Transient attempts to burn Virgin Mary statue

November 16, 2011

Daniel Pettigrew

A transient allegedly attempted to burn a statue of the Virgin Mary at the San Luis Obispo Mission shortly after morning mass on Tuesday.

Surveillance video shows Daniel Pettigrew, 24, trying to start a fire at the base of the statue that now has black smudges on its face. He is also accused of forcefully removing paintings from the mission’s walls and damaging them.

The damaged paintings are of significant historical value to the church, however, a financial loss has not been determined at this time.

San Luis Obispo Police officers caught up with Pettigrew just outside the church. Police arrested Pettigrew on charges of felony vandalism of a church and arson and booked him into San Luis Obispo County Jail.



  1. Mike says:

    A small price to pay for ‘helping’ the homeless. Keep feeding them and San Luis Obispo will keep having these kinds of problems.

    • easymoney says:

      This lad looks like a strong healthy individual, who COULD be working, instead of destroying someone elses property…

  2. ososkid says:

    Attacking this kind of symbolism would not be inconsistent with someone suffering from schizophrenic delusions.

  3. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    Maybe looking for three hots and a cot. He commits a somewhat small crime that will get him sent to jail for a short time. Get some free meals and a good bed and still probably be out in short order. My guess is he knew exactly what he was doing.

  4. The Gimlet Eye says:


    What ever happened to the word, “VAGRANT”???????

  5. LittleAcorn says:

    It does feel like he is blaming the church for having so much when he has so little.

    • ososkid says:

      You probably think you are sophisticated by pretending to represent the ideology of what you perceive as the left. The truth is you are fool for listening to the people who have lied to you about what ACORN actually was. You are lazy for not doing any of the research that could give you actual facts, and you are a liar for misrepresenting who you really are. Its kind of pathetic that some little chump weasel simpleton like James O’Keefe can so easily manipulate you into falling for a scam. I’m going to forward you some emails from Nigerian lawyers I bet you will get filthy rich listening to them too.

      • LittleAcorn says:

        Huh? I picked LittleAcorn because I like oak trees. I agree that I’m basically a little left of center politically, but that’s just as valid as any other choice, whether you approve or not.

        I admit I didn’t explain my position on this issue very well in such a short statement. I don’t condone destroying any church’s property. I was just trying to understand what Pettigrew was thinking.

        • Cindy says:

          Trying to understand what he was thinking? The guy is a whack job, but carry on if you must.

        • LittleAcorn says:

          Oh, BTW, it would be appreciated if you’d stick to the issue rather than attacking me personally. But I guess you’re displaying your value system.

          • r0y says:

            LoL, asking someone to not attack you personally, then close by attacking said person.

            Too good.

            • LittleAcorn says:

              Guilty as charged, but you’ve already attacked me, so you’re not exactly clear either.

  6. oto says:

    “Why hast thou forsaken me” syndrome? My forensics professor told us there is a psychological theory about crimes of this nature, but that was one lesson my professor never enlarged upon.

    • racket says:

      I have been told that the whole forgiveness part of Catholicism attracts baddies. In the church, they can sin and sin, and then ask for, and receive, forgiveness. Which feels a whole lot better than what happens in the secular world where once you are proven a loser, and branded as such, it is very hard to overcome the stigma.

      It’s either that, or he’s out of his mind on dope.

      • Cindy says:

        racket, It isn’t just the Catholic Church that teaches the word of Jesus Christ who expounded upon forgiveness as recorded frequently in the New Testament of the Bible. It is all Christianity that teaches forgiveness for those who are truly repentant.

        This idiot needs some meds or some jail time or both. He is a pain in the butt and probably dangerous too. If he has a beef with Jesus, then that is between the two of them but he needs to leave the church property alone just like any other piece of property that doesn’t belong to him. That’s why the Church called the cops on his dumb butt, they obviously weren’t in the mood for turning the other cheek and neither am I.

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