Is Maria taking Arnold back?

December 29, 2011

Will the new year bring about a new chance for Arnold Schwarzenegger to regain his family? [SFGate]

Maria Shriver is said to be reconsidering her divorce from the former California governor, according to and several other entertainment venues. The former First Lady of the state had had second thoughts about the situation, say the reports, partly because she is a devout Catholic, and the couple has four children together. The entire family has been reported seen together during the holidays, at home and a Lakers game.

Schwarzenegger’s long-time affair with a housekeeper, Patti Baena, which resulted in a child, surfaced early last year and Shriver launched divorce proceedings immediately. Schwarzenegger has remained quiet on the subject of his marital problems, but often publicly speaks about global warming.

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Change is the only constant in the universe… anyone can change… if they want it enough. However, change comes from within and it is never easy.

I would hope that four children and their mother would be enough motivation.

Everything I have ever done in my life has always stayed. I’ve just added to it…But I will not change. Because when you are successful and you change, you are an idiot.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

I’m not sure why 2 of you would mark “Thumbs down” to a quote attributed DIRECTLY TO Arnold Schwarzenegger. (sorry that the ” ” marks weren’t there,) but it is his statement. He wasn’t our governor because “liberals” voted for him.

Here’s another quote.

What single ability do we all have? The ability to change.”

George Leonard Andrews

So give me another “thumbs down” roger.

I don’t think they were giving you a thumbs down, they were giving his quote a thumbs down. It isn’t always the poster that people are responding to….

Yeah, he sure was successful when he added another woman and a bastard child to his life, wasn’t he…… What a jerk he is.

Bad Baby! Mommy spank!

Who cares and why would it be news worthy at any rate?

Arnold is about 5’5, he made a glad hand run at a fire camp I was at a couple years ago and I ha dto look down to see the little turd.

And Maria know nothing about global warming any more than Arnie know how to run this state.

Did he really ask “Vill I be back?”

Arnold is a little man; not much taller than Maria. This was great PR for Maria and her career.

Arnold claims 6’1.5″ – PJ says he is as tall as she is@ 1;10

nobody really knows there is much conjecture, Arnold is famous for being less than truthful

Is Arnold really that much shorter than Maria?

He is now.

I can only shake my head here.