Bay Bridge will last a while

November 22, 2011

Is the Bay Bridge safe to traverse?

Officials have been concerned that the structural integrity of the West’s most vulnerable landmark, the Bay Bridge, might be compromised after discovery of blatant falsification of testing data by individuals in the state’s transportation agency, Caltrans. [SacramentoBee]

Records grudgingly released today by the agency examined the fraudulent work and other issues surrounding its Foundation Testing Branch, which examines the underground supports of bridges and other freeway structures.

A report last week by the Sacramento Bee examined the actions of Duane Wiles, who was responsible for inspecting the foundation of many structures and who falsified documents regarding his findings. Wiles and his supervisor were fired after the newspaper’s report,

Documents released today at the insistence of state lawmakers appear to show that previous examinations and testing of load-bearing structures under the Bay Bridge were more extensive than previously disclosed by the agency.  Those tests do show the bridge supports to be in good condition.

Officials of the agency initially declined to disclose any information regarding the testing procedures, which raised public questions regarding the safety of the famous span.

CORRECTION: The bridge was incorrectly identified as the Golden Gate Bridge.

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I don’t think he should have been fired. I would give him the chair for endangering thousands of people and perhaps billions of dollars.

And perhaps be required to return his salary, which he didn’t earn?

srichison….I agree with you!

Just the latest example of the waste and fraud called Caltrans – the agency that begins work at 11:00, takes lunch from 12:00-2:00 and knocks off for the day at 3:00.

CalTrans may need to address efficiency, but have you ever compared our CalTrans roads with roads in other states? I like our roads a lot better.

Since January, I have been traveling (in my car) – covered almost half the states by now and have previously driven in at least 12 more. My estimation, based on this, is that California has the second worst roads in the nation (stay out of Mississippi). Given the condition of the roads, the exhorbitant gas tax, and the fact that you can drive for miles in construction zones without seeing a single worker or vehicle or piece of equipment, and you have a picture of the very worst type of tax-payer rip-off.

Three little boys sittin’ on the corner, the first say, “my daddy is fast! He drives racecar’s and goes 200 mph!”

The next boy says, “that’s nothin’, my daddy is a pilot and flies jets! He goes over 500 mph!”

They both look at the last kid…

“That’s nothing! My daddy works for CalTrans, and gets off at 5, but is home by 3!”