Brazen Santa Maria bank Robbery

December 9, 2011

FBI investigators and Santa Maria Police officers are investigating the Thursday robbery of the Rabobank on North Broadway in Santa Maria.

At about noon, the robber passed a note written on the back of a deposit slip to a teller demanding cash and claiming he had a gun. His note also ordered the teller  to comply with his demands so that nobody would be hurt.

And while most bank robbers wear a hat and often don sunglasses or a mask in an attempt to hide their identity, Thursday’s robber did not.

Witnesses describe the suspect as a white male, approximately 40 years in age, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighing 140 pounds or more, with “pinkish” skin and a shaved head. He was wearing a navy blue, long-sleeved sweatshirt.

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I like the part about ““pinkish” skin “. We don’t want to confuse this SM minority member from the majority, would we?

The blushing bandit!

Whatdouno…what about the teller? Have you had your life threatened ? Its sad you do not see the whole picture. She is working for peanuts, probably just like you and me, yet you discount her. Who cares about the bank?

The fake money is insured by other fake money. It’s all good… until we all realize how fake the banking system is.

When you deposit money into a bank, you’re giving them a loan to do with as they please. When you need to borrow, they create the money based on your promise to repay (basically), so the principal is created for the use, but must be paid back with interest. If money is created out of debt, where does interest come from? Someone loses, that’s where.

P ≠ P+I (the simple formula to prove that debt-based economies coupled with fractional reserve banking will always fail in time). This is why finance and economics are not really taught, we’re just conditioned to accept it. Sorry, didn’t mean to go on a money-as-debt rant.

Not at all, that is excellent, rOy.

You are quite right. In this phony economic system, money=debt. It’s all based on FRAUD.

I say good for him having the where withall to stand up and show who he is, the banks have been robbing us blind out in the open for years and with the blessing of Uncle Sam. Hope this guy gets away with it. Somebody should be beginning to figure out the people are sick of it.

What ever happened to racking some high end credit cards and then defaulting? It seems to me, that would be the way to legally rob them back and many people do so. There is no excuse for terrorizing an innocent teller or other patrons if ti’s about being angry at the bank; besides you will probably get thousands of $$ more by racking your credit card’s than you will with a gun and you can’t get arrested for it ! NO EXCUSE for “illegally” robbing a bank (or terrorizing) just because they “legally” robbed you.

I’m sure that you don’t really mean that. I was held up at one of my jobs when I 18, it was very very scary. Although I could see the sawed off shotgun I still feel sorry for the tellers, they will never get over it.

Same thing here TQ, although I was older .The guy stuck the gun right in my face. At first I thought it was a joke. What worried me was the robber was obviously impaired with liquor or drugs.

Totally freaked me out at the time. The store manager was understanding, but I never got any kind of anything from corporate. I didn’t stay long after that.

My guess is that Mr. Clean here wants to get caught, and most likely did not have a gun. Recently, a fellow robbed a bank , demanding just one dollar, then waited for the cops to arrive….just so he could receive needed health care.

Like you the guy that held us up also appeared to be on something, which makes it even more scary. When I was held up it was at restaurant,like you the business that I worked for didn’t do anything for me. In retrospect a bit of paid time off and therapy for possible PTSD would have been in order. I was so frustrated as when the cops questioned me I couldn’t remember anything about his appearance other than he was sweating and dirty, all I could remember was the shotgun.

As far as this guy, it’s really weird to me that he didn’t wear a disguise or hat. Perhaps he’s also a drug addict and just not thinking clearly. Or as you said maybe he wants to get caught or maybe he’s having some type of mental breakdown. He looks like such a regular guy.

I had a good description that later led to him and his getaway partner being caught.

Get this, though: here I was, traumatized, 2 o’clock in the morning. The county cops dragged ME in for questioning, so I was victimized twice. They even knew that there had a been a string of holdups south, and there was no way I could have been involved. Not only was this personally humiliating, but it was a huge waste of man hours for the three people doing this kangaroo interrogating.

I later called up the Sherrif and read him the riot act…and even later I called out the smug lie detector operator in public, surrouded by many other court professionals and called him every sleazy name I could think of.

Were they local cops, here on the central coast or was it in a big city? That’s really too bad because I know that you must have been pretty traumatized by the robbery. Keystone Cops.

No, back in the Midwest. I’m actually from a family that was in law enforcement and have more than a few friends still involved.

A telling fact though, is that this particular county has not voted a majority for the Democratic candidate for president since the Civil War, and neither have they had anyone in county government other than Republicans in the same time period. 150 years of stagnation .

Am I glad I moved here some time ago.

Good move.

No, jk It’s not but pretty brave of this sole to think no one will know him. The Person of Interest guys will get him.

” … pretty brave of this sole to think … ” Um, why do you think his shoes are brave? Did you mean to type “this soul” ?

He better hope he has good soles to run away in.

LOL, Standup, I did that once myself, sole v soul ! Those mistakes are easy to make when we’re typing away or multitasking and not proof reading.

OMG, only once? I’m surprised I haven’t gotten cr@p for mixing up role, roll, their, there, they’re etc.. I know all the proper meanings but I still type them in wrong anyway. Especially ‘buy’. When texting to my family I always catch myself saying ‘buy’ instead of ‘bye’ just as I hit send. I can’t spend extra time proof reading. If I didn’t type fast and sloppy then I’d spend too/to/two much time on here.

I have this apparent mental disorder that makes me type about twenty seconds behind my brain. If I had a dollar for every time I spell becasue instead of because, I would be retired.

Looks like Ted Slanders.

LOL after reading one of your last post to TS I was going to say the same thing about you. EWW we were thinking the same, I had better go wash my brain. JK. I hope you’ve calmed down now.

Did I miss something? Looks like an interesting post is missing?

In another article standup was cursing out TedS, he/she was pretty mad.

I know we don’t see eye to eye, however, I do respect you but when he started to say something about my folks, he crossed over a forbidden line.