CSU raises tuition 9% amid student protests

November 17, 2011

California State University trustees voted to raise tuition by 9 percent on Wednesday, while outside the system’s Long Beach headquarters CSU police violently clashed with protesters. [SanFranciscoChronicle]

Police used pepper spray on student protesters. In the end, a glass entry door was shattered, one officer was hospitalized and police had arrested four protesters.

The trustees voted to raise tuition for the second time this year in a room by themselves after exiting the main meeting room where protesters had disrupted the proceeding. CSU officials said they can conduct business outside the meeting room as long as non-disruptive members of the public can attend.

However, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a trustee, said the “decision should be canceled and taken up again at a special meeting next month,” the Chronicle said.

“This issue is simply too important to not allow for a full and thorough public discussion,” he said to the Chronicle.

Tuition costs have tripled since what it cost in 2002-2003. Next fall, tuition and fees will run an average of $7,017.

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They should wait and see if the diplomas and degrees they issue in the next few years are worth anything at all!

Every time these people vote to increase tuition they should get a pay cut of the same %. 9% tuition increase means a 9% pay cut for them. That seems fair to me.

Why didn’t the lazy ass prison guards get their pay cut?

Is this a riddle?