Beef ‘O’ Brady’s eyeing Arroyo Grande

November 30, 2011

Tampa-based Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, a sport’s pub and family restaurant franchise, is looking to grow in California with plans to open a restaurant in Arroyo Grande. [RestaurantNews]

The 213-unit franchise is best known for its 13 varieties of Buffalo chicken wings.

The company said its demographic research makes Arroyo Grande an ideal market for further expansion because there are a limited number of family-friendly eateries in the city.

“While there’s definitely a market for Beef ‘O’ Brady’s in Arroyo Grande, we’re taking a careful approach to finding a franchise partner with business savvy, tenacity and a readiness to reinvest in the communities they serve,” said James Walker, chief development officer of Beef ‘O’ Brady’s. “To ensure a long, happy partnership, we ensure that our franchise partners meet stringent criteria and share our values.”

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Can ya make us a wee store next door for Statin drugs O’Brady’s also?

This would fit right in to downtown Oceano.


Chicken wings? Who needs chicken wings?!



Yeah! Gambling and Chicken Wings! That would work! Customers could canoe in, during the rainy season!

I was hoping that a Buffalo Wild Wings would open up but looks like these guys beat them to it.

Some of these crappy chain restaurants are almost a parody of crappy chain restaurants. Beef O’Brady’s? Seriously? How many $500 marketing geniuses and focus groups did it take to come up with that gem. Slap a stupid, vaguely Irish-sounding name on a chain and you’ll be a sure hit. Enjoy, Good People of Arroyo Grande.

Oops, $500 an hour marketing geniuses . . . .

I checked out their website & it looks good to me. The name IS cheesy but their concept seems like a great fit for South County. Plus the economy’s still in the toilet so any new restaurant could bring some much-needed jobs to the area.

Wow. That really does not appeal to me at all.