Two shot in Oceano drive by shooting

November 18, 2011

A drive by shooter shot two teens in Oceano at about 6:30 p.m. on Thursday in the 1700 block of 21st Street.

Deputies are investigating the shooting as a gang related incident,

Both victims were originally transported to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, one shot in the leg the other in the temple. Emergency personnel transferred the victim shot in the head to Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies are investigating the shooting.

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I love how most of the comments have more words than this news post.

OT: I like this new notify box thing when posting.

The kids around town are saying that the victims were teens that attend AG. I hope they are wrong but they are saying that the one of the children is only 15. The rumor around town is that a bullet went into his brain and he’s in very bad shape. They are also saying that it is believed that the guys that shot these kids are from LA.

Don’t know if this is true but one kid that I spoke with knows others that know these boys. Rumor has it that these boys didn’t know the shooters, that they were simply hanging out in someones front yard.

Again, don’t know how accurate this is. I hope the rumor is wrong, I would hate to see a 15 year old’s life ruined at such a young age.

If the drive-by shooters are from LA, then South County is experiencing some of the same problems we have in the North County with different gangs coming into town causing trouble. Oceano has had gangs for some 20 years, but this incident should be the defining moment that something has to change. First of all, LE needs to inform the public as to what is happening when they get the information. Oceano 13 is the predominant gang in Oceano. What gang came into town for the drive-by shooting. Was the incident actually gang related ?

LE is going to have to start making more stops of stranger cars, and keep groups of gang members off

the streets. Residents of the area will have to be more vigilant, although Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach have a good record of reporting strange people cruising the neighborhoods. Oceano has to do the same thing. It’s too bad we can’t put up signs saying “Out of Town Gangsters Not Welcome”.

The idea of a 15 year old boy being shot in his own drive way makes me sick to my stomach. Anyone who knows something about this incident needs to be water boarded until they divulge the information.

For what it’s worth I was also told that these victims are not involved in gangs. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I’m sure that someone will correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that Oceano only has 1 regular deputy that patrols thier community. He calls in for help when he needs it but it seems like they could have a few more patrol cars driving around.

I am now being told that these kids were in a gang. According to the other article I was also wrong about the ages,,can’t always believe rumors. But a boy is telling me now that they were gang bangers. I’m sorry to hear that one has passed away, so sad.

Here is one thing that BOGELS my mind. You have a culture (Hispanic) which I think is great how they do a lot of family things on Sunday (picnics in the park etc) more than most nationalities. You know very family orinted. Yet they also on the flip side are VERY high in gang activity. I just find the stark contrasts puzzling.

Who said they were Hispanic?

Never did. I was talking generally about gang activity and the fact that GENERALLY Hispanics are involved half the time. Stop your cute little games of trying (and not successfully either) to put a SPIN that my comment may be racial. I was MAKING AN OBSERVATION!!! PERIOD!!!

This from SLO County Sheriff’s home page:

“San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s detectives are canvassing an Oceano neighborhood after two men standing in a driveway of an apartment were shot from a moving vehicle. Multiple shots were fired from the car, with one victim sustaining serious injuries. Deputies arrived on the scene within 3 minutes and began to render aid to the most seriously wounded man. An Automated External Defibrillator was applied to check pulse and additional first aid administered while fire and emergency medical resources were responding. Sheriff’s deputies were aided by units from the California Highway Patrol, Grover Beach Police, California State Parks, Pismo Beach Police and County Probation. Both victims were transported to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital. The victim in serious condition was later transferred to Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria. No further information is expected to be released until later tomorrow.”

I hope they find the perps and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

This illustrates how ineffective the police are at preventing crime. They are wonderful at solving crimes, but they can’t prevent them. Their substation is 5 blocks (3 minutes) away, but was still not enough of a deterrent to stop this crime.

There are other problems which Oceano has to deal with, which affect all Oceano residents. It concerns the “gang” in their local government. Your weapon of choice should be access to the town’s public records and a strong public voice at community service district meetings. The only person who expressly threatened to shoot me was OCSD Director Lori Angello. Here’s your defense:

Learn how to empower yourselves by reading the Ralph M. Brown Act and the California Public Records Act.

Gisele, is that you?

Nell, is that you?

oto you are a bald face liar! The only person that has threatened anyone is you, how many times have you gone to jail for threats and insane behavior? How many restraining orders have been filed against YOU?

Cry-me, try me. There is no need to lie about Oceano characters who are colorful enough in their own unique way. Like Clark Kent’s managing editor told Lois Lane,

“Facts, my dear! Only the facts!”

No surprise here. As long as a significant population of the hispanic culture embrace the gang culture or look the other way, this type of stupid ignorant and generational behavior will continue to evolve to more dangerous levels. Only the hispanic community can change generations of foolish gang culture. Until they as a community decide enough is enough, no else is going to solve the gang problem. Until then, if that day ever comes. All we, the rest of society can do is react to the criminal acts and lock em up.

Need a spanish version of CCN to allow your comments to be read by the perps

Nice cut n paste job Bob lol

And as long as a “significant” segment of the population is relegated to poor paying jobs and the prejudice they experience everywhere, there will continue to be a gang culture. As was pointed out, the Latino culture is quite family oriented and features respect & loyalty. They aren’t taught to hate at home.