Santa Maria bank robbery suspect arrested

December 12, 2011

Law enforcement officers arrested a 45-year-old Santa Maria man on Sunday for allegedly robbing the Rabobank on North Broadway on Thursday. [KSBY]

Officers took James Welbaum  into custody without incident in the area of Main and Pine streets in Santa Maria, KSBY said. Officers then searched a North Broadway efficiency hotel where Welbaum had been living and discovered evidence connected to the robbery in his room.

On Thursday, Welbaum passed a note written on the back of a deposit slip to a teller demanding cash and claiming he had a gun. And while most bank robbers wear some type of disguise, Welbaum did not.

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Good work by SMPD. They hit the streets instead of pussyfooting around….Unlike MBPD who announced to the world that they got a search warrant for a mask company on the Geezer bandit…Why on earth would anyone do that? NEVER EVER show your hand before the play…Especially if you can’t back it up…Stupid…I can’t believe they did that…Unless someone didn’t seal the warrant and the media blew it…Either way…Stupid play…

The guy probably paid his motel room bill, purchased some food and waited to be arrested. One has to wonder if he made the choice to go to jail rather than live on the street? This is a sad story.

Three hots and a cot. As crowded as our system is and with the move of prisoners to county jails, he will probably (depending on past) do six months to a year in county. Gets him some food, meds and sleep. Just a guess.

Seriously hope you have not been there and done that! Very sad story.

Pretty sad when you want to go to jail that bad………..

An efficiency is a hotel room with a little kitchenette.

Ah ha! That makes sense. Thanks, now I’m in the loop.

Don’t feel bad, I was also thinking of a dive motel… something with hourly rates, if you get my drift.

Thanks for clearing that up, Nutty!

An ‘efficiency hotel’? Man I feel old, that’s one I’ve never heard, I suppose that’s PC for cheap motel? Or is it one of those ‘express’ places?

Anyway, it seem like this guy wanted to get caught.