go protest on the courthouse doorsteps. Your real enemy isn’t the “rich” it’s the government who spends (or just gives away) money we don’t have.