Armed Robbery at San Luis Obispo Subway

December 12, 2011

San Luis Obispo police are looking for a man who allegedly held up a Subway restaurant at gunpoint Saturday evening. [KCOY]

At about 10 p.m., the robber wearing a nylon stocking mask entered the Marsh Street store, took out a small handgun, and demanded the cashier open the register.

Before leaving, he kicked the employee several times.

Police describe the robber as appearing to be a man, with dark skin, and wearing a letterman-style jacket.

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I came across this news story today, about the SWAT team raiding the home of a guy in Santa Maria, who is already in prison.

Has anyone else heard about this?

I guess they are trying to keep that story under wrap. Somebody needs to get fired. Our gummint is so grossly incompetent, “almost” nothing they do surprises me any more and that’s scary. We need to down size and demand accountability. People need to start speaking up. I say we need to start at the top and keep working our way down until idiots on our payroll are the exception rather than the rule.

If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and waddles like a duck; it is most likely a duck. Can someone define the difference between this: and this: ??? SWAT has become a paramilitary unit in operation, training, equipment, and tactics. Seems like a clear violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1889.

EXCUSE ME, but what has the SWAT story have to do with the Subway robbery? Do you three always hijack threads in this manner? Barring Cindy’s racist comments, to wit: “gummint”, we should respect the originator of this thread and for Christ’s sake, STAY ON TOPIC!!!!

Finally showed up today! Very similar reporting to the piece. Hmmmmmm……….

Wow, I didn’t even know there was a subway downtown… guess I really don’t go downtown too much!

Has anyone seen this reported in the Tribune yet?

Not yet, but they’re certainly on top of that very important story about Zac Efron and his clothing donation!

Nothing from KSBY, either!


In all fairness, the Trib and local media are probably just waiting to be told what to report.

…not like they’d actually *perform* journalism.

The Tribune finally reported on this story; I wonder if the email I sent them about CCN carrying the story had anything to do with them finally reporting the story :)

For Christ’s sake, you can’t even go in and have a “foot-long” without the worry of harm upon your person! What’s next?


“Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?” “Nothing,” they answered. He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

It is written: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors’ and I tell you that this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment.” The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords.” “That’s enough!” he replied.” (Luke 22:35-39)

Here’s the context by using logic101 and godly visualization; Jesus and his disciples have just had communion. They are about to go to a time of prayer in the garden. Jesus says these words to His disciples, and it’s as if they are saying, “See, Lord, here are two Colt 45mag autos”. Jesus responds, “It is enough!” GET IT?

The above analogy is not rocket science! Jesus promotes arming oneself in the event like the Subway scenario. Better yet, if a TRUE Christian was sitting inside having the lunch special during the robbery, then he too could have drawn a gun (sword), disabled the robber, called 911, and then finished his lunch.

We must go back to bible principles at this time, and everything will fall in place, especially the robber that try’s in vain to rob someone looking back at a 45 mag auto barrel, praise Jesus!

Not only is it Biblical, it is also Constitutional.

Exactly 1 of the Amendments in the Bill of Rights ends with “…shall not be infringed”.

Can someone explain how Sheriff Parkinson’s denial of license to carry by law abiding citizens is not unconstitutional infringement?


What did he letter in? Cowardice?

Impossible! Something like this would never happen in the happiest downtown in America. Sure is a good thing the City Council is cutting Police Officers and spending almost a million to do the facelift downtown. If only we had the new sidewalks and lighting, this never would have happened right? This is all part of the war on public safety brought to you by the SLO City Council. It’s only gonna get worse, watch and see.

You are correct, it is only going to get worse.

On a side note: how would have calling 911 prevented the gunman from killing everyone in the Subway if he decided that he didn’t want to leave any witnesses?

The gunman had nothing to fear. Parkinson et al has stripped the law abiding public’s civil rights to bear arms for the purpose of self defense.

How does it feel SLO? How does it feel to be defenseless in the face of armed thugs? How does it feel to have your civil rights stripped from you from an elected official?

A defenseless society is an easy target.


From the Like/Dislike ration, it appears that people do like to be reminded that they are defenseless and could at any time and place become a victim with no effective method of resistance.


Chop: I am somewhat surprised by your comments on this subject, I usually agree with most of what you write here. As to your notion that “people do like to be reminded that they are defenseless …”, I’m not sure that that is what is driving the negative thumbs. Perhaps some, if not most, don’t particularly agree that being armed is the “best defense”.

I have seen studies made about the behavior of people committing violence towards others, and there is some evidence that supports the ideal that when a person is going to attempt violence towards others, the attacker will cue his attack on the response (or lack of) of the intended victim. If a person is aware that they are going to be attacked and they go all soft and seemingly ready to be attacked, the attacker will go ahead and carry out the assault. On the other hand, if the person to be attacked goes all Rambo and attempts to intimidate the attacker, the attacker will usually go on and carry out the attack as well. What seems to make the biggest difference is when an intended victim remains calm, does not over-react, and if they have any self-defense skills, they simply ready themselves to fend off the attack (positioning themselves so they have room to move, and so on).

IF people feel that they need to protect themselves, they DO have choices, and a firearm is only one of those choices, not the only one. Many self defense arts give the participant the ability to have and project confidence, not swagger, just a calmness that lets those who intend to harm them that they may not be able to have their way if they choose to attack that person. Aikido, Tai Chi, Cane Fu are just a couple of choices that will help instill confidence in those that practice regularly. If one wants to carry a loaded handgun and are willing to break the law since concealed carry permits are very difficult to obtain, I just hope that the person will at least get some training and that they practice occasionally, and realize that they do literally have the power of “life and death” in their hand.

A well thought out and logical retort that makes some good points.

A well trained knife fighter will almost always kill someone armed with a firearm in a confined area. The problem with this is that California has also banned carrying most types of defensive blades also.

Of particular note is entire segments of society that are missing from your response: the disabled, elderly, and otherwise medically frail. For those populations, what else remains for an effective method of self defense beyond carrying either a police officer or a firearm? Carrying a cop all day would be rather cumbersome.

I am a service connected disabled veteran. I have a B.S. and a master’s degree in the computer field. I have never had any infractions that were not traffic based. I had my last speeding ticket in the mid 80’s. I have attended world-class defensive handgun courses on several occasions. I go to the range and practice regularly. I shoot competitive action pistol matches as my conditions allow.

Yet, I have been denied twice by this sheriff.

I guess that I will have to rethink my campaign contributions if I expect to get a LTC in the future…



Ahhhhh, flower petals strewn across the floor, harps playing in the background, vestal virgins awaiting our beckon call, yes, a perfect world. NOT!!!! Wake up!

Tell my 85 year old Grandma about Aikido, Tai Chi, Cane Fu, and all those other martial art’s techniques that take too much time and sweat, when a handgun with training is all you need! Although her “evil eye” would stop you in your tracks, this is not enough when and if she gets attacked! She loves her .380 ACP that fits in her 1940’s purse just fine! My Granny fights crime by shooting back if she has too!

Guns are “insurance policies”, like when you have auto insurance, you don’t expect to use it, but yet you have it nonetheless, correct? Same thing with a handgun that is within close proximity, you don’t expect to use it in self-defense, or brandish it to scare off an intruder, but it is there in case you have too!

I can just see this country in it’s history being fought for by any other means than GUNS! lol

Ted: I specifically mentioned Aikido, Tai Chi and Cane Fu since all can be practiced by most people. I will admit that of the three, Aikido does require the most effort and you usually do get thrown and pinned as part of the practice, so that will not work for some who are frail or disabled. Tai Chi, as I understand it, does not really have “contact” as part of the practice and most people can be trained if they work with a really good instructor. Cane Fu was specifically developed for people who actually use a cane for walking; wouldn’t you think that that means people who may have a disability or might be somewhat “frail”? And if you read the last part of my previous comment, no where did I say or suggest that no one carry a firearm; I just suggested that you become aware of the weapon, get some training, practice occasionally and be “responsible” by understanding the power that one potentially yields if they choose to discharge a firearm, in other words, please be careful.


You’re preaching to the choir. :( I get a lot of “dislikes” upon my TRUE Christian posts as well. This only tells me that the “dislikers” don’t like what our God is truthfully telling them, or the fact that they’re not Christians to begin with.

Jesus and myself agree with your premise of carrying concealed weapons. It’s biblical, enough said.

I sincerely hope the employee is okay.